gpkit.tests.from_paths.TestFiles.test_SPaircraft_py_mosek_cli (from gpkit.tests.from_paths.TestFiles-20200410110502)

Failing for the past 1 build (Since #749 )
Took 2.7 sec.

Error Message

'NoneType' object has no attribute 'debug'


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\users\jenkins\workspace\ce_rm_spaircraft_push\mosek\gpkit\gpkit\tests\", line 59, in test
    testfn(name, import_dict, path)(self)
  File "c:\users\jenkins\workspace\ce_rm_spaircraft_push\mosek\gpkit\gpkit\tests\", line 48, in <lambda>
    lambda self: getattr(self, name)()))  # pylint:disable=undefined-variable
  File "c:\users\jenkins\workspace\ce_rm_spaircraft_push\mosek\gpkit\gpkit\tests\", line 34, in test_fn
    mod = __import__(os.path.basename(path)[:-3])
  File "C:\Users\jenkins\workspace\CE_RM_SPaircraft_Push\mosek\", line 90, in <module>
    sol = test()
  File "C:\Users\jenkins\workspace\CE_RM_SPaircraft_Push\mosek\", line 82, in test
    sol = optimize_aircraft(m, substitutions, fixedBPR, pRatOpt)
  File "C:\Users\jenkins\workspace\CE_RM_SPaircraft_Push\mosek\", line 60, in optimize_aircraft
    sol = m_relax.localsolve(verbosity=2, reltol=0.01)
  File "c:\users\jenkins\workspace\ce_rm_spaircraft_push\mosek\gpkit\gpkit\constraints\", line 126, in solvefn
    result = progsolve(solver, verbosity=verbosity, **solveargs)
  File "c:\users\jenkins\workspace\ce_rm_spaircraft_push\mosek\gpkit\gpkit\constraints\", line 158, in localsolve
    gen_result=False, **solveargs)
  File "c:\users\jenkins\workspace\ce_rm_spaircraft_push\mosek\gpkit\gpkit\constraints\", line 220, in solve
    return self.model.debug(solver=solver)
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'debug'

Standard Output

Starting a sequence of GP solves
 for 317 free variables
  in 136 locally-GP constraints
  and for 1198 free variables
       in 4705 posynomial inequalities.

GP Solve 1
Using solver 'mosek_cli'
 for 1198 free variables
  in 4705 posynomial inequalities.
Solving took 0.29 seconds.
The solver failed for an unknown reason.
Since this model solved in less than a second, let's run `.debug()` automatically to check.

Standard Error