#92 (Nov 30, 2022, 4:51:39 PM)

  1. account for forward- and backward-slashes when opening a .udc — jfdannen / detail
  2. update ereped6a and project verification data again; fix recently-added bug that causes a memory fault for some non-manifold Edges — jfdannen / detail
  3. add Trace button in .csm editor to trace all top-level Parameters; reorganize session10 files to make it easier to build large, multi-component, multi-view models; update ereped6a, hollowC6, hollowC7, hollowCA, hollowCB, and project 3 verification data on 7.6.0 (because of issues highlighted by Xcode 14 on M1); update ereped6a and project3 verification data on 7.4.1 (because of issues highlighted by Xcode 14 on M1); add description of -dxdd flag to ESP-help — jfdannen / detail
  4. update testScript.txt; fix possible buffer overflow in SPECIAL command — jfdannen / detail
  5. update verification data for clearance1 and clerance4 to allow for slight differenes due to chaotic behavior of the EGADS tessellator — jfdannen / detail
  6. convert all (deprecated) sprintf calls to snprintf — jfdannen / detail
  7. update to use serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  8. fix bug where result of SPECIAL/clearance was not recycled — jfdannen / detail
  9. update .tsen files for designG5 and designG6 — jfdannen / detail
  10. remove suppressions of sensitivity checks on designH2, designJ1c, designJ1d, and designJ5; add suppressions of sensitivity checks to designG5 and designG6 (for rounded tips); fix valgrind error in sensitivities in udpWaffle — jfdannen / detail
  11. fix some compiler warnings in most recent commit — jfdannen / detail
  12. add ocsmClearance; add clearance* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  13. Update makeEnv for macOS 13 — galbramc / detail
  14. Replace DEBUG sprintf with snprintf — galbramc / detail
  15. Try again: reorder includes! — haimes / detail
  16. Try again: MSVC 2022 seems to have snprintf defined! — haimes / detail
  17. sprintf -> snprintf mods — haimes / detail
  18. Replace sprintf with snprintf in egadsTopo — galbramc / detail
  19. Suppress clang deprication warning of sprintf in OCC — galbramc / detail
  20. Another exodus suppression — galbramc / detail
  21. Suppresse NETCDF/HDF5 memory leaks — galbramc / detail
  22. Upgrade to SU2 7.4.0 — galbramc / detail

#91 (Nov 12, 2022, 1:37:08 AM)

  1. fix bug in serveESP that did not properly update the build status message after File->Edit->Save; implement analytic sensitivities in udpWaffle; add designX* test cases; make sure userPointer gets reset after perturbation is removed — jfdannen / detail
  2. update designV1,gsen for 7.4 — jfdannen / detail
  3. add ocsmAdjoint and testOcsmAdjoint (in serveESP); allow timPlotter to have two y-axes; add test case — jfdannen / detail
  4. update adjoint test to remove (incorrect) compiler warning — jfdannen / detail
  5. remove data/ide (because it is redundant with data/tutorial6); eliminate automatic build when entering CAPS mode (depend on the lazy evaluation in CAPS); enable sensitivity calculations for scribes and trims; add designW* test cases; fix bug that put wrong _edgeID on scribed Edges; update attrScribe, scribeWing, and scribedSphere test cases; create splitEdges.udc; add splitEdges* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  6. remember name of Pyscript file for next Tool->Pyscript; clean up ESP messages after builds; remove code in esp.timSetCaps that removed the _finalize method; fix memory problem in timViewer for very long scene-graph meta-data buffers; reset magic number to zero to catch cases when a MODL is tried to be used after ocsmFree; modify IMPORT so that it properly marks NODE_BODYs; force tessellation if needed in timViewer; fix bug in ocsmLoadFromEgads that did not properly initialize the .ileft and .irite Branches; remove underscore attributes in .egads files in ocsmLoadFromEgads; force python garbage collection at end of each pyscript execution; add interactive testScript — jfdannen / detail
  7. add PLOT_TESSSENS and PLOT_TEMPCOMPS flags to help in debugging tessellation sensitivities; remove tessellation velocity calculation shortcut to make Edge and Face tessellation velocities consistent; refactor signalError() and signalError2(); allow plotTypes =7 for x-component, =8 for y-component, =9 for z-component of sensitivity — jfdannen / detail
  8. Add simple figure for tri ordering with mixed quad faces — galbramc / detail
  9. Allow unconverged SmoothUV status to continue during parameterization — haimes / detail
  10. More general ubuntu suppression — galbramc / detail
  11. Ubuntu valgrid supression — galbramc / detail
  12. scipy 1.9.2. and 1.9.3 have valgrind issues — galbramc / detail
  13. Add seacas to macys — galbramc / detail
  14. Add SEACAS environment variable for exodus — galbramc / detail
  15. Upgrade cvxopt build for gcc 12 on viggen — galbramc / detail

#90 (Oct 8, 2022, 1:37:09 AM)

  1. clarify description of SELECT x -1 ibody1 — jfdannen / detail
  2. update to account for latest EGADS fix to EG_generalBoolean — jfdannen / detail
  3. add ocsmRegBcstCB to ocsm.def — jfdannen / detail
  4. update Building button to show progress of build in ESP; fix memory leak when ELEVATE command fails (like it often does in the combine.udc); extend SELECT command to SELECT all Faces/Edges/Nodes in current Body that match a Face in another Body; add SELECT NOT to SELECT the Faces/Edges/Nodes not selected and vice versa; fix bug associated with determining if an Edge is a subset of another; update to account for change in EG_isEquivalent; fix bug that did not copy attributes from an Edge in a WireBody that was INTERSECTed with a SolidBody to the new Edge; add PRINT_LAST_EGO compile-time flag to print the last ego after every step in an ocsmBuild; fix bug in sensCSM when trying to remove .csm or .cpc extension from the casename when it did not exist; extend SELECT command to SELECT all Faces/Edges/Nodes in current Body that are within another Body — jfdannen / detail
  5. fix DUMP x.sens for degenerate Edges; add combine.udc so that old .csm scripts that used the (now deprecated) COMBINE command still work; add combine* test cases; add makeErep journal entry so that ereped can be tested; modify at-itype, at-nface, and at-nedge if there is an erep; add POWLE and POWTE arguments to udfDroop; add new droop* test cases; add udfNaca6mc to warp the input thickness distribution with the sum of multiple NACA 6-series meanlines; add naca6mc* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  6. protect against string overflows in strncpy and strncat; fix mesgCallbackFromOpenCSM so that it does not try to broadcast text when in batch mode; initial version of udpNaca6mc — jfdannen / detail
  7. Remove dependencies from file copies — haimes / detail
  8. clean up usage of include files; update dependencies in Makefile and NMakefile — jfdannen / detail
  9. remove pyscript from lint in serveESP.make — jfdannen / detail
  10. update serveCSM.make to fix stanilizer error for pyscript — jfdannen / detail
  11. another attempt to move building of pyscript from Makefile to serveESP.make — jfdannen / detail
  12. move building of pyscript from Makefile to serveESP.make — jfdannen / detail
  13. fix recently added bug in ereped that only allowed 9 colors; remove timHold from; add batch flag to ESP structure; add assert command in browserToServer; add method of verifying ereped and plugs if running from journal and in -batch mode; next versions of udfDroop2 and udfDroop3; migrate testing in Makefile.DARWIN64 and Makefile.LINUX64 from serveCSM to serveESP; fix bug in esp.SetCaps() in pyESP — jfdannen / detail
  14. next version of udfDroop2; first version of udfDroop3 — jfdannen / detail
  15. next (still incomplete) version of udfDroop2 — jfdannen / detail
  16. Fix the new isEquivalent for periodic curves split into 2 Edges — haimes / detail
  17. modified Ints to Int32 and added egadslite tests — docampo / detail
  18. recompiled pdf references were with ?? — docampo / detail
  19. removed EL flag from some of the effectiveTopology functions — docampo / detail
  20. fixed typos — docampo / detail
  21. Remove bug that would error out if there were no Faces during generalBoolean operations — haimes / detail
  22. Update isEquivalent to fix previous problem — haimes / detail
  23. Allow for senses to be flipped when applying EG_isEquivalent — haimes / detail
  24. added the ego. wrap to the getfield operation — docampo / detail
  25. update udpTire for new include scheme — jfdannen / detail
  26. Fix Edge mapping problem introduced since Rev 1.21 — haimes / detail
  27. changed .obj -> .ego — docampo / detail
  28. Add TOML to egadslite dep — galbramc / detail
  29. compiling for Julia 1.6 and 1.8. test fails for 1.8 — docampo / detail
  30. Update makeEnv to reflect newer MAC OS revs — haimes / detail
  31. Add the Julia interface to the EGADS API documentation — haimes / detail
  32. Suppress scipy memory leak — galbramc / detail
  33. Another python valgrind suppression — galbramc / detail
  34. Add Ubuntu 22.04 valgrind suppressions — galbramc / detail
  35. Use system valgrind — galbramc / detail
  36. Small cleanup of email template — galbramc / detail
  37. Remove torch for now — galbramc / detail
  38. Log parser fixes — galbramc / detail
  39. Suppress torch memory leaks — galbramc / detail
  40. Upgrade sanitizer path to 14.0.0 — galbramc / detail
  41. Try dissabling CUDA for pytorch — galbramc / detail
  42. Look for fatal msvc errors — galbramc / detail
  43. Look for fatal gnu/clang errors — galbramc / detail
  44. Revert to serveCSM for plugs — galbramc / detail
  45. Update lingering serveCSM to serveESP — galbramc / detail

