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18 statements  

1"GP and SP modeling package" 


3__version__ = "1.1" 

4GPCOLORS = ["#59ade4", "#FA3333"] 



7from .build import build 

8from .units import units, ureg, DimensionalityError 

9from .globals import settings, SignomialsEnabled, Vectorize, NamedVariables 

10from .varkey import VarKey 

11from .nomials import Monomial, Posynomial, Signomial, NomialArray 

12from .nomials import VectorizableVariable as Variable 

13# NOTE above: the Variable the user sees is not the Variable used internally 

14from .nomials import VectorVariable, ArrayVariable 

15from import GeometricProgram 

16from .constraints.sgp import SequentialGeometricProgram 

17from .constraints.sigeq import SignomialEquality 

18from .constraints.set import ConstraintSet 

19from .constraints.model import Model 

20from .solution_array import SolutionArray 

21from .tools.docstring import parse_variables 

22from .tests.run_tests import run as run_unit_tests 


24if "just built!" in settings: # pragma: no cover 

25 run_unit_tests(verbosity=1) 

26 print(""" 

27GPkit is now installed with solver(s) %s 

28To incorporate new solvers at a later date, run ``. 


30If any tests didn't pass, please post the output above 

31(starting from "Found no installed solvers, beginning a build.") 

32to or 

33so we can prevent others from having these errors. 


35The same goes for any other bugs you encounter with GPkit: 

36send 'em our way, along with any interesting models, speculative features, 

37comments, discussions, or clarifications you feel like sharing. 


39Finally, we hope you find our documentation ( 

40and engineering-design models ( 

41to be useful resources for your own applications. 



44""" % settings["installed_solvers"])