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#97 (Apr 8, 2023, 1:37:06 AM)

  1. update flend8* test cases and their verification data — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix lint error in udfMatchBodys; re-add 7.4.1 verification data for flend8* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  3. change flend fits to be better in some cases; track down memory leaks — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix problem erroneously flagged by lint in udpOffset; update errors reported by udfFlend; fix bug where wrong UDP storage was used in udfOffset (which caused problems when udpOffset was called more than once); remove SPECIAL test of EG_otherCurve; document .multiNode use in RULE command; fix bug where UDP storage is incorrectly cleared for an embedded UDP (in udpCsm); fix bug in udfFlend that sometimes did not correctly reverse one of the Loops; fix memory leak in EVALUATE EDGEKT, EDGECP, FACEUKT, FACEVKT, and FACECP when a signal is raised — jfdannen / detail
  5. fix compiler warning in latest commit — jfdannen / detail
  6. account for fact that Py_SetPythonHome was deprecated in Python 3.11; update udfOffset so that it can generate offsets on SolidBodys (for FLENDs); add offset(I-R)* test cases; use zebra stripe coloring for maximum curvature in ESP (displayType=4); update convertToBsplines to reuse Pcurves whenever possible; add udpBspline and bspline* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  7. Fix getEdgeUV doc — galbramc / detail
  8. Fix full attirubtion for EG_repalceFaces. Fix error message. — galbramc / detail
  9. Remove depricated x86 -m64 compiler flag. Add compiler flags for OCC 7.7. — galbramc / detail
  10. update expected flend8* failures — jfdannen / detail
  11. Put file names first — galbramc / detail
  12. Add OCC 7.7 Jenkins data — galbramc / detail
  13. add expected errors selected in flend8* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  14. Cart3D env fix — galbramc / detail
  15. Upgrade Cart3D version — galbramc / detail
  16. Update for OCC 7.7.0 — galbramc / detail

#96 (Mar 11, 2023, 1:37:09 AM)

  1. improve printing of Pcurves in ocsmPrintEgo; improve marking of Faces with _body and _brch Attributes when returned from a UDF; add PRINT_MAPPING_INFO define to OpenCSM; fix bug that did not account for Node and Edge sensitivities when report sensitivity range in serveESP; fix bug that occasionally did not properly compute Node tessellation sensitivities — jfdannen / detail
  2. add EVALUATE EDGEKT, EVALUATE EDGECP, EVALUATE FACEUKT, EVALUATE FACEVKT, and EVALUATE FACECP; add evaluate3* test cases; add multiRegions* test cases; add SELECT FLIP to flip the order of rntities in at-sellist — jfdannen / detail
  3. add copyAttr=0 argument to RULE and BLEND to copy Edge Attributes in xsects onto RULE/BLEND Edges; add blend29 and rule29 test cases — jfdannen / detail
  4. update ToDo.txt — jfdannen / detail
  5. improve test for matching Nodes in udfMatchBodys; adjust matchBodys5 test case to check at-at-parameters — jfdannen / detail
  6. add arcLengths to ocsmPrintEgo; fix bug in udfMatchBodys when tol was large — jfdannen / detail
  7. modify udfMatchBodys to transfer an Attribute from one Body to the other when the Nodes, Edges, or Faces match; add matchBody5 test case — jfdannen / detail
  8. fix bug associated with UDP/UDF outputs that change shape — jfdannen / detail
  9. remove stanalyzer false positive by disabling checks for one loop in udfTester1.c — jfdannen / detail
  10. attempt to fix stanalizer error in udfTester1.c — jfdannen / detail
  11. allow at-at-parameters from a UDP/UDF to have velocities; split udpTest into udfTester1 (to demonstrate matrix outputs from a UDP/UDF) and udpTester2 (to demonstrate output velocities from a UDP/UDF); adjust Makefiles and associated test cases — jfdannen / detail
  12. Fix for OCC 7.4 — galbramc / detail
  13. Provide error message instead of segfault in EG_otherCurve — galbramc / detail
  14. Add 1-bias to matchBody documentation — galbramc / detail
  15. Upgrade to AFLR 11.3.17 — galbramc / detail

#95 (Feb 11, 2023, 1:37:07 AM)

  1. add to Makefiles; add diagnostic printouts when a Face does not tessellate; make sure all UDP/UDFs return output values to the numUdp instance — jfdannen / detail
  2. allow number of rows and columns to be accessible in UDPs; allow at-at-parameters from a UDP/UDF to be vectors or matricies; add udp_error1 to udp_error9 as possible argument to CATBEG statement; fix bug that did not restore at-at-parameters when a UDP/UDF was recycled; refactor way UDP/UDF arguments are handled — jfdannen / detail
  3. update header files to allow use of C++ main program; add simpleCSM.cpp and modify Makefile.DARWIN64 for testing — jfdannen / detail
  4. numerous updates to Slugs — jfdannen / detail
  5. change udfSlices to skip a slice if OpenCASCADE fails (rather than return an eror); add SET statement to udpWaffle;  add waffleB1 and waffleB2 test cases; fix bug in plotting of normals in serveESP and serveCSM; add PRINT_RULE_KNOTS to print number of knots in BSPLINEs entering a RULE or BLEND; allow -ATTRREALSENS to indicate a UDPRIM parameter that is intended to signal that Parameter is used within an included file; add waffleB3 test case to demonstrate this; add waffleB3.jrnl to demonstrate generation of .sens file for every DESPMTR without rebuilds — jfdannen / detail
  6. update return values from udpTire — jfdannen / detail
  7. Suppport Edge only eto files — galbramc / detail
  8. update DARWIN64.gcc to add comma to RPATH needed by some gcc-10 compilers — jfdannen / detail
  9. Add back ESP_ROOT/lib to rpath on DARWIN — galbramc / detail
  10. Use @loader_path for rpath to ESP_ROOT/lib on DARWIN — galbramc / detail
  11. numpy memory leak suppression — galbramc / detail
  12. Upgrade to AFLR 11.3.15 — galbramc / detail
  13. Add NETCDFINC for DARWIN64.gcc testing. — galbramc / detail
  14. Don't build AFLR with Beta testing — galbramc / detail