#89 (Sep 12, 2022, 8:47:43 AM)

  1. initial version of udfDroop2 — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix test_pyOCSM to account for updated MESSAGE statement — jfdannen / detail
  3. extend MESSAGE to optionally write to a file; modify message test case; update ESP-help and ESP_QuickReference — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix memory leak when a UDF returns an error; remove extra prints when udfFlend or udfOffset detect an error; update sanitize targets in Makefile.LINUX — jfdannen / detail
  5. allow OFFSET to function properly when the number of Edges in the offset is fewer than the original Body; fix escape-close-parenthesis in ESP_QuickReference; add ability to create periodic SPLINE in sketcher by using SSLOPE(0); add sslope6* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  6. add assert in udfOffset to eliminate warnings on gcc — jfdannen / detail
  7. fix bug that caused ereped to not work for a named Body; fix bug that added bar at end of file that was being editted in ESP; extend ereped so that it can be applied if there are multiple Bodys on the stack; add ereped8 test case; fix ESP hint associated with ELEVATE command; fix bug when SELECT EGDE with a bounding box was applied to a Body with degenerate Edges; add extractBodys test case; fix array bounds error in udpEqn2body; fix bug in ereped initializations for a single Body — jfdannen / detail
  8. remove use of _scaleuv Attribute — jfdannen / detail
  9. allow very long message to be sent from browser to server; add setCsmFile instead of setScmFileBeg/Mid/End; if error occurs when processing a timMesg, put the tim back into READY mode; post message when erep is successfully generated; implement udpEqn2body for SheetBodys; update frustrum3 test case; use __usedBodys__ attribute when computing velocity of Faces or Edges for RULE and BLEND; fix bug in sensCSM that did not reset maximum errors for Bodys when in -tess mode; fix big that did not copy .hasdots during RESTORE . (dot) — jfdannen / detail
  10. Try to fix stanalyzer errors again — haimes / detail
  11. Fix jlEGADS makefiles — galbramc / detail
  12. Try to fix stanalyzer errors — haimes / detail
  13. Suppress gcc-12 warning — galbramc / detail
  14. Effective Topology: apply last change only for EFaces with more than 1 Face — haimes / detail
  15. Effective Topology: check result of getEdgeUV against invEval and pick the closer — haimes / detail
  16. A different possible fix for the MemcheckOcsm on the rule28 cases — haimes / detail
  17. A different possible fix for the MemcheckOcsm on the rule28 cases — haimes / detail
  18. A possible fix for the MemcheckOcsm on the rule28 cases — haimes / detail
  19. Effective Topology: Mark Planar/Periodic EFaces not to tessellate Edges based on Face Curvature — haimes / detail
  20. Fix scan-build warning from last commit again — haimes / detail
  21. Fix scan-build warning from last commit — haimes / detail
  22. Effective Topology: Fix NM Sheetbody Node removal — haimes / detail
  23. Fix NULL bays at end with multiNode Rule — haimes / detail
  24. Updated ruled sensitvities for multiNode — galbramc / detail
  25. A minor update of the documentation of EG_approximate — haimes / detail
  26. Update the docs to specify the additions to EG_approximate and EG_ruled — haimes / detail
  27. Very strange... — galbramc / detail
  28. Allow multiple csm patterns — galbramc / detail
  29. Only check error handling when running all csm files — galbramc / detail
  30. Support changing outLevel and running select files — galbramc / detail
  31. Don't do jlEGADS testing just yet — galbramc / detail
  32. Revert ESP_venv for ESP_Beta — galbramc / detail
  33. Move virtualenv into ESP directory — galbramc / detail
  34. Only run minimal CAPS examples in beta — galbramc / detail
  35. Install torch for beta — galbramc / detail
  36. pip install torch for corsair — galbramc / detail
  37. Smartsr error log parse — galbramc / detail

#87 (Aug 13, 2022, 1:37:08 AM)

