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Build #310 (Oct 1, 2023, 6:43:11 PM)

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  1. modify ocsmGetUV so that inverse evalaution starts at closest tessellation point if npnt is negative; fix memory leak associated with testAdjoint*; fix bug that allowed _hist and __trace__ to contain duplicate entries, which sometimes resulted in an infinite loop; add uCRM test case to data/gallery; fix bug that made had _edgeID point to scribing Face instead of its _faceID during a scribing operation; Edges from a sketch should have _edgeID that identifies the Body and Edge number; fix scribeWing test case; fix _edgeID for Edges that result from SUBTRACTing a SolidBody or planar SheetBody from a SheetBody. BEWARE: backward incompatability for some _edgeID; add edgeIDtest* test cases (detail)
    by jfdannen
  2. Fix memory leak when error occurs while reading units from STEP/IGES (detail)
    by galbramc

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