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Started 4 yr 5 mo ago
Took 14 hr on reynolds

debug_gnu7,reynolds (Jun 29, 2019, 9:18:31 AM)

  1. changing branch (details)
  2. MC for running on hypersonic (details)
  3. ready for running on hypersonic (details)
  4. Generalized valgrind suppression (details)
  5. moving to hypersonic again (details)
  6. egads coords must have 3 dimensions even in 2d (details)
  7. the final files from the project (details)
  8. forgot a function (details)
  9. pushing to tucano (details)
  10. Suppressed CMakeLists errors. [TBD] (details)
  11. Fixed panel metod tests (details)
  12. AFLR4 updates and some Jenkins scripts (details)
  13. Link tetgen before avro (details)
  14. instantation of elementlocal version of local splits for 4d...unit test will fail because the result is different than savi's convention (details)
  15. missing definitions for elementlocal & edgelocal (details)
  16. some instantiations of savi's method for doing local splits (details)
  17. xfield_lagrange method of doing local splits...still debugging...will fix later... (details)
  18. Refactoring.  Patched unit tests (details)
  19. More unit tests (details)
  20. added unit tests (details)
  21. Fixed unit tests (details)
  22. Fixed IBL unit tests (details)
  23. Added unit test.  Turned off unused methods. (details)
  24. Fixed a bug in CMakeLists: use of out-of-scope variable (details)
  25. Fixed a bug in cmake files that only appear when building with Xcode (details)
  26. Refactored ping test input array type.  Fixed IBL-related 4x4 block system ping tests.  Added missing MPI-related method definitions for pure virtural methods (details)
  27. Relocated code into SANS_MPI macros; otherwise, errors are raised about "member access to incomplete type" (details)
  28. Verified/fixed/cleaned IBL system tests with transition (full upwind). (details)
  29. Fixed duplicate naming of boost test suite (details)
  30. Relaxed pyrite tolerance (details)
  31. Updated forced-transition pyrite files after the bug fix in commit b30121ee5531d91e84aac94fbdab6462f458f4f8 (details)
  32. Turned off file dump (details)
  33. Fixed formatting (details)
  34. Fixed empty traling line (details)
  35. Fixed DG and HDG AES tests for uncoupled IBL (details)
  36. Fixed formatting (details)
  37. Reverted changes to (viscous) HDG stuff: those abandoned changes treated qfld and afld as a single bundle field (details)
  38. Update AlgebraicEquationSet_HDGAdvective_Advection_btest.cpp (details)
  39. Fixed one more test affected by ping test refactoring.  Fixed formatting and screen output (details)
  40. Fixed another system test affected by IBL Qauxv interpreter refactoring (details)
  41. Update ErrorOrder_1D_HDGAdvective_Advection_btest.cpp (details)
  42. Fixed warning and missing instantiation (details)
  43. Added an instantiation just for completeness, although it is no longer used (details)
  44. moving towards adjoint GLS (details)
  45. Cleaned sandbox cases (details)
  46. relaxed tolerances for clang_release (details)
  47. Suppressed output (details)
  48. Fixed bugs in CMakeLists (details)
  49. Fixed HDG advection tests (details)
  50. Removed the pure advection test case using (viscous) HDG machinery (details)
  51. parallel outputs in galerkin solver interface, AGLS error estimation fixed? (details)
  52. Refactored halving line search and fixed unit tests (details)
  53. Fixed memory errors (details)
  54. Relaxed tolerance for intel (details)
  55. relaxed tolerances for intel18 (details)
  56. Relaxed timeout limits (details)
  57. Speed up unit tests in response to Jenkins timeout (details)
  58. Fixed typo (details)
  59. Relaxed tolerance for gnu48 (details)
  60. Tried to fix timeout on Jenkins testing (coverage_clang reynolds) (details)
  61. Reverted CMakeLists to see if TIMEOUT is set properly this time on Jenkins (details)
  62. minor refactoring (details)
  63. Refactored CMakeLists for Xcode build (details)
  64. Refactored Newton solver (details)
  65. Minor fix (details)
  66. Fixed warnings (details)
  67. Added IBL max update fraction (details)
  68. Enabled under-relaxed Newton update for coupled 4x4 block system of IBL with free transition. (details)
  69. Refactor of avro XField interface (details)
  70. Consistent logic for setting cmake testing timout property (details)
  71. Fixed refine interface change (details)
  72. Fix ifdef when not using avro (details)
  73. More fixes to deal with avro (details)
  74. Minor cleanup (details)
  75. Added unit tests for IBL updateFraction (details)
  76. Upgrade PETSc (details)
  77. More avro and PETSc tweaks (details)
  78. I don't understand why dl library is needed to link a static library... (details)
  79. Fix for refine check (details)
  80. Suppress compiler warning when building PETSc (details)
  81. Fix for avro with 4D (details)
  82. Enable refine testing again (details)
  83. Updated copyright date to 2019 (details)
  84. Updated copyright date to 2019 (details)
  85. dimension-independent local splits (details)
  86. timing tests show dim-independent implementation on par with savithru's impl...tried to debug hugh's local xfield in primal mode but something is wrong...unit tests on the way (details)
  87. adding stabilized error estimation infrastructure (details)