  1. update Makefile.LINUX64 — jfdannen / detail
  2. add udfDumpPmtrs and associated test case; implement RESTORE .. (dot dot) to duplicate all Bodys (and Mark) back to the Mark and RESTORE ... (dot dot dot) to duplicate entire stack; add restore3 test case; allow UDF to not return a Body or Bodys; update udfOffset so that it can handle concave corners (but not case where Edges disappear) — jfdannen / detail
  3. temporarily remove offset9* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  4. update udfOffset for negative distance — jfdannen / detail
  5. fix hint associated with JOIN; change JOIN so that it can make non-manifold WireBodys; modify numWireBody* test cases; create ELEVATE command, which only elevates WireBody to SheetBody and SheetBody to SolidBody;  remove COMBINE command and instruct user to use JOIN and ELEVATE instead; update UNION and JOIN such that if toMark is set but the operation fails, the stack is left unaltered; add unionSolids* test cases; fix typos in ESP-help (and OpenCSM.h) — jfdannen / detail
  6. add (unneeded) initializations in udfOffset to resolve incorrect lint complaints — jfdannen / detail
  7. implement udpEqn2body for WireBodys; modify inflatedBody2b to use the replicate.udc; implement udfOffset; create offset* test cases; improve error handling associated with SELECT SORT; modify flend5* test cases to use udfOffset — jfdannen / detail
  8. uprev to v1.22 — jfdannen / detail
  9. fix bug that did not update at-parameters for REORDER command; fix bug that changed the input Body to REORDER; fix sensitivity bug whan a RULE/BLEND xsect is RESTOREd after being used — jfdannen / detail
  10. initialize *info in ocsmBodyDetails; return sensible error message when a SET is applied to a CONPMTR, CFGPMTR, or DESPMTR — jfdannen / detail
  11. Fix _close! function to properly check garbage collection for both egads and egadslite — galbramc / detail
  12. Fix jlEGADS makefiles for zsh — galbramc / detail
  13. jlEGADS makefile adjusments. Other small cleanup. — galbramc / detail
  14. delete manifest from lite — docampo / detail
  15. now ?? — docampo / detail
  16. egads also used from egadscommon.jl dependencies — docampo / detail
  17. remove unnecesary ENVS — docampo / detail
  18. now with actually things inside — docampo / detail
  19. created egads common folders — docampo / detail
  20. Rule with Loops of differing number of Edges passes simple test with null 'bay' — haimes / detail
  21. Can rule with sections of different number of Edges -- still need to check null bays, multiplicity > 1, curved EndCaps & EG_splineGeom_dot — haimes / detail
  22. Close memory leak in EGADSlite associated with full attributes — haimes / detail
  23. Fix scan-build problem — haimes / detail
  24. Fix warning from last commit — haimes / detail
  25. Second (but incomplete) cut at Rule with differring numbers of Edges — haimes / detail
  26. Another minor correction to last commit — haimes / detail
  27. Minor correction to last commit — haimes / detail
  28. First (but incomplete) cut at Rule with differring numbers of Edges — haimes / detail
  29. Don't allow for Figure 8 Nodes in ELoops (for now) — haimes / detail
  30. Another def file fix — haimes / detail
  31. Add setTessParam to lite def file — haimes / detail
  32. Updates to egadslite to support pyEGADS.egadslite — galbramc / detail
  33. First cut at pyEGADS.egadslite — galbramc / detail
  34. Remove manifest files for jlEGADS. Check array size for makeGeometry. Fix makeGeometry tests. Some references fixes. — galbramc / detail
  35. Fix some pyEGADS refrencing. Check data length for pyEGADS makeGeometry. — galbramc / detail
  36. Fix topObj during EGADSlite import — haimes / detail
  37. Add U periodic options to EG_approximate for surfaces — haimes / detail
  38. try — docampo / detail
  39. Allow for full attribution in EGADSlite — haimes / detail
  40. Add reference counting for jlEGADS finalizers. Lots of other jlEGADS cleanup. — galbramc / detail
  41. Fix for last commit — galbramc / detail
  42. Various Julia cleanup and fixes — galbramc / detail
  43. Update julia Makefile — galbramc / detail
  44. Remove jlEGADS environment variable — galbramc / detail
  45. added package install — docampo / detail
  46. added Makefile — docampo / detail
  47. first jlEGADS — docampo / detail
  48. First cut at fitting periodic curves — haimes / detail
  49. Fix a number of bugs in the Effective Topology — haimes / detail
  50. Uprev EGADS — haimes / detail
  51. Forgot DARWIN64.clang and DARWIN64.gcc — galbramc / detail
  52. Move DARWIN64 ifort link flag to support EGADS test builds — galbramc / detail
  53. Fix for ifort on newer versions of macOS — galbramc / detail
  54. numpy suppression — galbramc / detail
  55. Always build egadslite — galbramc / detail
  56. Update julia path on linux — galbramc / detail
  57. Remove jlEGADS from Sanitizer and Valgrind — galbramc / detail
  58. mark helix3 and frustrum3 as expected successes — jfdannen / detail
  59. Add jlEGADS test to Sanitizer and valgrind — galbramc / detail
  60. Correct path — galbramc / detail
  61. Add julia testing — galbramc / detail
  62. Small fix in xfoil executables — galbramc / detail
  63. Higher output precision xfoil executables — galbramc / detail
  64. Upgrade to AFLR 10.22.23 — galbramc / detail
  65. Another regsx fix — galbramc / detail
  66. Fix email template — galbramc / detail
  67. Ignore ifort warnings — galbramc / detail

#86 (Jul 13, 2022, 8:00:02 PM)

  1. update duct7.vfy files — jfdannen / detail
  2. return to expected state at beginning of tutorial6 — jfdannen / detail
  3. add wingBEM2 test case; add duct7 test case; add replicate.udc and ereped6* and ereped7 test cases; add sharpFin test case; typo fix in documentation — jfdannen / detail
  4. Use updated wget for ESP_PreBuilt.bat — galbramc / detail
  5. Beta script updates — galbramc / detail

#85 (Jul 10, 2022, 12:33:55 PM)

  1. protect for degenerate Edges in sensCSM; fix ESP bug that dropped user out of CapsMode if a non-existant pyscript is attempted; update ESP_QuickReference — jfdannen / detail

#84 (Jul 9, 2022, 2:33:41 AM)

  1. fix typos in ESP-help — jfdannen / detail
  2. update compare1b.vfy — jfdannen / detail
  3. modify ESP-help to reflect the fact that legacy tutorials have been moved; update message when user quits a phase in the IDE — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix bug in computing tessellation sensitivities for a NodeBody — jfdannen / detail
  5. try invEvaluateGuess for very hard cases in udfCompare; update compare1b test case — jfdannen / detail
  6. update date in ESP-help — jfdannen / detail
  7. finished draft of tutorial6 write-up — jfdannen / detail
  8. third cut at tutorial6 write-up — jfdannen / detail
  9. allow asterisk as a wildcard in the DisplayFilter — jfdannen / detail
  10. fix bug in IDE that did not properly journal updates to the intent phrase — jfdannen / detail
  11. second cut at tutorial6 write-up — jfdannen / detail
  12. first cut at tutorial6 write-up — jfdannen / detail
  13. more documentation updates — jfdannen / detail
  14. remove erroneous non-manifold warning associated with NodeBodys — jfdannen / detail
  15. fix bug when visualizing new-style quads and .mixed=NULL; do not process _makeQuads on a Face if the Body has a _makeQuads Attribute — jfdannen / detail
  16. fix bug in ESP.js that did not properly clear the display when velocities were cleared — jfdannen / detail
  17. fix bug that did not persist Edge Attributes to new non-manifold Edges that are generated by EXTRACTing Faces; add attributeA test case; add duct6 test case — jfdannen / detail
  18. fix threading for python — jfdannen / detail
  19. fix bug in ESP.js associated with clearing velocities for a scalar; update tutorials 1 to 5 for v1.21 — jfdannen / detail
  20. modify way python is initialized and finalized to work around a problem in numpy - take 3 — jfdannen / detail
  21. modify way python is initialized and finalized to work around a problem in numpy - take 2 — jfdannen / detail
  22. modify way python is initialized and finalized to work around a problem in numpy — jfdannen / detail
  23. copy CFGPMTRs and DESPMTRs from temporary CAPS MODL back into the ESP MODL in CapsCommit and CapsSuspend; automatically rebuild MODL in CapsCommit and CapsSuspend — jfdannen / detail
  24. fix recently-added typo to timPyscript.c — jfdannen / detail
  25. add sanitize-thread target to Makefile.DARWIN64 — jfdannen / detail
  26. fix error message associated with not enough arguments to SPHERE; fix bug when user double-clicks in MessageWindow (Chrome and Safari) — jfdannen / detail
  27. fix setting of PYTHONHOME for a double-quoted string — haimes / detail
  28. generate WARNING if importing an .egads file that has an Attribute that cannot be evaluated — jfdannen / detail
  29. Add _USE_MATH_DEFINES for MSVC — galbramc / detail
  30. Add error functions erf and erfc to Surreal — galbramc / detail
  31. README update — haimes / detail
  32. Config update — haimes / detail
  33. Fix bug returning wrong parameters in pyEGADS effectiveMap — galbramc / detail
  34. More defensive Surreal defines — galbramc / detail
  35. Some config updates — haimes / detail
  36. Fix up EMP_ThreadDestroy for the M1 — haimes / detail
  37. Stanalizer fixes for Lazy Surreal — galbramc / detail
  38. Use std c++11 for Surreal tests. Fix in depricated EG_loadTess. — galbramc / detail
  39. Use Lazy Expressions for Surreal for slightly better performance on windoze — galbramc / detail
  40. Minor config changes — haimes / detail
  41. Trying to limit pip install conflits. Cleaner batch pip install function. — galbramc / detail
  42. Skip some long running tests with Sanitizer and Valgrind — galbramc / detail
  43. Missed one more — galbramc / detail
  44. More python suppressions — galbramc / detail
  45. Suppress AFLR uninitialized data — galbramc / detail
  46. Yet more numpy suppressions — galbramc / detail
  47. Another numpy suppression — galbramc / detail
  48. Upgrade to AFLR 10.22.22 on Windoze. Suppress numpy leak. — galbramc / detail
  49. Upgrade to AFLR 10.22.22 on Unix systems — galbramc / detail
  50. Upgrade jenkins to SU2 7.3.1 — galbramc / detail
  51. Look for more tessellation errors in the log file — galbramc / detail
  52. Upgrade to AFLR 10.22.21 — galbramc / detail
  53. Add random sleep for Windoze pip install to avoid install conflicts — galbramc / detail