#94 (Jan 14, 2023, 1:37:06 AM)

  1. update copyright notices — jfdannen / detail
  2. add transform option to Slugs; in Slugs, the KutTriangles option automatically creates a link; add optional GRAFIC to cutTriangles in Slugs; lots of improvements to Slugs, especially for cases with very noisy .stl file — jfdannen / detail
  3. remove training/data/session10/version99/* — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix bug that did not allow interactive use of Slugs; add Kut triangles option in Slugs; update testScript.txt to include interactive Slugs testing — jfdannen / detail
  5. fix bug so that a SCALE branch can be added via the TreeWindow — jfdannen / detail
  6. uprev to v1.23 (ESP.html, ESP-localhost.html, ESP-help.html, OpenCSM.h, ocsm.rc) — jfdannen / detail
  7. fix problem where ESP sometimes posts pyscript file in MessageWindow instead of in the editor — jfdannen / detail
  8. Update Copyright date — galbramc / detail
  9. Uprev to 1.23 — galbramc / detail

#93 (Dec 10, 2022, 1:37:09 AM)

  1. minor documentation updates — jfdannen / detail
  2. put 1 second delay when opening a pyscript to make sure that the browser is ready to display the pyscript in the editor; do not change status of ESP if an error was found while executing a pyscript; update session10 training files to be consistent with new method for creating a large, multi-component, multi-discipline model; update Makefile.DARWIN64; update ESP_QuickReference; update testScript.txt — jfdannen / detail
  3. write and test viewSimplySupport for transport test case — jfdannen / detail
  4. more updates to training/session10 and CAPS/training/python — jfdannen / detail
  5. more updates to transport training files — jfdannen / detail
  6. update ToDo.txt — jfdannen / detail
  7. update error handling in flapz.udc; first attempt at python files for new transport for CAPS training — jfdannen / detail
  8. README release notes updates — galbramc / detail
  9. Rev updates to 1.22 — galbramc / detail
  10. README updates — galbramc / detail

#92 (Nov 30, 2022, 4:51:39 PM)

  1. account for forward- and backward-slashes when opening a .udc — jfdannen / detail
  2. update ereped6a and project verification data again; fix recently-added bug that causes a memory fault for some non-manifold Edges — jfdannen / detail
  3. add Trace button in .csm editor to trace all top-level Parameters; reorganize session10 files to make it easier to build large, multi-component, multi-view models; update ereped6a, hollowC6, hollowC7, hollowCA, hollowCB, and project 3 verification data on 7.6.0 (because of issues highlighted by Xcode 14 on M1); update ereped6a and project3 verification data on 7.4.1 (because of issues highlighted by Xcode 14 on M1); add description of -dxdd flag to ESP-help — jfdannen / detail
  4. update testScript.txt; fix possible buffer overflow in SPECIAL command — jfdannen / detail
  5. update verification data for clearance1 and clerance4 to allow for slight differenes due to chaotic behavior of the EGADS tessellator — jfdannen / detail
  6. convert all (deprecated) sprintf calls to snprintf — jfdannen / detail
  7. update to use serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  8. fix bug where result of SPECIAL/clearance was not recycled — jfdannen / detail
  9. update .tsen files for designG5 and designG6 — jfdannen / detail
  10. remove suppressions of sensitivity checks on designH2, designJ1c, designJ1d, and designJ5; add suppressions of sensitivity checks to designG5 and designG6 (for rounded tips); fix valgrind error in sensitivities in udpWaffle — jfdannen / detail
  11. fix some compiler warnings in most recent commit — jfdannen / detail
  12. add ocsmClearance; add clearance* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  13. Update makeEnv for macOS 13 — galbramc / detail
  14. Replace DEBUG sprintf with snprintf — galbramc / detail
  15. Try again: reorder includes! — haimes / detail
  16. Try again: MSVC 2022 seems to have snprintf defined! — haimes / detail
  17. sprintf -> snprintf mods — haimes / detail
  18. Replace sprintf with snprintf in egadsTopo — galbramc / detail
  19. Suppress clang deprication warning of sprintf in OCC — galbramc / detail
  20. Another exodus suppression — galbramc / detail
  21. Suppresse NETCDF/HDF5 memory leaks — galbramc / detail
  22. Upgrade to SU2 7.4.0 — galbramc / detail

#91 (Nov 12, 2022, 1:37:08 AM)

