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Build #29 (Sep 26, 2015, 4:29:09 AM)

  1. updates on compressible space time (details)
  2. noslipheat bc: adding velocity data (details)
  3. fixed wall flux setup (details)
  4. adding NoSlipHeat bc to space time compressible lib (details)
  5. adding new bc functions (details)
  6. temporary change (details)
  7. energy output (details)
  8. fixing new bc settings (details)
  9. fix linear velocity (details)
  10. wrong bcdata allocation (details)
  11. fixing linear velocity function for compressiblespacetime (details)
  12. bc function for noslipheat (details)
  13. fixing floating point issue (details)
  14. upper limit on speed for increasingwallspeed (details)
  15. underdevelopment, change to space-time intial condition (details)
  16. fixed update parameter (details)
  17. fixed memory allocation in PXCompressibleSpaceTime_PXU (details)
  18. Removing NS2d unit test. (details)
  19. increased array length for A/U/genH (details)
  20. This should fix the segmentation fault in PXCompressibleSpaceTime_PXU (details)
  21. unit tests added (details)
  22. unit tests added for CompressibleSpaceTime library (details)
  23. unit test for PXEntropyBump (details)
  24. Changed lcov to use the repo version (details)
  25. condition tests for VortexBump (details)
  26. more unit tests for CompressibleFunction (details)
  27. Fixed memory leak bugs. Adding unit tests for CalcA for Space time NS (details)

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