#83 (Jun 11, 2022, 1:37:09 AM)

  1. fix bug associated with EnterSketcher — jfdannen / detail
  2. remove debug print statement — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix bug that did not allow sketches to be saved from serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  4. remove side effects from assert() statements, which work differently on Windoze — jfdannen / detail
  5. allow pyscripts to end without a newline — jfdannen / detail
  6. fix bug associated with finishing non-manifold WireBodys — jfdannen / detail
  7. allow overlay to execute a mesg even when in TIM_EXECUTING; update tutorial6 files — jfdannen / detail
  8. remove debug printing of long cast — jfdannen / detail
  9. suppress profile printing if outLevel==0; fix filename updates in ESP after saving new file and after exporting the feature tree — jfdannen / detail
  10. limit size of inflatedBody2a to reduce its CPU time — jfdannen / detail
  11. update testing scripts from serveCSM to serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  12. update testing scripts from serveCSM to serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  13. change deprecated e.srcElement to in .js files — jfdannen / detail
  14. add tutorial6/model2c — jfdannen / detail
  15. numerous updates to ESP-help; add .csm filename to ListPhases in the IDE; automagically add .py extension if omitted; add created/updated phase to ListAnalyses in the IDE; break model2 into model2a, model2b, model2; do not allow non-manifold WireBodys in RULE, BLEND, LOFT, and SWEEP; add nmWireBody test cases; list associated Analyses in ListBounds in the IDE; fix bug that did not persist attributes on scribed Edges during a boolean operation; add attribute9* test cases; add Insert button to ESP editor; fix bug in serveESP that did not update filename creating a new .csm file — jfdannen / detail
  16. update EGADS thread during ocsmBuild; do not execute overlay (plotter, viewer, flowchart) when in continuation mode; move data/ide to data/tutorial6; timFlowchart, timPlotter, and timViewer hold pyscript by default (use nohold to run asynchronously); add inflatedBody* test cases; explicitly document the rules associated with the propagation of Xsect Attributes during EXTRUDE and REVOLVE; fix memory leaks in buildSceneGraph and timPyscript; remove upper limit check on nedge in udpEllipse; add thickPrint* test cases; extend COMBINE to make a non-manifold WireBody for a set of connected WireBodys; add pipeNetwork* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  17. numerous updates — jfdannen / detail
  18. add sub03 and f104 to studentGallery — jfdannen / detail
  19. remove try/catch from IDE demo pyscript files; use skeletonAIM instead of jfd3AIM in IDE demo; only show Display table entries (Node/Edge/Face/Csystem/Pips) if it contains any child entities; fix sensitivity bug associated with UDP/UDFs that requires finite differences coupled with an OUTPMTR that is tied to a mass property; add udpTest; initial commit of new timGloves and associated files — jfdannen / detail
  20. remove Gloves and Mitten from Tool menu — jfdannen / detail
  21. add ocsmPrintProfile to explicitly print the profile of CPU usage (instead of printing automatically during ocsmBuild); automagically run when running in continuation mode; change Cvals via script when in CAPS mode; change DESPMTRs via script when in CAPS mode; offer to steal capsLock in CAPS mode; add ogive* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  22. protect non-script caps_ calls with caps_debug; fix bug in timCapsMode that sometimes reverted to original .csm file; update demo_tim.txt; remove duplicate entries from ListHistory; fix typo in ESP-help associated with EVALUATE command — jfdannen / detail
  23. remove -caps command-line option (replaced by timCapsMode); add cleanup process in only between scripts (not at end); fix bug that did not profile MESSAGE statements; reset profile info at beginning of ocsmBuild; fix bug that did not print OUTPMTRs during call to ocsmPrintPmtrs — jfdannen / detail
  24. compile serveESP in Makefile and NMakefile — jfdannen / detail
  25. inform user when CAPS overrides .csm value(s); first attemp at re-running pyscript in continuation mode — jfdannen / detail
  26. add indication for Phases that are a predecessor of current Phase in ListPhases — jfdannen / detail
  27. add calls to caps_debug around List* messages in timCapsMode; update data/ide/*.py to directly rebuild the geometry; reorder Caps menu options — jfdannen / detail
  28. fix ListHistory in timCapsMode — jfdannen / detail
  29. update demo_tim.txt — jfdannen / detail
  30. modify demo_caps.txt and demo_tim.txt; make changes needed to make both demos operate properly — jfdannen / detail
  31. fix stanalyzer error — jfdannen / detail
  32. more modifications to support timCapsMode — jfdannen / detail
  33. temporary commit to be used for debugging — jfdannen / detail
  34. remove debug print statement — jfdannen / detail
  35. additional bugs fixed in timCapsMode; add unequalRules test case to show how to RULE between xsects with different nnumber of Edges — jfdannen / detail
  36. remove temporary printf statements — jfdannen / detail
  37. rename capsIde to capsMode; restrict SPHEREs to have a positive radius; allow multiple ESP-help tabs in browser; partial implementation of timCapsMode — jfdannen / detail
  38. Config change for Windows to always start browsers in the background — haimes / detail
  39. Windows configuration change to promote Edge — haimes / detail
  40. update README.txt with note about Safari block-ups — jfdannen / detail
  41. Add makeNmWireBody to pyEGADS — galbramc / detail
  42. Don't clobber LD_LIBRARY_PATH with ESPenv — galbramc / detail
  43. Configuration changes and signature change for EG_makeNmWireBody — haimes / detail
  44. Documentation updates — haimes / detail
  45. More Doc updates — haimes / detail
  46. Some Documentation updates — haimes / detail
  47. Fix the fix for memory issue with getting units from imports — haimes / detail
  48. Fix memory issue with getting units from imports — haimes / detail
  49. Document some of the new updates to SETP/IGES handling — haimes / detail
  50. Support units on both STEP and IGES exports — haimes / detail
  51. Add an option to do less checking with makeTopology on a Loop — haimes / detail
  52. Another touch of splitPeriodics — haimes / detail
  53. Try that again -- revert and get the if statement correct! — haimes / detail
  54. Try that again — haimes / detail
  55. Don't update the shape in splitPeriodics if it fails curve simplification — haimes / detail
  56. Install corsairlite dependencies for ESP_Beta testing — galbramc / detail
  57. Python suppression — galbramc / detail
  58. More error checking in ESPbfr.bat — galbramc / detail
  59. Attempt Python 3.9.13 again — galbramc / detail
  60. macM1 uses 3.8.11 — galbramc / detail
  61. Revert back to ESP_Python 3.8.9 for now — galbramc / detail
  62. install matplotlib and scipy for corsairlite — galbramc / detail
  63. install packaging for corsairlite — galbramc / detail
  64. Upgade to ESP_Python-3.9.13 — galbramc / detail
  65. Install dill and cvxopt — galbramc / detail
  66. Fix funny permissions on DARWIN64 mastros — galbramc / detail
  67. Update macOS intel/M1 mastros with old macOS target — galbramc / detail
  68. astros has array out-of-bound problems — galbramc / detail
  69. Don't define ASTROS_ROOT on machines without astros — galbramc / detail
  70. Restore mastros on macOS, macM1, and restore astros on Linux — galbramc / detail
  71. Uses msys64 wget on Windoze — galbramc / detail
  72. fix formatting error associated with expected errors for frustrum3 and helix3 — jfdannen / detail
  73. fix formatting error associated with expected errors for frustrum3 and helix3 — jfdannen / detail
  74. add frustrum3 and helix3 to expected failures — jfdannen / detail
  75. Windoze requires exe extension — galbramc / detail
  76. Add mses to ESPbfr.tgz with tighter convergence tolerance — galbramc / detail
  77. Another python suppression — galbramc / detail
  78. change testing from serveCSM to serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  79. Third time is the charm — galbramc / detail
  80. Try updating Windoze avl again... — galbramc / detail
  81. Update avl exec on Linux and Windoze — galbramc / detail
  82. Try that again — galbramc / detail
  83. Update macOS avl executables without X11 dylib dependency — galbramc / detail