  88. more playing with AGLS (details)
  89. minor edits (details)
  90. reconciling merge conflicts and some tweaks (details)
  91. license updates (details)
  92. fixes to match avro (details)
  93. forgot to add the avro defined precompile check (details)
  94. relaxed tolerances and forgot to split world (details)
  95. tweaking tol again... (details)
  96. another tweak... (details)
  97. cleanup of localpatch + commenting (details)
  98. copyright (details)
  99. more copyright (details)
  100. Updates for MOESS optimizations. Still needs more work. (details)
  101. Instantiations for 4D AD solve. (details)
  102. A few fixes (details)
  103. Compile fixes (details)
  104. More instantiations for 4D (details)
  105. removed anachronistic definition of primal grid. Primal grid now matches the behavior of the normal DG grids. Unit tests have just been turned off in the meantime (details)
  106. make sure mpi is init'd before calling rank by actually running in parallel (details)
  107. revert back to dual (details)
  108. ifdef SANS_AVRO for tests with CKF triangulation (details)
  109. changed to Dual in the system test (details)
  110. attempted to fix nightly tests (details)
  111. Relaxed timings, fixed warning (details)
  112. Updated pyrite files to fix nightly tests (details)
  113. Moved timing test into sandbox (details)
  114. Cleanup of refine interface with auto memory management. (details)
  115. Modest progress on instantiations. (details)
  116. Fix include (details)
  117. 4D box unit grid grandfathered out of XField_KuhnFreudenthal. (details)
  118. added fix to 3D (details)
  119. removed the separate 4D file, just added an instantiate at the end of 3D (details)
  120. p=7 led to error close to machine zero, which seemed to cause touble to nightly ErrorOrder test.  Cut back p from 7 to 6 (details)
  121. p=6 still too high for pyrite test for ErrorOrder (details)
  122. Attempted to warning "use of zero-allocated memory" (details)
  123. Some cleanup in the sandbox. Added 2D L2Project adaptation (details)
  124. Added tecplot dump for metric fields. Other small fixes (details)
  125. Changed floor to round for generating new 1D mesh (details)
  126. Minor refactoring (details)
  127. Compile fixes and more dependency warning suppressions (details)
  128. Add dl library for avro (details)
  129. Replaced nt transport equation with G variable as in SciTech paper, although the results are equivalent (details)
  130. bits and pieces (details)
  131. added linear args and a test (details)
  132. just wanna get my stuff in the repo (details)
  133. Files for parallel periodic XField2D_Box_Triangle_Lagrange (Issues need to be fixed) (details)
  134. retrieve edge indices and sub elems from split (details)
  135. ref coordinates on split sub cells (details)
  136. Added a layer of abstractions when evaluating fluxes, sources etc. in IBL pde class (details)
  137. Fixed formatting... previously went under the radar since vera++ was not installed locally... (details)
  138. inst of some 4d adaptation things (details)
  139. Added scalar and dot product fixes for MatrixSymS (details)
  140. Working on 3d ST... (details)
  141. Enabled smooth laminar/turbulent blending (details)
  142. Fixed SVD calculation for normal vector for 4D tet. (details)
  143. Scrubbed some comments. (details)
  144. edits to gls error estimation (details)
  145. unit tests for basis function ref elem split (details)
  146. 4d adapt? (details)
  147. Fixed intel errors by relaxing tolerance and reconciling a missing pyrite file specialized for intel MKL (details)
  148. added a Field weighted stabilized CG nodal estimate integrand test in 2D (details)
  149. comment (details)
  150. Continued work on ElementXField implementations. (details)
  151. Vera fixes, COPYRIGHT fixes, and some avro preprocessor fixes. (details)
  152. Updates for 2D L2 Projection sandbox test (details)
  153. Updates for 1D L2 Projection sandbox test (details)
  154. Clearing out high-level exceptions whose low-level implementations are done. (details)
  155. Added last bits of ADST4D case, should run (?) now. (details)
  156. Added new trace free step matrix error model. Not enabled. (details)
  157. added a 2D error estimate test, and asserted assumption on basis function type (details)
  158. Fix. (details)
  159. fixed the estimate vary tests (details)
  160. notebook with Double BL exact solutions (details)
  161. forgot the copyright change (details)
  162. Normalize MOESS optimization with nlopt (details)
  163. Fixed undefined reference (details)
  164. Fixed a bug in laminar/turbulent blending function (details)
  165. ifdef SANS_AVRO requirements in unit tests. (details)
  166. removed the scp to devastator. Should be useful for everyone now (details)
  167. forgot to change a quadratic function explicit constructor (details)
  168. undoing a print (details)
  169. EQUILATERAL PENTATOPE coordinates + added unit volume check in unit test to catch this (details)
  170. unit test for split ref step matrix on pentatopes + generating matlab script (details)
  171. unit tests for error model (details)
  172. 4D L2 ERROR ADAPTATION up........ (details)
  173. Added new MOESS optimization without global FrobNorm (details)
