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Started 1 yr 5 mo ago
Took 25 min on viggen

7.6,CAPS/MESH,DARWINM1,viggen (Jun 13, 2022, 1:00:02 AM)

  • svn+ssh:// : 1791
  • svn+ssh:// : 736
  • svn+ssh:// : 2132
  • svn+ssh:// : 2185
  • svn+ssh:// : 2231
  • svn+ssh:// : 3579
  • svn+ssh:// : 2136
  1. os independent file paths for corsair examples (detail)
    by galbramc
  2. Ignore corsairlite for legacy regression tests (detail)
    by galbramc
  3. Use cdef in fun3dNamelist.pyx to avoid segfault during garbage collection (detail)
    by galbramc
  4. Forgot a file (detail)
    by galbramc
  5. embedded python updates (detail)
    by galbramc
  6. Fix divide by zero (detail)
    by galbramc
  7. fix setting of PYTHONHOME for a double-quoted string (detail)
    by haimes
  8. generate WARNING if importing an .egads file that has an Attribute that cannot be evaluated (detail)
    by jfdannen
  9. Fix up EMP_ThreadDestroy for the M1 (detail)
    by haimes
  10. Stanalizer fixes for Lazy Surreal (detail)
    by galbramc
  11. Use std c++11 for Surreal tests. Fix in depricated EG_loadTess. (detail)
    by galbramc
  12. Use Lazy Expressions for Surreal for slightly better performance on windoze (detail)
    by galbramc
  13. Minor config changes (detail)
    by haimes
  14. Add random sleep for Windoze pip install to avoid install conflicts (detail)
    by galbramc

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