#82 (Apr 9, 2022, 1:37:10 AM)

  1. revert previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  3. remove unneeded windoze headers from tim.c — jfdannen / detail
  4. Fix continuation marker in serveESP.mak — haimes / detail
  5. Fix headers for Windows in timPyscript — haimes / detail
  6. fix windoze problem with includes in pervious commit — jfdannen / detail
  7. only allow one open ESP-help tab at a time; implement timFlowchart; modify and to demonstrate flowcharting tool — jfdannen / detail
  8. allow for .py scripts to run both in serveESP -caps and in python; add ocsmSetAuxPtr and ocsmGetAuxPtr in OpenCSM API — jfdannen / detail
  9. fix stanalyzer problem in timCapsIde.c — jfdannen / detail
  10. update serveESP.mak in previous commit to include timCapsIde.obj — jfdannen / detail
  11. change display scaling so that if there is only one NodeBody it still gets displayed; initial implementation of timCapsIde — jfdannen / detail
  12. allow nesting of TIMs to MAX_TIM_NESTING=10 — jfdannen / detail
  13. fix bugs in File->Open and File->Edit for cases with and without UDCs — jfdannen / detail
  14. fix bug in ocsmSave that did not write DIMENSION statements correctly when writing either a .csm or .cpc file with a variable nrow and/or ncol; update calls to caps_open to handle UDCs — jfdannen / detail
  15. change -caps mode to accommodate both fore- and back-slashed in filenames; use ocsmTessellate in serveESP; update serveESP.make and serveESP.mak to define USING_CAPS (so that serveESP can be built without CAPS); remove unneeded code that generates a warning with new clang version; use updated caps_open so that cases with UDCs work properly — jfdannen / detail
  16. remove unneeded code that generates a clang warning — jfdannen / detail
  17. add ocsmAdjustUDCs to OpenCSM API to copy all UDCs to the same directory as the .csm file; implement File->New, File->Open, and File-Edit->OK in caps mode — jfdannen / detail
  18. more improvements for ListHistory; use caps_open in read-only mode in ListPhases and ListHistory — jfdannen / detail
  19. Fix scan-build warning from last commit — haimes / detail
  20. Implement EG_makeNMWireBody — haimes / detail
  21. Straighten out non-manifold WireBodies — haimes / detail
  22. Supress informational message on initial triangulation problem with Planar Faces — haimes / detail
  23. Guard against infinite loop on planar surfaces with bad initial triangulation — haimes / detail
  24. More support for tessellations without face tessellations — galbramc / detail
  25. Enable EG_finishTess to fill in missing face tessellation. — galbramc / detail
  26. Remove warnings generated by a new compiler — haimes / detail
  27. Remove redundant testing — galbramc / detail
  28. Remove mastros.exe on macys and viggen because it does not work — galbramc / detail
  29. Don't look for python deprecation warnings — galbramc / detail
  30. Look for python deprecation warnings — galbramc / detail
  31. Limit threading with OMP_NUM_THREADS — galbramc / detail
  32. Don't pipe sanitize pyOCSM testing — galbramc / detail
  33. add numpy valgrind suppression — galbramc / detail
  34. Look for python unit test timing in log parse — galbramc / detail
  35. Reduce CAPS ESP_Commit testing — galbramc / detail
  36. scipy is now available on Monterey — galbramc / detail
  37. Look for planar meshing errors — galbramc / detail
  38. Update avl and DAWIN64/mastros.exe executables — galbramc / detail
  39. astros.exe does not work on Monterey — galbramc / detail
  40. Upgrade macOS santizer library path — galbramc / detail
  41. Remove libquadmath dependency on DARWIN64 — galbramc / detail
  42. Correct avl version number to 3.40 — galbramc / detail
  43. Reduce avl NVMAX for DARWINM1 — galbramc / detail
  44. Upgrade to avl 3.41 — galbramc / detail

#81 (Mar 12, 2022, 1:37:10 AM)

  1. do not let esp.UpdateESP rebuild (force rebuild in .py script) — jfdannen / detail
  2. extend ListHistory to GEOMETRYIN and GEOMETRYOUT — jfdannen / detail
  3. update Makefiles for cases without python; add many features to -caps mode; add data/ide/* to test -caps mode; fix many bugs in -caps mode; expose ocsmTessellate — jfdannen / detail
  4. Makefile updates to supress Python builds — haimes / detail
  5. first implementation of CAPS menu in ESP — jfdannen / detail
  6. update statement descriptions in ESP-help — jfdannen / detail
  7. allow branching of Phases when running serveESP in -caps mode — jfdannen / detail
  8. caps_PrintObjects signature changed — haimes / detail
  9. allow wild-carding (with 0) in SELECT ADD and SELECT SUB; update connect9a and connect9b; update Makefile.DARWIN64 for 3-way testing — jfdannen / detail
  10. in timViewer, use smoothing shading when looking at BOUNDS; allow wild-carding (with 0) in SELECT ADD and SELECT SUB; update Makefile.DARWIN64 for 3-way testing — jfdannen / detail
  11. add viewing of BOUNDS in timViewer; allow GetToken in tim.c to work if the text string does not end in a delimiter; improve error message generated when SKVAR does not contain triplets; improve CAPS summary at end if running in -caps mode — jfdannen / detail
  12. in timViewer, use a tessellation associated with the AIM if available, otherwise share the tessellation with OpenCSM — jfdannen / detail
  13. fix (long) cast in previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  14. extend STORE such that if index=-1, the first available index is used; fix bug that generated two copies of Bodys on stack when RESTOREing with index<0; if running serveESP in -caps mode, get MODL from CAPS (instead of building it in OpenCSM); extend timViewer to view Bodys associated with an AIM — jfdannen / detail
  15. Config change — haimes / detail
  16. Explicitly open files as bindary in EG_saveTess/EG_loadTess. — galbramc / detail
  17. Upgrade to MYSTRAN 13.3A on Windoze — galbramc / detail
  18. Upgrade to Mystran 13.3a — galbramc / detail
  19. Another python suppression — galbramc / detail
  20. Update jenkins to run skeletonAIM example — galbramc / detail
  21. Upgrade to SU2-v7.3.0 for Jenkins — galbramc / detail

#80 (Feb 12, 2022, 1:37:06 AM)