  174. Forgot CMake file (details)
  175. CG artificial viscosity in 2D (details)
  176. Small fix for cmake summary (details)
  177. Weekly test fixes (details)
  178. Modified AlgEqSet, IntegrandInteriorTrace and 2D DGAdvective toy for Parallel 2D Periodic Grids (details)
  179. Towards parallel PETSc/TAO (details)
  180. Refactored intermittency calculation (details)
  181. Generailized Projection to Qauxi to handle blended intermittency. (details)
  182. Trying to bump coverage. (details)
  183. Some cleanup of logEuclidian cost (details)
  184. Added lagrange P1 to the exception (details)
  185. copywrite update for some files (details)
  186. Various small fixes (details)
  187. added a Tanh2 function based on Loseille's Tanh3 (details)
  188. Updated Embedding unit test for quadrature integration (details)
  189. Reverted to binary intermittency as default (details)
  190. Relaxed tolerance for intel compiler.  Restored default to binary intermittency for existing tests (details)
  191. Trying to get coverage... (details)
  192. Tests added + un-tested, unused additions removed. (details)
  193. Added comments and made sure ADST4D case is ready for parallelization. (details)
  194. More parallel fixes. (details)
  195. Relaxed torleranc for gnu48 (details)
  196. More parallel fixes. (details)
  197. Added regularized point source to accommodate potential co-existence of free and forced transition in the captured transition treatment (details)
  198. Updated ADST3D cases (solve and adapt) for avro and MPI use. (details)
  199. Forgot an MPI redefine. (details)
  200. jk MPI fix actually this time. (details)
  201. Minor fix (details)
  202. Continued avro- and MPI-ification. (details)
  203. Unit testing fixes. (details)
  204. Fixed warning. (details)
  205. Fixed fstream initializer. (details)
  206. Warning cleanup... (details)
  207. Fixes towards parallel+periodic (details)
  208. Coverage improvement... (details)
  209. cleanup of interface to match savithru's (details)
  210. instantiation of 4d savithru splits (technically the extraction works because that's what i started with but the actual split does not) (details)
  211. Fixes for running parallel DG with periodic BCs (details)
  212. Removed adapt4d skeleton from build. (details)
  213. Added instantiation (details)
  214. ffs (details)
  215. instantiate SVD (with error), XField_Local calls XField_LocalPatch in 4d which local_split_patch is turned off (details)
  216. ifdef sans avro in sandbox file (details)
  217. instantiation of new MOESS SANS optimizer for 4d (details)
  218. experimenting w p1 adjoint (details)
  219. adapt3d change in api (details)
  220. relaxed tolerance for system test (details)
  221. publicize error model functions...still not sure why (details)
  222. added note about protected methods for error model class (details)
  223. missing operator for 1d function (details)
  224. unprotected from SANS_AVRO avro namespace use (details)
  225. rename file to avoid copyright check (details)
  226. deleted file (details)
  227. Only have vera look at .cpp and .h files (details)
  228. SANS_CHECK_CLOSE not BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL for floats, come on philip (details)
  229. bug != in shock capturing (details)
  230. revert back to formulation (details)
  231. add expt stab (no-op) to 2DAD (details)
  232. Added a C2 continuous smooth abs (details)
  233. fix intel compiler warning (details)
  234. add pending changes in local patch header (details)
  235. Run SANS_Commit in parallel (details)
  236. Cannot specify format for 'time' on all systems (details)
  237. Updates to (details)
  238. One more parallel fix (details)
  239. Forgot to run 'make all' (details)
  240. Fix make warning for now (details)
  241. dev exceptioned code required only for 4d tecplot. (details)
  242. added a C2 smoothabs and matlab file that generated (details)
  243. actually got the smoothmax1, smoothmax2 functions work, also added implicitly defined smoothmin1 and smoothmin2 (details)
  244. merge fix (details)
  245. merge fix 2 (details)
  246. working on new error models (details)
  247. ASExpCombo function for testing L2 (details)
  248. Revive Adapt L2Project (details)
  249. partial cleanup of local patch before supporting CG patches (details)
  250. Removed PBAM (details)
  251. fix for jenkins, smoothmax2, tweaks to SANS opt and the VectorX hack to work with Phil (details)
  252. unparallelized a test, there's a bug in P4 Hierarchical parallel (details)
  253. turning the P3 and P4 unsplit tests off again. There's something weird and MPI-ish going wrong here (details)
  254. Missed one include (details)
  255. Missed one more file (details)
  256. more cleanup of local patch (details)
  257. Suppress valgrind avro+intel strange warnings (details)
  258. Broke up DGBR2lib trying to reduce compile time (details)
  259. pre merge (details)
  260. support for CG local solves with XField_LocalPatch (details)
  261. forgot to propagate changes in function names to tests (details)
  262. turnon off local patch splits for jenkins (details)
  263. silence warning (details)
  264. Switched implied metric optmizer to MMA (details)
  265. agls tweaks (details)
  266. Relaxed tolerance (details)
  267. complete unit tests for xfield local patch...still need some work on CG tests (details)
