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Build #34 (Nov 21, 2015, 4:29:11 AM)

  1. Fixing weighting terms in PXCalcDirectionalForce (details)
  2. Fix BoundaryIntergrand weighting terms. NULL pointer init in PXASM_DG. (details)
  3. Fix warning in PXCompressibleSpaceTime.c. Modify function descreptions (details)
  4. ParallelPreconditioner = None. switched back (details)
  5. Adaptive restarted GMRES (details)
  6. debug Adaptive GMRES (details)
  7. Debug adaptive GMRES (details)
  8. Another bug in AdaptiveGMRES (details)
  9. Adding accelerating option for Adapted GMRES (details)
  10. More changes to the accelerate option (details)
  11. print statement for 3D grid volume check (details)
  12. Forgot one line (details)
  13. Warning message for PXCheckGrid (details)
  14. Another try... adding capability for tet (details)
  15. Adapted Q1 mesh from previous iteration for MADCAP input linear mesh, in (details)
  16. Another try: CallMadcap, input grid from previous iteration (details)
  17. Forgot one command (details)
  18. Convergence acception for small residual stag (details)
  19. Change to allow convergence when residual is right above tolerance (details)
  20. PX background mesh as MADCAP q1 adapted mesh (details)
  21. remove unused variables (details)
  22. fix memory bug in DirectionalForce unit test (details)
  23. Try using linearized mesh as background mesh. If invalid, switch to (details)
  24. Gaussian weighted spatial(slice) boundary integral for space-time (details)
  25. (incomplete) adding Gaussian spatial boundary integral (details)
  26. updates on Gaussian weighted spatial integral for space-time (details)
  27. Reverse change (details)
  28. Parameter for adaptive GMRES (details)
  29. Boundary integral fix bug (details)
  30. bug fixed for reading Output.VizData (details)
  31. Fxied so that PXTecplot no longer complains about Stil being inf (details)

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