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Started 8 yr 3 mo ago
Took 18 hr on reynolds

Build #25 (Jul 7, 2015, 4:50:59 AM)

  1. Updated jenkins environment for new reynolds (details)
  2. Fix for jenkins environment (details)
  3. Fixing testing for new reynolds (details)
  4. Tweaked so default push pushes the current branch (details)
  5. A number of fixes for the new reynolds (details)
  6. Fixed compiler flags for Clang 3.5 (details)
  7. Added lcov back to jenkins env (details)
  8. Fixed compiler warnings (details)
  9. Fix for commit script (details)
  10. Fixed another compiler warning and jenkins env for NLOPT (details)
  11. Added more valgrind suppressions (details)
  12. Fixing the nightly build (details)
  13. Total Pressure Flux Functional Added (details)
  14. added some total pressure tests (details)
  15. Fixed more valgrind errors. Fixed bash completion for Ubuntu 14.04 (details)
  16. added adjoint derivative outputs to PXTecplot.c, added H1-projection (details)
  17. fixed unit test error (details)
  18. added a trivial unit test for PXAttachGRETransfer routines, with L2 and (details)
  19. Added valgrind suppression for libc++ memory leak (details)
  20. Extended sleep time to let hist files get saved for testing. (details)
  21. classify compressible space time library (details)
  22. add unit tests to compressible space time library (details)
  23. added pt defect functional (details)
  24. Increased sleep time for regression testing so that files have time to (details)
  25. Fixed duplicate SavepPrefix naca_ViscousNE2d_PerfectGas_TEST in (details)
  26. fixing unit tests in compressible space time lib (details)
  27. Added momentum squared functional for computing momentum thickness (details)
  28. added scaling option to ptdefect (details)
  29. fixed pt defect funcation and added unit test for pt defect functional (details)
  30. fixed compressible_PXU (details)
  31. fixed compressible unit test (details)
  32. new fix (details)
  33. fixed pt flux unit test (details)
  34. fixed pt functional unit test (details)
  35. Changed smoothabs in SA model to regular abs (details)
  36. update on compressible space time (details)
  37. Fixed PXSpalartAllmaras unit tests (details)
  38. Fixed SA model unit test (details)
  39. fixed regression tests for SA (details)
  40. attempted to rewrite regression tests, also trying to edit PXConvert (details)
  41. Fixed PXSolutionTransfer (details)
  42. fixed regression tests for SA model (details)
  43. reverted unit test for ReadWriteGrid (details)

Started due to files found on node "master" in directory "/var/lib/jenkins/" matching pattern "ProjectX_Nightly_SUCCESS"

Revision: ed96f4040bc348039c22940e261aa85624871d4f
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