  268. merge conflict (details)
  269. a stupid bug (details)
  270. changes to optimizers, and also turning the modified model back off (details)
  271. Fix work weekly (details)
  272. Weekly suppression and revived cotire (details)
  273. Fixed the last error. (details)
  274. Fixed a warning (details)
  275. Added option to use CG field for PTC time step (details)
  276. Changed the span of the SANS frob norm penalty function (details)
  277. unit tests for DG/CG patches (details)
  278. remove print_inline (details)
  279. Conical method of stroud added, and working. Still needs integration into pentatope. (details)
  280. Added a ego map to EGTessModel that maps from All egos to Unique egos (details)
  281. add xfield for full potential code using avro (details)
  282. Integrated Stroud into 4D quadrature. (details)
  283. cleanup avro wake3d (details)
  284. Fixed compile error (details)
  285. Fixed another compile error (details)
  286. work towards high-order support for local patch split (details)
  287. getting unit tests to pass... (details)
  288. fixing merge conflicts (details)
  289. Fix up PseudoTime_btest (details)
  290. Fixed btest memory leak. (details)
  291. Improved stroud testing. (details)
  292. experimenting with an element based local solve (details)
  293. BCNone is dead. Long live BCNone. (details)
  294. New Implied Metric optimizer based on logM. Various other small fixes. (details)
  295. elemID must be global (details)
  296. support for high-order local patch (details)
  297. ifdef avro (details)
  298. Updates for CG 3D Euler with shock capturing and 2D RANS (details)
  299. multiple def from copy paste (details)
  300. uninitializaed data fix (typo) (details)
  301. changes to error model interface for high-order local splits (details)
  302. Removing problematic instantiations due to wall distance parameter with artificial viscosity for RANS (details)
  303. add info as to which type of field is being sampled (details)
  304. Removing code from BCEuler3D_mitState.h which was ifdef'd out (details)
  305. added integer template for equation number (details)
  306. typo in avro wake (details)
  307. specialized wake model not defined without avro (details)
  308. added an ND test of the BCNone with and without useFluxViscous (details)
  309. Galerkin folder passes (details)
  310. added the downcast to NoneBC to extract the boolean (details)
  311. converted HDG over to the new Nones (details)
  312. Updated implied metric for TAO. Fixed a number of floating point problems. (details)
  313. More robust testing, compiler warning silencing. (details)
  314. dont inherit from xfield_avro if not defined (details)
  315. still missing some ifdef (details)
  316. Various compile fixes. Generalized Adapt2D_Mesh_Optimize for all mesh generators. (details)
  317. Missed one (details)
  318. Warning fixes (details)
  319. killed a few more BCTypeNone references, just plugging away (details)
  320. pre merge (details)
  321. Removed the BCNoneUniField (details)
  322. Added switching for expensive PI quadrature/low-cost NI quadrature. Fixed associated tests to get correct convergence rates. (details)
  323. committing sandbox pre-merge (details)
  324. someone forgot to actually use the W and B typedefs (details)
  325. missing include (details)
  326. fixed the CMakeLists.txt (details)
  327. made BCNone_AV to do with annoying ArtVisc feature (details)
  328. missing includes and last bit (details)
  329. fixed typo: derived to dervied (details)
  330. vera slap correction (details)
  331. Fixed one more BCNone (details)
  332. forgot a file (details)
  333. Removing more of the block artificial viscosity stuff in 2D and unit test updates (details)
  334. More merge conflicts (details)
  335. More merge conflict resolution (details)
  336. Fixed memory leak. (details)
  337. used quadrature cache for L2 projection (details)
  338. fix for order = 0 integration (details)
  339. New cost target for SANS MOESS optimizer. Lots of work towards avro+Wakes. (details)
  340. Fixed typo (details)
  341. Minor fixes (details)
  342. One more typo (details)
  343. Unit test updates (details)
  344. Helps to use consistent array size (details)
  345. Updates to jenkins scripts (details)
  346. Segregating MeshAdapter (details)
  347. Missing instantiation (details)
  348. Fixed mistake in BuildAVRO (details)
  349. Fixes for 3D CG case with artificial viscosity (details)
  350. Fixed compile issues related to separating dimensions (details)
  351. Initializing variables to fix some compiler warnings (details)
  352. LU factorization on processors so PETSc solves reliably (details)
  353. Missed a few (details)
  354. IRS updates (details)
  355. Fix for gnu 4.8 (details)
  356. Refactored tecplot output to reduce link time (details)
  357. Forgot files (details)
  358. Fixed muliple instantiations (details)
  359. pre merge (details)
  360. Syncing with hypersonic (details)
  361. reverting a dead end (details)
  362. Adapt4D de-mothballing. (details)
  363. Fixed 'potential' memory leak problem by putting frees in same scope as creation. (details)
  364. Suppress cppcheck bug (details)
  365. tweaked AGLS setup, hope this one gets through!! (details)