  1. fix bug in serveESP that did not properly update the build status message after File->Edit->Save; implement analytic sensitivities in udpWaffle; add designX* test cases; make sure userPointer gets reset after perturbation is removed — jfdannen / detail
  2. update designV1,gsen for 7.4 — jfdannen / detail
  3. add ocsmAdjoint and testOcsmAdjoint (in serveESP); allow timPlotter to have two y-axes; add test case — jfdannen / detail
  4. update adjoint test to remove (incorrect) compiler warning — jfdannen / detail
  5. remove data/ide (because it is redundant with data/tutorial6); eliminate automatic build when entering CAPS mode (depend on the lazy evaluation in CAPS); enable sensitivity calculations for scribes and trims; add designW* test cases; fix bug that put wrong _edgeID on scribed Edges; update attrScribe, scribeWing, and scribedSphere test cases; create splitEdges.udc; add splitEdges* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  6. remember name of Pyscript file for next Tool->Pyscript; clean up ESP messages after builds; remove code in esp.timSetCaps that removed the _finalize method; fix memory problem in timViewer for very long scene-graph meta-data buffers; reset magic number to zero to catch cases when a MODL is tried to be used after ocsmFree; modify IMPORT so that it properly marks NODE_BODYs; force tessellation if needed in timViewer; fix bug in ocsmLoadFromEgads that did not properly initialize the .ileft and .irite Branches; remove underscore attributes in .egads files in ocsmLoadFromEgads; force python garbage collection at end of each pyscript execution; add interactive testScript — jfdannen / detail
  7. add PLOT_TESSSENS and PLOT_TEMPCOMPS flags to help in debugging tessellation sensitivities; remove tessellation velocity calculation shortcut to make Edge and Face tessellation velocities consistent; refactor signalError() and signalError2(); allow plotTypes =7 for x-component, =8 for y-component, =9 for z-component of sensitivity — jfdannen / detail
  8. Add simple figure for tri ordering with mixed quad faces — galbramc / detail
  9. Allow unconverged SmoothUV status to continue during parameterization — haimes / detail
  10. More general ubuntu suppression — galbramc / detail
  11. Ubuntu valgrid supression — galbramc / detail
  12. scipy 1.9.2. and 1.9.3 have valgrind issues — galbramc / detail
  13. Add seacas to macys — galbramc / detail
  14. Add SEACAS environment variable for exodus — galbramc / detail
  15. Upgrade cvxopt build for gcc 12 on viggen — galbramc / detail

#90 (Oct 8, 2022, 1:37:09 AM)

  1. clarify description of SELECT x -1 ibody1 — jfdannen / detail
  2. update to account for latest EGADS fix to EG_generalBoolean — jfdannen / detail
  3. add ocsmRegBcstCB to ocsm.def — jfdannen / detail
  4. update Building button to show progress of build in ESP; fix memory leak when ELEVATE command fails (like it often does in the combine.udc); extend SELECT command to SELECT all Faces/Edges/Nodes in current Body that match a Face in another Body; add SELECT NOT to SELECT the Faces/Edges/Nodes not selected and vice versa; fix bug associated with determining if an Edge is a subset of another; update to account for change in EG_isEquivalent; fix bug that did not copy attributes from an Edge in a WireBody that was INTERSECTed with a SolidBody to the new Edge; add PRINT_LAST_EGO compile-time flag to print the last ego after every step in an ocsmBuild; fix bug in sensCSM when trying to remove .csm or .cpc extension from the casename when it did not exist; extend SELECT command to SELECT all Faces/Edges/Nodes in current Body that are within another Body — jfdannen / detail
  5. fix DUMP x.sens for degenerate Edges; add combine.udc so that old .csm scripts that used the (now deprecated) COMBINE command still work; add combine* test cases; add makeErep journal entry so that ereped can be tested; modify at-itype, at-nface, and at-nedge if there is an erep; add POWLE and POWTE arguments to udfDroop; add new droop* test cases; add udfNaca6mc to warp the input thickness distribution with the sum of multiple NACA 6-series meanlines; add naca6mc* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  6. protect against string overflows in strncpy and strncat; fix mesgCallbackFromOpenCSM so that it does not try to broadcast text when in batch mode; initial version of udpNaca6mc — jfdannen / detail
  7. Remove dependencies from file copies — haimes / detail
  8. clean up usage of include files; update dependencies in Makefile and NMakefile — jfdannen / detail
  9. remove pyscript from lint in serveESP.make — jfdannen / detail
  10. update serveCSM.make to fix stanilizer error for pyscript — jfdannen / detail
  11. another attempt to move building of pyscript from Makefile to serveESP.make — jfdannen / detail
  12. move building of pyscript from Makefile to serveESP.make — jfdannen / detail
  13. fix recently added bug in ereped that only allowed 9 colors; remove timHold from; add batch flag to ESP structure; add assert command in browserToServer; add method of verifying ereped and plugs if running from journal and in -batch mode; next versions of udfDroop2 and udfDroop3; migrate testing in Makefile.DARWIN64 and Makefile.LINUX64 from serveCSM to serveESP; fix bug in esp.SetCaps() in pyESP — jfdannen / detail
  14. next version of udfDroop2; first version of udfDroop3 — jfdannen / detail
  15. next (still incomplete) version of udfDroop2 — jfdannen / detail
  16. Fix the new isEquivalent for periodic curves split into 2 Edges — haimes / detail
  17. modified Ints to Int32 and added egadslite tests — docampo / detail
  18. recompiled pdf references were with ?? — docampo / detail
  19. removed EL flag from some of the effectiveTopology functions — docampo / detail
  20. fixed typos — docampo / detail
  21. Remove bug that would error out if there were no Faces during generalBoolean operations — haimes / detail
  22. Update isEquivalent to fix previous problem — haimes / detail
  23. Allow for senses to be flipped when applying EG_isEquivalent — haimes / detail
  24. added the ego. wrap to the getfield operation — docampo / detail
  25. update udpTire for new include scheme — jfdannen / detail
  26. Fix Edge mapping problem introduced since Rev 1.21 — haimes / detail
  27. changed .obj -> .ego — docampo / detail
  28. Add TOML to egadslite dep — galbramc / detail
  29. compiling for Julia 1.6 and 1.8. test fails for 1.8 — docampo / detail
  30. Update makeEnv to reflect newer MAC OS revs — haimes / detail
  31. Add the Julia interface to the EGADS API documentation — haimes / detail
  32. Suppress scipy memory leak — galbramc / detail
  33. Another python valgrind suppression — galbramc / detail
  34. Add Ubuntu 22.04 valgrind suppressions — galbramc / detail
  35. Use system valgrind — galbramc / detail
  36. Small cleanup of email template — galbramc / detail
  37. Remove torch for now — galbramc / detail
  38. Log parser fixes — galbramc / detail
  39. Suppress torch memory leaks — galbramc / detail
  40. Upgrade sanitizer path to 14.0.0 — galbramc / detail
  41. Try dissabling CUDA for pytorch — galbramc / detail
  42. Look for fatal msvc errors — galbramc / detail
  43. Look for fatal gnu/clang errors — galbramc / detail
  44. Revert to serveCSM for plugs — galbramc / detail
  45. Update lingering serveCSM to serveESP — galbramc / detail