  1. fix bug that either hangs or seg faults serveESP if user closes browser while timPyscript is executing.  this is done by not calling Py_Finalize, which will result in a memory leak; fix bug that occasionally does not show pyscript file when serveESP is starterd with a .py file — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix bug in to account from change from timPython to timPyscript — jfdannen / detail
  3. improve error message when project.csm exists before the project directorry when running serveESP in -caps mode — jfdannen / detail
  4. improve the creation, editting, and removal of Caps Values in -caps mode; allow multi-valued Caps Values in ESP; add udfShadow and shadow* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  5. added numpts argument to udpKulfan, which helps avoid small dimples near the leading edge of a very thin section — jfdannen / detail
  6. add debug GRAFICs to udpKulfan — jfdannen / detail
  7. add SELECT LOOP to get Edges associated with a Loop in a Face; allow unary + or - in front of (multi-valued) Parameter when used alone in an expression; add sectionsWithHoles* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  8. create hollowSheet and hollowSolid test cases to show all possibile uses of HOLLOW command; improve description of HOLLOW in OpenCSM.h; if HOLLOW fails, input Body is left on the stack; add hollowE* test cases to show some of the limitations of HOLLOW; change timPython to timPyscript to get around problems with linking with python on Windoze; have OpenCSM return SUCCESS even when all the Bodys have been recycled; put note in ESP-help and OpenCSM.h that warns users that results from HOLLOW and SWEEP may be unpredicable due to OpenCASCADE issues; add timPlotter and plotter* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  9. fix bug in ocsmPrintEgo when called on BSPLINE Curve or Surface; require positive scale factors in udfNuscale when applied to a SolidBody; add initial version of timPlotter and test cases; change GetToken in tim.c so that tokens can have unlimited length — jfdannen / detail
  10. fix errors that occur because Py_Finalize cannot be used more than once (because of a numpy bug); fix bug that did not show Cvals for -caps runs in serveESP and Brchs when running without -caps — jfdannen / detail
  11. update Caps Value handling in ESP — jfdannen / detail
  12. do not show Branches in serveESP when in -caps mode; allow serveESP to change .csm file when in -caps mode; fix OpenCSM.c to remove stanalizer error — jfdannen / detail
  13. for a UDP/UDF, only use finite differences if one of its arguements is ATTRREAL and has non-zero dots — jfdannen / detail
  14. add test case — jfdannen / detail
  15. modify timPython to get around numPy problems associated with Py_Finalize; modify tim interface to allow a tim to perform cleanup at the end of serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  16. fix tessellation sensitivity bug associated with SheetBodys that are INTERSECTed with a SolidBody; add designP5* test cases; fix Node sensitivity for two parallel Edges; move timViewer from Makefile to serveESP.make; add tufts for Nodes when displaying tessellation sesnitivities in serveESP; ensure that tessellation sensitivities on the boundaries of Face and ends of Edges agree with Edge and Node sensitivities; update .tsen files — jfdannen / detail
  17. remove serveESP from Makefile and NMakefile; create serveESP.make and serveESP.mak — jfdannen / detail
  18. in RESTORE is now a wildcard, meaning that Bodys in all storages that match name are put onto the stack; initial integration of CAPS into serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  19. Effective Topology: fix memory problem with interior Edge (in Loop twice) — haimes / detail
  20. Remove Degenerate EEdges once Faces are merged in an EFace — haimes / detail
  21. Documentation updates — haimes / detail
  22. Only consider Python 3.8 or newer in makeEnv/winEnv — galbramc / detail
  23. Some config updates — haimes / detail
  24. Export Body CSystems that ar free-standing (aLen = 9) — haimes / detail
  25. Update egads_dot.h. Explicit makefile in scan-build/scan-view. — galbramc / detail
  26. change startup messages in wvServer from stderr to stdout — jfdannen / detail
  27. Add missing DEGENERATE Edge check to EG_exportModel — galbramc / detail
  28. Properly reflect the move of OCC copies in this repository — haimes / detail
  29. Update error messages — galbramc / detail
  30. Upgrade to PointwiseV18.5R1 on macOS — galbramc / detail
  31. Another python suppression — galbramc / detail
  32. Don't build CAPS for OpenCSM with lint — galbramc / detail
  33. Upgrade to Pointwise V18.5R1 on reynolds. Compile serveESP for stanalizer — galbramc / detail
  34. Build serveESP — galbramc / detail

#79 (Jan 11, 2022, 7:05:07 AM)

  1. update ESP_QuickReference; update ESP so that double-clicking in MessageWindow takes you to filename:linenum that is clicked on, else takes you to last filename:linenum in MessageWindow; update sensCSM to use RMS errors; reduce ratio of errors for alerts from 5 to 2; update .gsen and .tsen files for 7.4.1 and 7.6.0 — jfdannen / detail
  2. Fix array out-of-bounds in EG_extrude_dot — galbramc / detail

#78 (Jan 8, 2022, 1:37:10 AM)

  1. fix ocsm.def for last commit — jfdannen / detail
  2. implement Debug in .csm editor; fix a few bugs in parent/child Body pointers — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix bugs associated with running a .py file — jfdannen / detail
  4. improve tessellation sensitivities for Edges and Faces that are not trimmed by a boolean operation; update .tsen files — jfdannen / detail
  5. update to special plotting associated with Face velocities for INTERP_VEL=6 — jfdannen / detail
  6. update CAPS/myPlane for intent 4 (avl) and 5 (bem) — jfdannen / detail
  7. .py files are automatically edited in serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  8. add quad3 and quad4 test cases — jfdannen / detail
  9. fix bug if user with ball loaded a new .csm file and then editted (where user without ball saw wrong file); adjust closeBody2 test case to REORDER the Edges so that all the Faces point outward; inform users if someone has joined or left a collaboration; modify visualization of grids on Faces in serveESP * new-style quads if _makeQuads attribute on Body (.tessType==Quad or .tessType==Mixed) * old-style quads if _makeQuads attribute on Faces (npatch>0) * triangles oherwise; fix valgrind error in sensCSM — jfdannen / detail
  10. check for proper result types from SWEEP; check mass props before topology in verification files; add verification data for OpenCASCADE 7.6.0; change copyright to 2022; give @version a value before the first Body is built; allow DIMENSIONed variable to be returned from a UDC; update expressions test case to demonstrate multi-value returns — jfdannen / detail
  11. more improvements to udfCompare (and fix sanitizer error); update GRAFIC plots of trim curves to show the points on the Pcurves; increase size of plot points in serveESP; add fixture* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  12. update Makefile.LINUX64; fix typo in — jfdannen / detail
  13. add ability of specifying color of items in a plotfile; change udfCompare to group bad points based upon the magnitude of the error; update udfCompare to check distances from Nodes and Edges as well as distances from Faces — jfdannen / detail
  14. update documentation for DUMP in OpenCSM.h — jfdannen / detail
  15. create ESP-viewer.js; pass callbacks to overlay if they exist; reorganize python test cases; change verification tests to include serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  16. When splitting periodic Faces convert the order 1 BSpline to a Line; allow for calling wv_cleanupServers when there are active server threads — haimes / detail
  17. Don't fix Faces for EG_makeTopology(SOLIDBODY) — galbramc / detail
  18. Fix warning — galbramc / detail
  19. Makefile fixes — galbramc / detail
  20. Add EG_rotate_dot and fix EG_extrude_dot to work with OCC. Fix for topological changes in EG_rotate (not enabled yet). — galbramc / detail
  21. Do not use Edge tangents for vertex insertion when the magnitude is deminishing (near C0s) — haimes / detail
  22. Though premature, update the copyright year — haimes / detail
  23. Attempt to mitigate the fillTris error when presented with bad PCurves — haimes / detail
  24. Use the define OCC_VERSION_DEVELOPMENT to tell us we built the OpenCASCADE — haimes / detail
  25. Some trianglulation changes needed to deal with the GMGW3 'foreign' STEP files — haimes / detail
  26. Another config update and another update for Windows threading — haimes / detail
  27. Add csmOCCFailure_7.6.txt file — galbramc / detail
  28. Remove csmOCCFailure_7.6.txt directory — galbramc / detail
  29. Should have kept last numpy suppression — galbramc / detail
  30. Another try at suppressing numpy leaks — galbramc / detail
  31. Suppress numpy leak — galbramc / detail
  32. mark closeBody2 as expected success — jfdannen / detail
  33. Update sens parsers — galbramc / detail
  34. Jenkins updates for 7.6.0 — galbramc / detail
  35. update verification data for 7.6.0 — jfdannen / detail
  36. Add Warning: LockRelease to jenkins parser — galbramc / detail