  366. AGLS formulation w/ correction getting good rates! push to laptop, need to fix unit tests (details)
  367. unit tests should be working... (details)
  368. pre merge (details)
  369. Another cppcheck suppression (details)
  370. clean up on choosing reSolve groups (details)
  371. some clean up (details)
  372. added a virtual method for computing Initial Error. The default version has the overhead of a solve associated, whereas the SolverInterface version has the cheaper version that avoids the solve and thus is more robust (details)
  373. parameter for avro to allow for interior boundaries needed for wake models (details)
  374. unit tests ready to go (details)
  375. Adding 4D Legendre basis for Adapt4D + error estimates. (details)
  376. cmake addition of 4d legendre... still not finished though. (details)
  377. oops (details)
  378. don't use Philip's split for now (details)
  379. add nb for output correction (details)
  380. got rid of a unnecessary sandbox, updated other test (details)
  381. One less call to checkGrid for curved LocalPatch (details)
  382. More IRS stuff (details)
  383. moved metric conformity to separate file (details)
  384. tried to assess metric conformity and re-adjust target cost but simpler to just ask the mesher and have inner loop on adaptations to control target cost (details)
  385. pushing to hypersonic (details)
  386. some fixes to actually use the volume factor... (details)
  387. new elemental error estimate for CG, not especially tested but seems to be ok (details)
  388. more tweaks to cases (details)
  389. Add static caching for pentatope quadrature. (details)
  390. Set edge length bound = 1 for 1D (details)
  391. Added exponential and maxcubic functions (details)
  392. 1D test cases (details)
  393. std::stringstream has a surprisingly expensive constructor (details)
  394. Fixed formatting (details)
  395. Added missing copyright (details)
  396. Added missing includes (details)
  397. include set (details)
  398. merge (details)
  399. still default to savithru's local split (details)
  400. protect quadrature tests with use_conical (details)
  401. Deleted unnecessary includes (details)
  402. changes to make avro grids compile again (details)
  403. cleanup and forgotten files (details)
  404. Progress towards avro+Wakes. Added intel19 to jenkins env. (details)
  405. Quadrature fix. (details)
  406. Added Legendre4D Bases. (details)
  407. Adapt4D ADST should *start*. (details)
  408. Remove files dumped by avro (details)
  409. Fixed missing parameter checks (details)
  410. New CFL evolution logic (ifdef'd out) (details)
  411. Missed a file (details)
  412. Improved speed of XField_LocalPatch (details)
  413. Allow longer time for slow test (details)
  414. debug CG local patch (details)
  415. Update UniqueTrace to use UniqueElem (details)
  416. forgot a multiply (details)
  417. Added 4D pentatope Legendre unit tests. (details)
  418. Complete Legendre 4D test. (details)
  419. Actually this time. (details)
  420. Universalized legendre max order, refactored variable. (details)
  421. first errormodel additions. (details)
  422. Updating the delta wing case (details)
  423. Fixed compile errors (details)
  424. reference element tested and ready to fly. (details)
  425. More compile fixes for DeltaWing. avro works again with it. (details)
  426. Logic updates for PTC to hypersonic (details)
  427. Skip blank backtrace numberes. Lots of work towards avro+Wakes (details)
  428. Fixed test for lagrange basis function spacetime, moving coords to inherited class from base class. (details)
  429. warning fix, you dumbass\! (details)
  430. Fixed up hashing and added unit tests for UniquElem (details)
  431. fixed cross-machine tolerancing issue. (details)
  432. IRS updates (details)
  433. Lots of fixes for avro+Wakes (details)
  434. Don't dump file (details)
  435. pre merge (details)
  436. Reduce testing in MOESS_Gradation_Optimizer_NLOPT_btest (details)
  437. new and improved AGLS formulation (details)
  438. premerge (details)
  439. Use operator() to modify avro topologyDup (details)
  440. Updated linesearch with missing status variables (details)
  441. Add backtrace info to singular matrix. Enable VERA_ERROR for all builds with (details)
  442. Quadrature fixes (details)
  443. Removed unnecessary line (details)
  444. Add vera to CentOS and Rhel. Undo some fixes. (details)
  445. Added boost to LD_LIBRARY_PATH on CentOS (details)
  446. Guard against negative nodal metrics from ImpliedMetic optimizer (details)
  447. Updated avro and refine build to work with .tgz files (details)
  448. Updated build of lapack and avro build to use SANS lapack (details)
  449. Forgot to remove test hack (details)
  450. Fixed mistake in FindLAPACK (details)
  451. Add more diagnostics to Jacobian failure with RefCoordSolver (details)
  452. More debug info for singular RefCoordSolve (details)
  453. Missing include (details)
  455. got rid of hackery (details)
  456. extra space (details)
  457. Working towards scale invariant DenseLinAlg solves (details)
  458. line unit test should really allow edge split since its the same as an iso split, vera fixes too (details)
  459. cleanup of unused debugging stuff...what a colossal waste of time (details)
  460. trailing whitespace (details)
