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Build #28 (Sep 5, 2015, 4:29:07 AM)

  1. Added pressure-saturation formulation to Porous media, added support in (details)
  2. Added hook for passing in state gradient UX into inviscid flux routines (details)
  3. fixed uninitialized variable warning for clang (details)
  4. fixed memory errors, and added pointer to BCStateGradient function even (details)
  5. More bug fixes (details)
  6. Fixed unit test failure (details)
  7. added line-search to local solves, modified jumpflux stabilization for (details)
  8. added Buckley-Leverett equation to PorousMedia with Lax-Friedrichs and (details)
  9. Added knob file input for capillary model data (details)
  10. Bug fix for CutCell_rae2822_CHT (details)
  11. bug fix for uninitialized variable (details)
  12. More unit-tests to increase coverage (details)
  13. more unit tests (details)
  14. more bug fixes (details)
  15. memcheck bug fix (details)

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