#89 (Sep 12, 2022, 8:47:43 AM)

  1. initial version of udfDroop2 — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix test_pyOCSM to account for updated MESSAGE statement — jfdannen / detail
  3. extend MESSAGE to optionally write to a file; modify message test case; update ESP-help and ESP_QuickReference — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix memory leak when a UDF returns an error; remove extra prints when udfFlend or udfOffset detect an error; update sanitize targets in Makefile.LINUX — jfdannen / detail
  5. allow OFFSET to function properly when the number of Edges in the offset is fewer than the original Body; fix escape-close-parenthesis in ESP_QuickReference; add ability to create periodic SPLINE in sketcher by using SSLOPE(0); add sslope6* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  6. add assert in udfOffset to eliminate warnings on gcc — jfdannen / detail
  7. fix bug that caused ereped to not work for a named Body; fix bug that added bar at end of file that was being editted in ESP; extend ereped so that it can be applied if there are multiple Bodys on the stack; add ereped8 test case; fix ESP hint associated with ELEVATE command; fix bug when SELECT EGDE with a bounding box was applied to a Body with degenerate Edges; add extractBodys test case; fix array bounds error in udpEqn2body; fix bug in ereped initializations for a single Body — jfdannen / detail
  8. remove use of _scaleuv Attribute — jfdannen / detail
  9. allow very long message to be sent from browser to server; add setCsmFile instead of setScmFileBeg/Mid/End; if error occurs when processing a timMesg, put the tim back into READY mode; post message when erep is successfully generated; implement udpEqn2body for SheetBodys; update frustrum3 test case; use __usedBodys__ attribute when computing velocity of Faces or Edges for RULE and BLEND; fix bug in sensCSM that did not reset maximum errors for Bodys when in -tess mode; fix big that did not copy .hasdots during RESTORE . (dot) — jfdannen / detail
  10. Try to fix stanalyzer errors again — haimes / detail
  11. Fix jlEGADS makefiles — galbramc / detail
  12. Try to fix stanalyzer errors — haimes / detail
  13. Suppress gcc-12 warning — galbramc / detail
  14. Effective Topology: apply last change only for EFaces with more than 1 Face — haimes / detail
  15. Effective Topology: check result of getEdgeUV against invEval and pick the closer — haimes / detail
  16. A different possible fix for the MemcheckOcsm on the rule28 cases — haimes / detail
  17. A different possible fix for the MemcheckOcsm on the rule28 cases — haimes / detail
  18. A possible fix for the MemcheckOcsm on the rule28 cases — haimes / detail
  19. Effective Topology: Mark Planar/Periodic EFaces not to tessellate Edges based on Face Curvature — haimes / detail
  20. Fix scan-build warning from last commit again — haimes / detail
  21. Fix scan-build warning from last commit — haimes / detail
  22. Effective Topology: Fix NM Sheetbody Node removal — haimes / detail
  23. Fix NULL bays at end with multiNode Rule — haimes / detail
  24. Updated ruled sensitvities for multiNode — galbramc / detail
  25. A minor update of the documentation of EG_approximate — haimes / detail
  26. Update the docs to specify the additions to EG_approximate and EG_ruled — haimes / detail
  27. Very strange... — galbramc / detail
  28. Allow multiple csm patterns — galbramc / detail
  29. Only check error handling when running all csm files — galbramc / detail
  30. Support changing outLevel and running select files — galbramc / detail
  31. Don't do jlEGADS testing just yet — galbramc / detail
  32. Revert ESP_venv for ESP_Beta — galbramc / detail
  33. Move virtualenv into ESP directory — galbramc / detail
  34. Only run minimal CAPS examples in beta — galbramc / detail
  35. Install torch for beta — galbramc / detail
  36. pip install torch for corsair — galbramc / detail
  37. Smartsr error log parse — galbramc / detail

#87 (Aug 13, 2022, 1:37:08 AM)