  461. Update vera to remove scripts when warn/error is changed. Add limits inlcude where numeric_limits is used. (details)
  462. reverting to new AGLS formulation (details)
  463. reverting to not use Philip's split to get thru Jenkins (details)
  464. silence warning (details)
  465. Updates to CMake files (details)
  466. Fix quadrature memory leak again (details)
  467. trying to solve pivot problem... not yet though. (details)
  468. added assert grid. Wraps check grid in a try-catch and return true if it passes. Can use in places where checkGrid can be removed in Release mode (details)
  469. pre merge (details)
  470. Updates so avro+Wake appears to be working (details)
  471. fixed ReferenceElement constraint jacobian assignment ya dingus. (details)
  472. fixed ReferenceElement constraint jacobian assignment ya dingus, pt. II: unit testing boogaloo (details)
  473. Removed pivoting change that was dumb anyway. (details)
  474. Combined into one file (details)
  475. sandbox updates (details)
  476. moving towards rans adaptive cg (details)
  477. RANS test case working (details)
  478. rans joukowski working for real? (details)
  479. Fixed link errors (details)
  480. More fixes for avro+Wake. Needs some more checks. (details)
  481. Forgot files (details)
  482. Fixed compile error (details)
  483. Split up the Adaptation library by dimension (details)
  484. Compile error fix (details)
  485. Fix link errors (details)
  486. Another link error (details)
  487. Migrated single boundary layer scalarfunction from 4D to 3D+T (details)
  488. Remove debug files (details)
  489. Don't run avro with wakes due to failing debug dumps in avro (details)
  490. Split avro Wake edges that span the entire wake (details)
  491. Trying to split segments on wakes, but I need help... (details)
  492. Fail depends tests if files are generated (details)
  493. Reworking MOESS to use Field_CG (details)
  494. revert away from Philip's local split (details)
  495. update error estimate unit test (details)
  496. unused variable (details)
  497. added gravity to 2D two phase case (details)
  498. New parameters for new EPIC 10.3 executable (details)
  499. More reworking of MOESS (details)
  500. More cleaning of MOESS (details)
  501. Fix ccache path for SANS_Depend tests (details)
  502. Another script fix for depends (details)
  503. catch invalid split for high-order (details)
  504. Lots more work towards refactored MOESS (details)
  505. More work on MOESS (details)
  506. updated ADST cases. (details)
  507. MOESS refactoring to use fields seems to be done. (details)
  508. Fixed includes (details)
  509. Fixed parallel print statement (details)
  510. SANS optimizer was using wrong initial step matric. (details)
  511. Fixed bug in edge length deviation (details)
  512. Minor fixes (details)
  513. More ping tests (details)
  514. Split up ProjectGlobalField (details)
  515. Asymmetric cost schedule (details)
  516. CMake updates (details)
  517. continued working on debugging two phase gravity fluxes (details)
  518. TAO implied metric calculation works in parallel (details)
  519. Fix typo (details)
  520. Remove mesh_0.json from tests with avro (details)
  521. More work towards parallel MOESS with TAO (details)
  522. Some compile fixes (details)
  523. Synchronize error models in ghost/zombie cells (details)
  524. Parallel MOESS is very close (details)
  525. Link error fixes (details)
  526. Some small fixes (details)
  527. working out RANS stabilization terms (details)
  528. pre merge (details)
  529. Stole MMA from NLopt to parallelize with TAO. (details)
  530. Added paralel serial equivalence test for MOESS TAO-MMA (details)
  531. If I TAO+MMA does not wory, try MMA+MPI (details)
  532. oliver test is running, not getting right rates yet (details)
  533. Added artificial viscosity to tilted reservoir test case (details)
  534. version used in the git bisect (details)
  535. refactored stabilized CG (details)
  536. more robust quadrature tests, shouldn't have issues with quadrature caching. (details)
  537. push to laptop in the middle of updating RANSSA (details)
  538. missing term for adjoint in RANSSA.. needs unit testing (details)
  539. rans sourcegradientjacobiangradient thoroughly unit tested (details)
  540. Added pressure integral output for two-phase. Modified tilted reservoir test-case. (details)
  541. Parallel MMA algorithm! (details)
  542. Forgot the unit test (details)
  543. and the actual files (details)
  544. more forgotten files (details)
  545. Some vera fixes (details)
  546. took out demote surreal (details)
  547. unit tests updated for stabilized integrand (details)
  548. changes to error model to use order scaling in the regularization (details)
  549. A number of fixes for parallel MOESS (details)
  550. copyright notice fix (details)
  551. fixing a function that got mangled somehow/sometime (details)
  552. license error (details)
  553. Updated ErrorModel_Element unit test (details)
  554. Fixed warning and relaxed tolerance (details)
  555. More minor fixes (details)
  556. Added another derivative of St option (details)
  557. Really really relaxed tolerance for Parallel/Serial equivalence for TAO with Intel... not sure whats up with that... (details)
  558. updates to strongform integrand (details)
