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Build #258 (Oct 5, 2022, 4:28:33 AM)

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  1. clarify description of SELECT x -1 ibody1 (detail)
    by jfdannen
  2. update to account for latest EGADS fix to EG_generalBoolean (detail)
    by jfdannen
  3. add ocsmRegBcstCB to ocsm.def (detail)
    by jfdannen
  4. update Building button to show progress of build in ESP; fix memory leak when ELEVATE command fails (like it often does in the combine.udc); extend SELECT command to SELECT all Faces/Edges/Nodes in current Body that match a Face in another Body; add SELECT NOT to SELECT the Faces/Edges/Nodes not selected and vice versa; fix bug associated with determining if an Edge is a subset of another; update to account for change in EG_isEquivalent; fix bug that did not copy attributes from an Edge in a WireBody that was INTERSECTed with a SolidBody to the new Edge; add PRINT_LAST_EGO compile-time flag to print the last ego after every step in an ocsmBuild; fix bug in sensCSM when trying to remove .csm or .cpc extension from the casename when it did not exist; extend SELECT command to SELECT all Faces/Edges/Nodes in current Body that are within another Body (detail)
    by jfdannen
  5. removed EL flag from some of the effectiveTopology functions (detail)
    by docampo
  6. fixed typos (detail)
    by docampo
  7. Remove bug that would error out if there were no Faces during generalBoolean operations (detail)
    by haimes

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