#77 (Dec 16, 2021, 5:11:20 AM)

  1. update timViewer to be able to make changes to the scene graph; add ocsmLoadFromModel to pyOCSM; add shapes test case; fix initialization bug in — jfdannen / detail
  2. remove timViewModl from timPython.def — jfdannen / detail
  3. update to remove call to removed esp.ViewModl() — jfdannen / detail
  4. add ability to hold python execution while an overlay (viewer) is executing; update — jfdannen / detail
  5. change locking mechanism for tim_mesg to use ThreadWait instead of a mutex — jfdannen / detail
  6. fix bug that did not release the lock if tim_mesg is in holding mode — jfdannen / detail
  7. fix mutex problems associated with tim_mesg — jfdannen / detail
  8. fix lint error in tim.c — jfdannen / detail
  9. add timViewer and associated test cases; create mechanism to allow a TIM to call a TIM; fix a few typos in ESP-help — jfdannen / detail
  10. updates to Windoze .def files — jfdannen / detail
  11. Fix up ocsm.def to include GetToken (whose name should probably change) — haimes / detail
  12. Start FireFox in the background & try to fix stanalizer again — haimes / detail
  13. Try to fix a scan-build error that spuriously popped up! — haimes / detail
  14. Protect EMP against NULL Locks and revert Safari's startup in makeEnv — haimes / detail
  15. Windows config update and fix for EMP_LockTest for Windows — haimes / detail
  16. Fix arcLength (EGADSlite) for BSplines and update some configure scripts — haimes / detail
  17. Fix bugs in EG_arcLenSeg — galbramc / detail
  18. Add MCG_ARCLEN for suggested arclen approach. Add some more quadrature options for arclen. — galbramc / detail
  19. Temp brute-force fix for BSpline arcLength in EGADSlite; fix tessellation progress warning; config updates -- list XQuartz min rev — haimes / detail
  20. Don't set UDUNITS for beta testing — galbramc / detail
  21. Remove last alias — galbramc / detail
  22. Alias python3 on centOS8 — galbramc / detail

#76 (Dec 11, 2021, 1:37:06 AM)

  1. Windoze tim.def file fix — jfdannen / detail
  2. Windoze tim.def file fix — jfdannen / detail
  3. Windoze ocsm.def file fix — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix bug in udfNuscale when zscale=0; first cut at calling a TIM from the python TIM — jfdannen / detail
  5. do not change outLevel if ocsmSetOutLevel is called with negative argument; add printout for when TIM broadcasts a message to the browsers; add option to plot trim curves associated with all Faces — jfdannen / detail
  6. fix Makefile and NMakefile associated with previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  7. reorganize way TIMs broadcast messages out to the browsers — jfdannen / detail
  8. use new BLEND C0 treatment, including in sensitivities; fix bug in timMitten associated with cleanup — jfdannen / detail
  9. add .tsen data for 7.3.1 — jfdannen / detail
  10. remove special sensitivity treatment for BLENDs with C0; update sensCSM verification data; add blend22* and rule22 test cases — jfdannen / detail
  11. add closeBody* test cases; add collab* test cases; add documentation about what happens for a 0 in either SELECT ADD or SELECT SUB statement — jfdannen / detail
  12. fix bug associated with MALLOCs in udpWaffle — jfdannen / detail
  13. fix bug associated with MALLOCs in udpWaffle — jfdannen / detail
  14. fix typo in error message associated with COMBINE command; make error messages from udpWaffle more explicit — jfdannen / detail
  15. remove Windoze warnings from previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  16. fix bug so that wv_broadcastText is not called by a TIM when running in batch mode — jfdannen / detail
  17. improve sensitivities associated with tip treatments in BLEND;  update designG5 and designG6 test cases — jfdannen / detail
  18. update timMesg so that it does not return a response; allow non-*host* to initiate file editting; fix bug that does not give appropriate error messages when having trouble opening a .py file from the command line; fix bug that does not give appropriate error messages when timPython has trouble opening a file from Tools->Python — jfdannen / detail
  19. add IFTHEN/ENDIF to udpWaffle; add waffleA* test cases; update Makefile.LINUX64; fix bug that lost ball if user with ball sends a message — jfdannen / detail
  20. update to latest version of Tblade3; allow default xaxis=0, yaxis=0, and zaxis=0 in ROTATEX, ROTATEY, and ROTATEZ; add rotate1 test case; add LAYOUT to udpWaffle; add waffle3* test case; fix memory leak associated with mprp arrays — jfdannen / detail
  21. missed designU1c.tsen in previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  22. remove tim_data from TIM interface (no longer needed); change NXSECT argument in udpGuide to ATTRREAL so that finite difference sensitivities are triggered; remove RAD argument to udpBox in designI2 and designI4 so that finite differences are not triggered; fix bug that re-computed velocities when re-computation was not necessary; fix bug associated with sensitivities of mass properties — jfdannen / detail
  23. update timPython to post stdout to the MessageWindow while python is executing; fix postMessage so that blanks lines between messages are eliminated — jfdannen / detail
  24. fix bug introduced in previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  25. fix bug in previous commit; add ocsmLoadFromModel function; add withTess=0 argument to DUMP command; add dumpTest* test cases; update Makefile.DARWIN64.gcc — jfdannen / detail
  26. updates to way PYTHONHOME is found in timPython; add designV1 test case; set sgFocus in timMitten so that it can start with an empty MODL — jfdannen / detail
  27. fix hint for SCALE in ESP; shorten hint time-out in ESP to 15 sec; fix bug in timPython that did not register MesgCB and SizeCB after a timLoad (which caused a problem if started with a .py file); add (not-yet-implemented) Debug option in ESP editor; update ESP editor so that users without the ball can see the edits as they happen; clean up unneeded routines in TIMs; add debug and debugged testcases; add designU* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  28. For timPython, put Python lib location in rpath — haimes / detail
  29. Build timPython on Windows — haimes / detail
  30. Allow for building TIMs outside of OpenCSM/src — haimes / detail
  31. fix bug that did not remove UDP cache entries when a Body was deleted (such as during recycling); do not consider DEGENERATE Edges when SELECTing either by bounding box of nearest-to — jfdannen / detail
  32. Dynamic Web Server library cleanup — haimes / detail
  33. update Makefile.DARWIN64 to get rpath correct when running a script directly in python (and not serveESP); allow CONPMTR statement if at top-level scope; update scope test case; fix bug that did not compute sensitivity correctly when a DESPMTR was used in an include-type UDC — jfdannen / detail
  34. change button to yellow and RunningPython while python is running; update Makefile.DARWIN64 to get rpath correct when running a script directly in python (and not serveESP) — jfdannen / detail
  35. fix pyOCSM test errors caused by addition of @scope — jfdannen / detail
  36. start getting ready for editing .py files; separate loading and running in timPython; run python in separate thread; add @scope at-parameter; add scope test case — jfdannen / detail
  37. add esp.h — jfdannen / detail
  38. fix stdout sequencing in timPython; get rid of global data in serveESP; update data/python/test* files — jfdannen / detail
  39. fix bug associated with (FD) sensitivities for a MODL with a OUTPMTR being set before a FILLET or CHAMFER; remove code that protects against calls to EG_replaceFaces in SolidBodys with more than one Shell — jfdannen / detail
  40. enable esp.SetModl() to see MODL in serveESP after python finishes — jfdannen / detail
  41. stub routines added to account for change in tim.def — jfdannen / detail
  42. fix bug associated with expressions that contain mass properties; add designT1 test case; fix bug that causes an error to be raised if the mass property sensitivities are computed by FDs before the last Body is built; add designT2 test case; add python mode to CodeMirror; add — jfdannen / detail
  43. add udpTire testing to Makefile.DARWIN64; compute sensitivity correctly with udfCreateBEM, udfCreatePoly, udfEditAttr, udfPrintBbox, udfPrintBrep, and udoPrintEgo; add designS3 test case — jfdannen / detail
  44. fix bug in udfGuide that did not work properly for an input SheetBody; add designS* test cases; fix bug that did not compute sensitivities correctly for UDFs when one (or more) of the input Bodys had non-zero velocities — jfdannen / detail
  45. add udpBodyList to udp.def for Windoze — jfdannen / detail
  46. initial code for proper UDF sensitivity calculations --- not enabled yet — jfdannen / detail
  47. modify udfNacelle* test cases to use DESPMTRs; add splitWing* test cases; remove gallery/FJ2 from distribution — jfdannen / detail
  48. Fix recent update to EGADSlite arcLength code — haimes / detail
  49. Fix the flattening of periodic BSplines when exporting to EGADSlite; Fix the BSPline range in EGADSlite when flattened — haimes / detail
  50. Fix STEP writing with Name attributes — haimes / detail
  51. Mark invalid Bodies during STEP/IGES reads & limit number of inserted verts when tessellating — haimes / detail
  52. Add MSVC 2022 config file — galbramc / detail
  53. C0 Blend fix so that the surface derivatives (normals) do not vanish at the C0 — haimes / detail
  54. Scan-build fix from last commit — haimes / detail
  55. Functions that insert verts based on surface arc-length use underlying Face when all positions are on that Face (Effective Topology). Used in Quadding & HO tessellations. — haimes / detail
  56. Improved error message. Use brep V2 for OCC 7.6. Minor cleanup. — galbramc / detail
  57. Minor cleanup — galbramc / detail
  58. Fix blend tip sensitvities — galbramc / detail
  59. clang analyzer fixes — galbramc / detail
  60. Fix so DEBUG code compiles — galbramc / detail
  61. Allow degenerate Edge in blend/ruled sections — galbramc / detail
  62. Fix Blend with non-planar sections and Degerenate Edges in the Sections — haimes / detail
  63. Target arm64 darwin, not specifically macOS 11 — galbramc / detail
  64. Reduce testing output — galbramc / detail
  65. Cleanup old config files — haimes / detail
  66. No longer support OCC less than Rev 7.0 — haimes / detail
  67. Changes to support OCC 7.6 — haimes / detail
  68. Update Makefiles for OCC 7.6. Improved error message. — galbramc / detail
  69. Other Python config updates — haimes / detail
  70. Dynamic Web Server library cleanup — haimes / detail
  71. Fix the new wvServer dynamic library def file — haimes / detail
  72. NMakefile fix — haimes / detail
  73. Make the WV server library dynamic — haimes / detail
  74. Allow for passing a user pointer into browserMessage -- breaks compatibility! — haimes / detail
  75. minor updates — haimes / detail
  76. update udpTire.c — jfdannen / detail
  77. Allow for Solids with multiple Shells to work in replaceFaces — haimes / detail
  78. update udpTire.c — jfdannen / detail
  79. update udpTire.c for change in cacheUdp — jfdannen / detail
  80. Retain all Topology labeled as internal but reject external -- keep Nodes that have a non-zero valence — haimes / detail
  81. Update mses path — galbramc / detail
  82. Add PATHs to MSES executables — galbramc / detail
  83. Upgrade Jenkins env for MSVC 2022 — galbramc / detail
  84. Update CASROOT — galbramc / detail
  85. Add 7.6 files (needs updates) — galbramc / detail
  86. Enable awave again for viggen — galbramc / detail
  87. mark closeBody2 as failure on 7.3.1 — jfdannen / detail
  88. changes to accomodate better sensitivities associated with tip treatment in BLENDs — jfdannen / detail
  89. Dissable astros and awave on viggen — galbramc / detail
  90. Use bash on Windoze as well — galbramc / detail
  91. Suppress output from test_pyOCSM to reduce email generation time. — galbramc / detail
  92. Update python suppression — galbramc / detail
  93. add debug.csm as known failure — jfdannen / detail
  94. Update how ESP_Python is found — galbramc / detail
  95. source .bashrc as part of env — galbramc / detail
  96. Fix scipy install on viggen — galbramc / detail
  97. Another Cart3D suppression — galbramc / detail
  98. Typo — galbramc / detail
  99. Use anaconda scipy on M1 for now — galbramc / detail
  100. Don't use system site packages for virtualenv — galbramc / detail
  101. Don't use system site packages for virtualenv — galbramc / detail
  102. Suppress perl memory leaks — galbramc / detail
  103. Remove cart perl command — galbramc / detail
  104. Missed CART3D_ARCH — galbramc / detail
  105. Update env for Cart3D design — galbramc / detail