  559. added needed hooks to 3D for stabilized CG (details)
  560. Updated unit tests and whatno (details)
  561. Nightly fixes (details)
  562. Trying to improve the speed of XField_Lagrange (details)
  563. add RANS ndconvert omterface (details)
  564. fixed up RANS asymptotic (details)
  565. added trace on scalar, bug in new source fcn in 3d (details)
  566. fixed unit test, mod source (details)
  567. new adjoint analytic function for 1D BL (details)
  568. added needed hooks for AV, implementation will be needed (details)
  569. getting unit tests to pass (details)
  570. working on RANS... (details)
  571. relax tol on unit test (details)
  572. truly linear adjoint (details)
  573. caught some bugs, put in unit tests (details)
  574. pre merge (details)
  575. Quadrature fix on AD3DST. (details)
  576. AD4DST refactor. (details)
  577. orthodoxy is unconsciousness. (details)
  578. quadrature fixes (details)
  579. New unit tests and other updates (details)
  580. Moving stuff to hypersonic (details)
  581. More to hypersonic (details)
  582. AD4D update. (details)
  583. Fixed some analyzer warnings (details)
  584. One more analyzer suppression (details)
  585. Some MPI cleanup (details)
  586. target dof factor (details)
  587. always forget to switch local split (details)
  588. horizontal tab (details)
  589. wake tests were originally off (details)
  590. Finalized moving nDOFpossessed to Field (details)
  591. Added missing include (details)
  592. settings for Marshall to run (details)
  593. Fixed a bug in PTC residual indexing (details)
  594. Add debug information for MassMatrix singular matrix errors (details)
  595. fixes to mesh adapt (details)
  596. Missing include (details)
  597. Enabled daisy chain in algebraic equation set class for PTC.  Refactored (and hopefully clarified) calculation of pseudo-transient contributions to residuals and jacobians (details)
  598. Fixed a bug in PTC AES's cell group integration calls, and a bug in residualPseudoTemporal daisy-chain call (details)
  599. Enabled PTC for coupled IBL of 4x4 block system (details)
  600. Updated unit test (details)
  601. CG RANS is looking more promising... (details)
  602. loops in rans joukowski (details)
  603. One more missing include (details)
  604. fixes for jenkins (details)
  605. fixed excessively small initial case... now starting from predicted uniform box size. (details)
  606. Added solve4d smart dof case. (details)
  607. added hooks for BICGStab (details)
  608. Speed improvements for UniqueElem and XField_Lagrange (details)
  609. Purged matrix manipulation Nishida hack (details)
  610. fixed test to match ErrorModel_Elemental.h (details)
  611. One move too many (details)
  612. playing around with stabilization (details)
  613. RANS with scaling (details)
  614. Fix for jenkins parallel make (details)
  615. Updates to porous media PDEs: added gravity to 2D two-phase, added pressure output functional (details)
  616. Vera fixes (details)
  617. Fixed copyright notice (details)
  618. One more fix.. (details)
  619. Fix uninitialized value (details)
  620. Some cleanup in PTC (details)
  621. Fixed a bug in PTC daisy chain implementation: previously, past solution and time step field was not properly updated for daisy-chained equations (details)
  622. reapply quadorder fix. (details)
  623. Fix for singular matrix detection. Only guard against 1/0. (details)
  624. modified some scalar functions (details)
  625. Separating out LAPACK from LAPACKE (details)
  626. Fixes for LAPACK interface (details)
  627. Forgot to switch back a change (details)
  628. Only test with LAPACKE on reynolds (details)
  629. Don't show LAPACKE as an option on OSX (details)
  630. Minor fix (details)
  631. Include MKL in coverge testing (details)
  632. Source intel for coverage (details)
  633. Fixes for checking LAPACK (details)
  634. Automatic checking of all lapack functions used by SANS (details)
  635. Some small fixes (details)
  636. Relax tolerance a bit more for intel (details)
  637. Added maximum rate matrix output (details)
  638. updated i/o on 4d cases. (details)
  639. New files for Adjoint consistent potential (details)
  640. Cleanup trace matrix print (details)
  641. Forgot a file (details)
  642. working on RANS (details)
  643. Fixes for latest refine (details)
  644. agls formulation looks better? (details)
  645. modified RANS tests (details)
  646. pre merge (details)
  647. typo denomerator to denominator (details)
  648. caught an indexing bug with interior trace groups (details)
  649. some tweaks as was retesting using elemental estimates. They still don't work (phew....) (details)
  650. changed the Galerkin DoubleBL case to match up with the DG one (details)
  651. changed checkGrid() to assert(assertGrid()). This is the same as checkGrid() in debug mode, but gets removed in release (details)
  652. bug fixes and clean up (details)
  653. undoing the assertGrid, it doesn't work how I thought it did (details)
  654. updated io on 2D+T cases. (details)
  655. fixed solve4d i/o (details)
  656. fixes to make the avro grids work in the adapt (details)
  657. fixed h approximation, *philip's tableflip emoticon*. (details)
  658. oops. (details)
  659. hooks for modifying order and power and command line (details)
