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  1. MIMCMC: Support parameter mean estimate in addition to QoI (details / bitbucketweb)
  2. Add initial python wrapper for MIMCMC (details / bitbucketweb)
  3. Avoid unnecessary sampling due to changed Run() interface (details / bitbucketweb)
  4. Fix broken equality operator in MultiIndex, add test for future prevention (details / bitbucketweb)
  5. pybind11 wrap CreateFullTensor; MIMCMC: allow setting sample numbers per index from python (details / bitbucketweb)
  6. Allow accessing MIMCMC sub-chains and samples from python (details / bitbucketweb)
  7. pybind11: Allow accessing samples' metadata (details / bitbucketweb)
  8. Initial support for constructing SamplingProblems with QOI from ModPiece; expose QOI in python (details / bitbucketweb)
  9. pybind11: Fix metadata access (details / bitbucketweb)
  10. Add one step cache ModPiece (details / bitbucketweb)
  11. Use fuzzy comparison for cache ModPiece; show it in python example (details / bitbucketweb)

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