  1. update Makefile.LINUX64 — jfdannen / detail
  2. add udfDumpPmtrs and associated test case; implement RESTORE .. (dot dot) to duplicate all Bodys (and Mark) back to the Mark and RESTORE ... (dot dot dot) to duplicate entire stack; add restore3 test case; allow UDF to not return a Body or Bodys; update udfOffset so that it can handle concave corners (but not case where Edges disappear) — jfdannen / detail
  3. temporarily remove offset9* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  4. update udfOffset for negative distance — jfdannen / detail
  5. fix hint associated with JOIN; change JOIN so that it can make non-manifold WireBodys; modify numWireBody* test cases; create ELEVATE command, which only elevates WireBody to SheetBody and SheetBody to SolidBody;  remove COMBINE command and instruct user to use JOIN and ELEVATE instead; update UNION and JOIN such that if toMark is set but the operation fails, the stack is left unaltered; add unionSolids* test cases; fix typos in ESP-help (and OpenCSM.h) — jfdannen / detail
  6. add (unneeded) initializations in udfOffset to resolve incorrect lint complaints — jfdannen / detail
  7. implement udpEqn2body for WireBodys; modify inflatedBody2b to use the replicate.udc; implement udfOffset; create offset* test cases; improve error handling associated with SELECT SORT; modify flend5* test cases to use udfOffset — jfdannen / detail
  8. uprev to v1.22 — jfdannen / detail
  9. fix bug that did not update at-parameters for REORDER command; fix bug that changed the input Body to REORDER; fix sensitivity bug whan a RULE/BLEND xsect is RESTOREd after being used — jfdannen / detail
  10. initialize *info in ocsmBodyDetails; return sensible error message when a SET is applied to a CONPMTR, CFGPMTR, or DESPMTR — jfdannen / detail
  11. Fix _close! function to properly check garbage collection for both egads and egadslite — galbramc / detail
  12. Fix jlEGADS makefiles for zsh — galbramc / detail
  13. jlEGADS makefile adjusments. Other small cleanup. — galbramc / detail
  14. delete manifest from lite — docampo / detail
  15. now ?? — docampo / detail
  16. egads also used from egadscommon.jl dependencies — docampo / detail
  17. remove unnecesary ENVS — docampo / detail
  18. now with actually things inside — docampo / detail
  19. created egads common folders — docampo / detail
  20. Rule with Loops of differing number of Edges passes simple test with null 'bay' — haimes / detail
  21. Can rule with sections of different number of Edges -- still need to check null bays, multiplicity > 1, curved EndCaps & EG_splineGeom_dot — haimes / detail
  22. Close memory leak in EGADSlite associated with full attributes — haimes / detail
  23. Fix scan-build problem — haimes / detail
  24. Fix warning from last commit — haimes / detail
  25. Second (but incomplete) cut at Rule with differring numbers of Edges — haimes / detail
  26. Another minor correction to last commit — haimes / detail
  27. Minor correction to last commit — haimes / detail
  28. First (but incomplete) cut at Rule with differring numbers of Edges — haimes / detail
  29. Don't allow for Figure 8 Nodes in ELoops (for now) — haimes / detail
  30. Another def file fix — haimes / detail
  31. Add setTessParam to lite def file — haimes / detail
  32. Updates to egadslite to support pyEGADS.egadslite — galbramc / detail
  33. First cut at pyEGADS.egadslite — galbramc / detail
  34. Remove manifest files for jlEGADS. Check array size for makeGeometry. Fix makeGeometry tests. Some references fixes. — galbramc / detail
  35. Fix some pyEGADS refrencing. Check data length for pyEGADS makeGeometry. — galbramc / detail
  36. Fix topObj during EGADSlite import — haimes / detail
  37. Add U periodic options to EG_approximate for surfaces — haimes / detail
  38. try — docampo / detail
  39. Allow for full attribution in EGADSlite — haimes / detail
  40. Add reference counting for jlEGADS finalizers. Lots of other jlEGADS cleanup. — galbramc / detail
  41. Fix for last commit — galbramc / detail
  42. Various Julia cleanup and fixes — galbramc / detail
  43. Update julia Makefile — galbramc / detail
  44. Remove jlEGADS environment variable — galbramc / detail
  45. added package install — docampo / detail
  46. added Makefile — docampo / detail
  47. first jlEGADS — docampo / detail
  48. First cut at fitting periodic curves — haimes / detail
  49. Fix a number of bugs in the Effective Topology — haimes / detail
  50. Uprev EGADS — haimes / detail
  51. Forgot DARWIN64.clang and DARWIN64.gcc — galbramc / detail
  52. Move DARWIN64 ifort link flag to support EGADS test builds — galbramc / detail
  53. Fix for ifort on newer versions of macOS — galbramc / detail
  54. numpy suppression — galbramc / detail
  55. Always build egadslite — galbramc / detail
  56. Update julia path on linux — galbramc / detail
  57. Remove jlEGADS from Sanitizer and Valgrind — galbramc / detail
  58. mark helix3 and frustrum3 as expected successes — jfdannen / detail
  59. Add jlEGADS test to Sanitizer and valgrind — galbramc / detail
  60. Correct path — galbramc / detail
  61. Add julia testing — galbramc / detail
  62. Small fix in xfoil executables — galbramc / detail
  63. Higher output precision xfoil executables — galbramc / detail
  64. Upgrade to AFLR 10.22.23 — galbramc / detail
  65. Another regsx fix — galbramc / detail
  66. Fix email template — galbramc / detail
  67. Ignore ifort warnings — galbramc / detail

#86 (Jul 13, 2022, 8:00:02 PM)

  1. update duct7.vfy files — jfdannen / detail
  2. return to expected state at beginning of tutorial6 — jfdannen / detail
  3. add wingBEM2 test case; add duct7 test case; add replicate.udc and ereped6* and ereped7 test cases; add sharpFin test case; typo fix in documentation — jfdannen / detail
  4. Use updated wget for ESP_PreBuilt.bat — galbramc / detail
  5. Beta script updates — galbramc / detail