#70 (Oct 9, 2021, 1:37:09 AM)

  1. allow pyOCSM to import an externally-generated MODL; enable timMitten; create timPython and data/python/test*; allow serveESP to start with a .py file — jfdannen / detail
  2. uprev to v1.21 (ESP.html, ESP-localhost.html, ESP-help.html, OpenCSM.h, ocsm.rc); create unpublished routine convertToBSplines.  modify so that BSPLINES are not reconverted; modify udpParabaloid and udfNuscale to use convertToBSplines.  add DEBUG prints in udpNuscale; add sculpt* test cases; add attrProp test case to show how Edge Attributes get propagated to Faces by EXTRUDE and REVOLVE but not by RULE and BLEND.  attrProp also shows that Edge Attributes are not carried forward by EXTRUDE, REVOLVE, RULE, or BLEND; make INTERFACE DIM obsolete; issue WARNING to use DIMENSION statement instead; add udfNacelle and udfNacelle* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix bug in StepThru that was introduced when computation of _tParams was delayed — jfdannen / detail
  4. Revert Internal Node change -- needs more work! — haimes / detail
  5. An update to the last commit -- remove only Nodes that do not touch active Edges — haimes / detail
  6. Retain Internal Nodes during parsing -- THIS HAS THE POTENTAL OF BREAKING EGADS FILE READS FOR THE VERY FEW CASES THIS COMES UP (the result is that attributes are not reassigned) — haimes / detail
  7. scan-build suppression — galbramc / detail
  8. Use jenkins setup for scan-build instead — galbramc / detail
  9. Removed one too many — galbramc / detail
  10. Another M1 fix — galbramc / detail
  11. Fix last commit — galbramc / detail
  12. Remove depreacted OCC defines. Fix for M1 scan-build. — galbramc / detail
  13. Enable scan-build on M1 — galbramc / detail
  14. Fix analyzer error — haimes / detail
  15. UpRev to 1.21 and deal with Names on STEP IO — haimes / detail
  16. README updates — haimes / detail
  17. Change back the getdelim suppression — galbramc / detail
  18. Fix bug in Valgrind script not running CAPS unit test — galbramc / detail
  19. Try again to suppress libc problem — galbramc / detail
  20. Adjust sanitizer suppression — galbramc / detail
  21. Upgrade macOS clang 13.0.0 — galbramc / detail
  22. remove testing of plugs7a and plugs8a — jfdannen / detail
  23. Another Windoze fix — galbramc / detail
  24. Turn on echo again for Windoze — galbramc / detail
  25. Fix typo — galbramc / detail
  26. Add M1 to PreBuilt testing — galbramc / detail
  27. Upgrade to SU2 7.2.0 — galbramc / detail
  28. Fix for memcheck python script on darwin — galbramc / detail
  29. scipy and curses suppressions — galbramc / detail
  30. Use system site-packages — galbramc / detail
  31. Add openmdao to pip installs — galbramc / detail