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Build #320 (Jul 27, 2016, 5:59:45 PM)

  1. Added line search and check for convergence of PXMetricAffInvAvg (details)
  2. Added error if failure to converge PXMetricAffInvAvg (details)
  3. Fixed convergence check (details)
  4. Working on Vertex based MOESS cost model (details)
  5. Working on vertex cost function (details)
  6. Still working on new cost model (details)
  7. Log-Euclidean cost model appears to be working. (details)
  8. Relaxed affinie invariant covergence tolerance (details)
  9. Change feflo.a arguments. (details)
  10. Added an element count estimate to NLOPT prints (details)
  11. Tweaked NLOPT prints (details)
  12. Added NLOPT print of actual DOF count (details)
  13. Fixed unit tests and restored 3D Metric determinant calculation (details)
  14. Added a diagnostic print statement (details)
  15. Fixed vertex metric element size print (details)
  16. Attempting to use the linear background mesh in the MOESS optimization (details)
  17. Forced Log Euclidean cost model to only consider the linear portion of a (details)
  18. Small mistake (details)
  19. Updates for 2D EPIC (details)
  20. Change from power metric interpolation to log-euclidean (details)
  21. Fix so that curved meshes can be read from the mesher in 2D (details)
  22. Slight change to how qhull and tetgen are found (details)
  23. Added share/tetgen and share/qhull search paths for execuable searches (details)
  24. Demoted linear grid negative volume error to a warning. (details)
  25. Added madcap flag to toggle use of background mesh (details)
  26. Changed Metric curving flag to include the order (details)
  27. Added save prefix to madcap files (details)
  28. Fixed non-Null pointers (details)
  29. Added a total pressure boundary integral output. Added more optoins to (details)
  30. Minor bug fix (details)
  31. Script mod for Marshall (details)
  32. undoing last commit, wrong branch (details)
  33. Updated mesh IO for feflo.a. Need 3D mesh reads (details)
  34. Added 3D mesh reads from FeFlo.a, but there's still some negative tet (details)
  35. Added scalar tests for Huch Carson. Fixed FeFlo.a mesh file write (details)
  36. Added fefloa cost model (details)

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