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Build #17 (Dec 20, 2014, 4:29:09 AM)

  1. Updated refine mesher calls (details)
  2. Updated plotadapthist with more options (details)
  3. Updated jenkins files (details)
  4. Changed BAMG to use KeepBackVerticies. Set a limit on f for the (details)
  5. Added CimLib as another 3D mesher. Only writing files for now. (details)
  6. Added an limit on the trace of the rate tensor (details)
  7. Updated CimLib writer (details)
  8. Computing step matrix based on SVD of element Jacobian. (details)
  9. Added commented out print statments for RateTensor (details)
  10. Generalized rate tensor calculation to use singular value decomposition. (details)
  11. Swapped simple average of step matrix for an affine average of metrics. (details)
  12. Updated all regression tests for the new method of computing step (details)
  13. Removed background mesh from EPIC. (details)

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