#85 (Jul 10, 2022, 12:33:55 PM)

  1. protect for degenerate Edges in sensCSM; fix ESP bug that dropped user out of CapsMode if a non-existant pyscript is attempted; update ESP_QuickReference — jfdannen / detail

#84 (Jul 9, 2022, 2:33:41 AM)

  1. fix typos in ESP-help — jfdannen / detail
  2. update compare1b.vfy — jfdannen / detail
  3. modify ESP-help to reflect the fact that legacy tutorials have been moved; update message when user quits a phase in the IDE — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix bug in computing tessellation sensitivities for a NodeBody — jfdannen / detail
  5. try invEvaluateGuess for very hard cases in udfCompare; update compare1b test case — jfdannen / detail
  6. update date in ESP-help — jfdannen / detail
  7. finished draft of tutorial6 write-up — jfdannen / detail
  8. third cut at tutorial6 write-up — jfdannen / detail
  9. allow asterisk as a wildcard in the DisplayFilter — jfdannen / detail
  10. fix bug in IDE that did not properly journal updates to the intent phrase — jfdannen / detail
  11. second cut at tutorial6 write-up — jfdannen / detail
  12. first cut at tutorial6 write-up — jfdannen / detail
  13. more documentation updates — jfdannen / detail
  14. remove erroneous non-manifold warning associated with NodeBodys — jfdannen / detail
  15. fix bug when visualizing new-style quads and .mixed=NULL; do not process _makeQuads on a Face if the Body has a _makeQuads Attribute — jfdannen / detail
  16. fix bug in ESP.js that did not properly clear the display when velocities were cleared — jfdannen / detail
  17. fix bug that did not persist Edge Attributes to new non-manifold Edges that are generated by EXTRACTing Faces; add attributeA test case; add duct6 test case — jfdannen / detail
  18. fix threading for python — jfdannen / detail
  19. fix bug in ESP.js associated with clearing velocities for a scalar; update tutorials 1 to 5 for v1.21 — jfdannen / detail
  20. modify way python is initialized and finalized to work around a problem in numpy - take 3 — jfdannen / detail
  21. modify way python is initialized and finalized to work around a problem in numpy - take 2 — jfdannen / detail
  22. modify way python is initialized and finalized to work around a problem in numpy — jfdannen / detail
  23. copy CFGPMTRs and DESPMTRs from temporary CAPS MODL back into the ESP MODL in CapsCommit and CapsSuspend; automatically rebuild MODL in CapsCommit and CapsSuspend — jfdannen / detail
  24. fix recently-added typo to timPyscript.c — jfdannen / detail
  25. add sanitize-thread target to Makefile.DARWIN64 — jfdannen / detail
  26. fix error message associated with not enough arguments to SPHERE; fix bug when user double-clicks in MessageWindow (Chrome and Safari) — jfdannen / detail
  27. fix setting of PYTHONHOME for a double-quoted string — haimes / detail
  28. generate WARNING if importing an .egads file that has an Attribute that cannot be evaluated — jfdannen / detail
  29. Add _USE_MATH_DEFINES for MSVC — galbramc / detail
  30. Add error functions erf and erfc to Surreal — galbramc / detail
  31. README update — haimes / detail
  32. Config update — haimes / detail
  33. Fix bug returning wrong parameters in pyEGADS effectiveMap — galbramc / detail
  34. More defensive Surreal defines — galbramc / detail
  35. Some config updates — haimes / detail
  36. Fix up EMP_ThreadDestroy for the M1 — haimes / detail
  37. Stanalizer fixes for Lazy Surreal — galbramc / detail
  38. Use std c++11 for Surreal tests. Fix in depricated EG_loadTess. — galbramc / detail
  39. Use Lazy Expressions for Surreal for slightly better performance on windoze — galbramc / detail
  40. Minor config changes — haimes / detail
  41. Trying to limit pip install conflits. Cleaner batch pip install function. — galbramc / detail
  42. Skip some long running tests with Sanitizer and Valgrind — galbramc / detail
  43. Missed one more — galbramc / detail
  44. More python suppressions — galbramc / detail
  45. Suppress AFLR uninitialized data — galbramc / detail
  46. Yet more numpy suppressions — galbramc / detail
  47. Another numpy suppression — galbramc / detail
  48. Upgrade to AFLR 10.22.22 on Windoze. Suppress numpy leak. — galbramc / detail
  49. Upgrade to AFLR 10.22.22 on Unix systems — galbramc / detail
  50. Upgrade jenkins to SU2 7.3.1 — galbramc / detail
  51. Look for more tessellation errors in the log file — galbramc / detail
  52. Upgrade to AFLR 10.22.21 — galbramc / detail
  53. Add random sleep for Windoze pip install to avoid install conflicts — galbramc / detail

#83 (Jun 11, 2022, 1:37:09 AM)

