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  1. improve speed of udfEditAttr and udpWaffle (on LINUX) when script is very long (detail)
    by jfdannen
  2. uprev to v1.20 (ESP.html, ESP-localhost.html, ESP-help.html, OpenCSM.h, ocsm.rc); fix ESP Hint associated with CONNECT command; extend CONNECT so that it can CONNECT Faces in a single Body if there is a Mark before the last SolidBody; improve detection of matching Edges in CONNECT; add inletWithWalls* test cases (detail)
    by jfdannen
  3. add training_2021 lectures, data, and solutions (detail)
    by jfdannen
  4. Clarify .mixed for a single face with both triangles and quads. Uprev EGADS doc. (detail)
    by galbramc
  5. Prepare EGADSlite for Effective Topology (detail)
    by haimes
  6. Prepare EGADSlite for Effective Topology (detail)
    by haimes
  7. Fix Stanitizer error (detail)
    by haimes
  8. Improve Edge tessellation w/ arc length splitting (detail)
    by haimes
  9. Uprev to 1.20 (detail)
    by haimes
  10. Update ESP_Beta testing. Add ESP_PreBuilt testing. (detail)
    by galbramc

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