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Build #33 (Oct 24, 2015, 4:29:11 AM)

  1. Adding DirectionalForce output for spacetime. Changing MADCAP (details)
  2. debug flags set to PXTreeFreeLeaf (details)
  3. Make sure all new pointers set to NULL (details)
  4. Null pointers (details)
  5. deleting unused variable (details)
  6. null pointer, debug flags (details)
  7. adding more debug flags, will remove soon (details)
  8. debug flags (details)
  9. Checking + standardize output for switch statement default cases (details)
  10. Change MADCAP script for allowing nodal movement (details)
  11. switch to distortion-based approach (details)
  12. Window (in time/x) output fir space time boundary output (details)
  13. unit tests for unsteady output windowing (details)
  14. CalcMach unit tests for CompressibleSpaceTime (details)

Started by an SCM change

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