  1. fix bug associated with EnterSketcher — jfdannen / detail
  2. remove debug print statement — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix bug that did not allow sketches to be saved from serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  4. remove side effects from assert() statements, which work differently on Windoze — jfdannen / detail
  5. allow pyscripts to end without a newline — jfdannen / detail
  6. fix bug associated with finishing non-manifold WireBodys — jfdannen / detail
  7. allow overlay to execute a mesg even when in TIM_EXECUTING; update tutorial6 files — jfdannen / detail
  8. remove debug printing of long cast — jfdannen / detail
  9. suppress profile printing if outLevel==0; fix filename updates in ESP after saving new file and after exporting the feature tree — jfdannen / detail
  10. limit size of inflatedBody2a to reduce its CPU time — jfdannen / detail
  11. update testing scripts from serveCSM to serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  12. update testing scripts from serveCSM to serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  13. change deprecated e.srcElement to in .js files — jfdannen / detail
  14. add tutorial6/model2c — jfdannen / detail
  15. numerous updates to ESP-help; add .csm filename to ListPhases in the IDE; automagically add .py extension if omitted; add created/updated phase to ListAnalyses in the IDE; break model2 into model2a, model2b, model2; do not allow non-manifold WireBodys in RULE, BLEND, LOFT, and SWEEP; add nmWireBody test cases; list associated Analyses in ListBounds in the IDE; fix bug that did not persist attributes on scribed Edges during a boolean operation; add attribute9* test cases; add Insert button to ESP editor; fix bug in serveESP that did not update filename creating a new .csm file — jfdannen / detail
  16. update EGADS thread during ocsmBuild; do not execute overlay (plotter, viewer, flowchart) when in continuation mode; move data/ide to data/tutorial6; timFlowchart, timPlotter, and timViewer hold pyscript by default (use nohold to run asynchronously); add inflatedBody* test cases; explicitly document the rules associated with the propagation of Xsect Attributes during EXTRUDE and REVOLVE; fix memory leaks in buildSceneGraph and timPyscript; remove upper limit check on nedge in udpEllipse; add thickPrint* test cases; extend COMBINE to make a non-manifold WireBody for a set of connected WireBodys; add pipeNetwork* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  17. numerous updates — jfdannen / detail
  18. add sub03 and f104 to studentGallery — jfdannen / detail
  19. remove try/catch from IDE demo pyscript files; use skeletonAIM instead of jfd3AIM in IDE demo; only show Display table entries (Node/Edge/Face/Csystem/Pips) if it contains any child entities; fix sensitivity bug associated with UDP/UDFs that requires finite differences coupled with an OUTPMTR that is tied to a mass property; add udpTest; initial commit of new timGloves and associated files — jfdannen / detail
  20. remove Gloves and Mitten from Tool menu — jfdannen / detail
  21. add ocsmPrintProfile to explicitly print the profile of CPU usage (instead of printing automatically during ocsmBuild); automagically run when running in continuation mode; change Cvals via script when in CAPS mode; change DESPMTRs via script when in CAPS mode; offer to steal capsLock in CAPS mode; add ogive* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  22. protect non-script caps_ calls with caps_debug; fix bug in timCapsMode that sometimes reverted to original .csm file; update demo_tim.txt; remove duplicate entries from ListHistory; fix typo in ESP-help associated with EVALUATE command — jfdannen / detail
  23. remove -caps command-line option (replaced by timCapsMode); add cleanup process in only between scripts (not at end); fix bug that did not profile MESSAGE statements; reset profile info at beginning of ocsmBuild; fix bug that did not print OUTPMTRs during call to ocsmPrintPmtrs — jfdannen / detail
  24. compile serveESP in Makefile and NMakefile — jfdannen / detail
  25. inform user when CAPS overrides .csm value(s); first attemp at re-running pyscript in continuation mode — jfdannen / detail
  26. add indication for Phases that are a predecessor of current Phase in ListPhases — jfdannen / detail
  27. add calls to caps_debug around List* messages in timCapsMode; update data/ide/*.py to directly rebuild the geometry; reorder Caps menu options — jfdannen / detail
  28. fix ListHistory in timCapsMode — jfdannen / detail
  29. update demo_tim.txt — jfdannen / detail
  30. modify demo_caps.txt and demo_tim.txt; make changes needed to make both demos operate properly — jfdannen / detail
  31. fix stanalyzer error — jfdannen / detail
  32. more modifications to support timCapsMode — jfdannen / detail
  33. temporary commit to be used for debugging — jfdannen / detail
  34. remove debug print statement — jfdannen / detail
  35. additional bugs fixed in timCapsMode; add unequalRules test case to show how to RULE between xsects with different nnumber of Edges — jfdannen / detail
  36. remove temporary printf statements — jfdannen / detail
  37. rename capsIde to capsMode; restrict SPHEREs to have a positive radius; allow multiple ESP-help tabs in browser; partial implementation of timCapsMode — jfdannen / detail
  38. Config change for Windows to always start browsers in the background — haimes / detail
  39. Windows configuration change to promote Edge — haimes / detail
  40. update README.txt with note about Safari block-ups — jfdannen / detail
  41. Add makeNmWireBody to pyEGADS — galbramc / detail
  42. Don't clobber LD_LIBRARY_PATH with ESPenv — galbramc / detail
  43. Configuration changes and signature change for EG_makeNmWireBody — haimes / detail
  44. Documentation updates — haimes / detail
  45. More Doc updates — haimes / detail
  46. Some Documentation updates — haimes / detail
  47. Fix the fix for memory issue with getting units from imports — haimes / detail
  48. Fix memory issue with getting units from imports — haimes / detail
  49. Document some of the new updates to SETP/IGES handling — haimes / detail
  50. Support units on both STEP and IGES exports — haimes / detail
  51. Add an option to do less checking with makeTopology on a Loop — haimes / detail
  52. Another touch of splitPeriodics — haimes / detail
  53. Try that again -- revert and get the if statement correct! — haimes / detail
  54. Try that again — haimes / detail
  55. Don't update the shape in splitPeriodics if it fails curve simplification — haimes / detail
  56. Install corsairlite dependencies for ESP_Beta testing — galbramc / detail
  57. Python suppression — galbramc / detail
  58. More error checking in ESPbfr.bat — galbramc / detail
  59. Attempt Python 3.9.13 again — galbramc / detail
  60. macM1 uses 3.8.11 — galbramc / detail
  61. Revert back to ESP_Python 3.8.9 for now — galbramc / detail
  62. install matplotlib and scipy for corsairlite — galbramc / detail
  63. install packaging for corsairlite — galbramc / detail
  64. Upgade to ESP_Python-3.9.13 — galbramc / detail
  65. Install dill and cvxopt — galbramc / detail
  66. Fix funny permissions on DARWIN64 mastros — galbramc / detail
  67. Update macOS intel/M1 mastros with old macOS target — galbramc / detail
  68. astros has array out-of-bound problems — galbramc / detail
  69. Don't define ASTROS_ROOT on machines without astros — galbramc / detail
  70. Restore mastros on macOS, macM1, and restore astros on Linux — galbramc / detail
  71. Uses msys64 wget on Windoze — galbramc / detail
  72. fix formatting error associated with expected errors for frustrum3 and helix3 — jfdannen / detail
  73. fix formatting error associated with expected errors for frustrum3 and helix3 — jfdannen / detail
  74. add frustrum3 and helix3 to expected failures — jfdannen / detail
  75. Windoze requires exe extension — galbramc / detail
  76. Add mses to ESPbfr.tgz with tighter convergence tolerance — galbramc / detail
  77. Another python suppression — galbramc / detail
  78. change testing from serveCSM to serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  79. Third time is the charm — galbramc / detail
  80. Try updating Windoze avl again... — galbramc / detail
  81. Update avl exec on Linux and Windoze — galbramc / detail
  82. Try that again — galbramc / detail
  83. Update macOS avl executables without X11 dylib dependency — galbramc / detail

#82 (Apr 9, 2022, 1:37:10 AM)

  1. revert previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  3. remove unneeded windoze headers from tim.c — jfdannen / detail
  4. Fix continuation marker in serveESP.mak — haimes / detail
  5. Fix headers for Windows in timPyscript — haimes / detail
  6. fix windoze problem with includes in pervious commit — jfdannen / detail
  7. only allow one open ESP-help tab at a time; implement timFlowchart; modify and to demonstrate flowcharting tool — jfdannen / detail
  8. allow for .py scripts to run both in serveESP -caps and in python; add ocsmSetAuxPtr and ocsmGetAuxPtr in OpenCSM API — jfdannen / detail
  9. fix stanalyzer problem in timCapsIde.c — jfdannen / detail
  10. update serveESP.mak in previous commit to include timCapsIde.obj — jfdannen / detail
  11. change display scaling so that if there is only one NodeBody it still gets displayed; initial implementation of timCapsIde — jfdannen / detail
  12. allow nesting of TIMs to MAX_TIM_NESTING=10 — jfdannen / detail
  13. fix bugs in File->Open and File->Edit for cases with and without UDCs — jfdannen / detail
  14. fix bug in ocsmSave that did not write DIMENSION statements correctly when writing either a .csm or .cpc file with a variable nrow and/or ncol; update calls to caps_open to handle UDCs — jfdannen / detail
  15. change -caps mode to accommodate both fore- and back-slashed in filenames; use ocsmTessellate in serveESP; update serveESP.make and serveESP.mak to define USING_CAPS (so that serveESP can be built without CAPS); remove unneeded code that generates a warning with new clang version; use updated caps_open so that cases with UDCs work properly — jfdannen / detail
  16. remove unneeded code that generates a clang warning — jfdannen / detail
  17. add ocsmAdjustUDCs to OpenCSM API to copy all UDCs to the same directory as the .csm file; implement File->New, File->Open, and File-Edit->OK in caps mode — jfdannen / detail
  18. more improvements for ListHistory; use caps_open in read-only mode in ListPhases and ListHistory — jfdannen / detail
  19. Fix scan-build warning from last commit — haimes / detail
  20. Implement EG_makeNMWireBody — haimes / detail
  21. Straighten out non-manifold WireBodies — haimes / detail
  22. Supress informational message on initial triangulation problem with Planar Faces — haimes / detail
  23. Guard against infinite loop on planar surfaces with bad initial triangulation — haimes / detail
  24. More support for tessellations without face tessellations — galbramc / detail
  25. Enable EG_finishTess to fill in missing face tessellation. — galbramc / detail
  26. Remove warnings generated by a new compiler — haimes / detail
  27. Remove redundant testing — galbramc / detail
  28. Remove mastros.exe on macys and viggen because it does not work — galbramc / detail
  29. Don't look for python deprecation warnings — galbramc / detail
  30. Look for python deprecation warnings — galbramc / detail
  31. Limit threading with OMP_NUM_THREADS — galbramc / detail
  32. Don't pipe sanitize pyOCSM testing — galbramc / detail
  33. add numpy valgrind suppression — galbramc / detail
  34. Look for python unit test timing in log parse — galbramc / detail
  35. Reduce CAPS ESP_Commit testing — galbramc / detail
  36. scipy is now available on Monterey — galbramc / detail
  37. Look for planar meshing errors — galbramc / detail
  38. Update avl and DAWIN64/mastros.exe executables — galbramc / detail
  39. astros.exe does not work on Monterey — galbramc / detail
  40. Upgrade macOS santizer library path — galbramc / detail
  41. Remove libquadmath dependency on DARWIN64 — galbramc / detail
  42. Correct avl version number to 3.40 — galbramc / detail
  43. Reduce avl NVMAX for DARWINM1 — galbramc / detail
  44. Upgrade to avl 3.41 — galbramc / detail