  660. fixed dumbass error. (details)
  661. Minor fixes per intel guide. Fix avro+wake. (details)
  662. still working on RANS... (details)
  663. Some fixes for BLAS and turn off one Wake test (details)
  664. adding new parmafield builders (details)
  665. Forgot file dump (details)
  666. Updated EPIC interface (details)
  667. distance function gradient working (details)
  668. hack for sourcegradient compiles (details)
  669. unitialized warnings from jenkins (details)
  670. tweak for hypersonic (details)
  671. found a bug in RANS source gradients (details)
  672. this one not that one (details)
  673. deprecated ElementDual local patch. Everyone can use Element now, and it should throw an exception if you run with ElementDual (details)
  674. added the spaceType to the dummy problems (details)
  675. sigh. forgot they need override (details)
  676. maaaaaan (details)
  677. sigh (details)
  678. Fix for PETSc 3.11 (details)
  679. moved the all_reduce inside the #define of Boundary Outputs. The FunctionalCell_Galerkin already includes an all_reduce (details)
  680. Setup for Mike Park to test metric calculations (details)
  681. commiting the new error model and the two double boundary layer cases to run on hypersonic (details)
  682. Fix nightly clang warning (details)
  683. typos and a small test for the DOF Map, didn't catch anything... (details)
  684. playing with formulations, added source to BC (details)
  685. getting closer (details)
  686. SA wake test case (details)
  687. minor edits to rans, unit tests (details)
  688. better singular perturbation boundary layer case (details)
  689. i think the stabilization is sound... (details)
  690. hugh's suggestion for a dimension-independent error model (details)
  691. Added case to adaptND_mesh_optimizer_toy to easily generate unstructured uniform grids. (details)
  692. SolveND_DGBR2_AD_ST_toy for 3D and 4D now have grid loading capability, but it's ifdeffed out for now. (details)
  693. fixed #define (details)
  694. start from DG grids (details)
  695. more tinkering with RANS (details)
  696. Some updates for a few things I' (details)
  697. nitsche param now includes source term (details)
  698. Added 2D+T CG unstabilized advection diffusion mechanics. (details)
  699. added an integrand for estimating the square of the L2 error locally (details)
  700. locked the TopoDim template to the Topology::TopoDim template. We should not be templating on both here, these should be removed (details)
  701. added some integral tests (details)
  702. A class for computing L2 error estimates, either nodally or elementally (details)
  703. Reduced ErrorOrder_4D_DG_Pentatope_btest max grid size to reduce runtime (details)
  704. Fixed uninitialized data with intel (details)
  705. removed TopoDim from the for_each_XXX functions. Also added Topology::CellTopoDim, which gives the dimension of the topology for which Topology was a trace. (details)
  706. Also made a GalerkinLib in the process of splitting out the local solve machinery for CG to use in the L2 proction solver (details)
  707. fixing up unit tests to match new indicator calculation. Also changing mitState Nitsche to use the p independent lengthL. Will then need to choose constants properly some other way. (details)
  708. A Nodal error estimate order test (details)
  709. refactor into explicit instantiations and added GalerkinLib to a CMakeLists.txt I forgot (details)
  710. more instantiations and fix a bug (details)
  711. moving towards a CG L2 local projection. (details)
  712. updating error estimate order tests. DG now uses the mitState BC, the CG one does not as it can't achieve the rates. There must be an instability in the adjoint.... (details)
  713. Use CG local patch bcs for the local solve (details)
  714. actually added the declaration to the header... (details)
  715. Added a re-roll of the c++-14 make_unique feature (details)
  716. Added a re-roll of the c++-14 make_unique feature (details)
  717. first use of make_unique. (details)
  718. ErrorEstimateL2 should now handle p0 or p1 estimation gracefully, and also actually handled that stupid merge conflict (details)
  719. Fixed many clang analyzer complaints (details)
  720. new MDG directory (details)
  721. MDG integrand cell unit test passing (details)
  722. changed name of test and added the notebook that generated the L2 error integrand tests (details)
  723. forgot an mpi include (details)
  724. all_reduce only works on POD not the KahanSum (details)
  725. some tweaks (details)
  726. interior trace w/ 1d unit test (details)
  727. missed a bracket in the merge (details)
  728. unit test to ensure boundary coordinates of 4d meshes are correct since these are frequently used in sandbox tests...and they are correct... (details)
  729. jacobian ping test added for cell,trace (details)
  730. forgot to turn CG LG trace back on (details)
  731. added CG sandbox for AD 2D+T problem. (details)
  732. Fixed more analyzer warningw (details)
  733. fixed for push, incorporated hugh's mistakenly included preprocessor define. (details)
  734. more hugh fixes plus trueoutput fixes. (details)
  735. SolverInterfaceL2 project actually uses the correct local patch for CG now (details)
  737. added SA nitsche (details)
  738. jacobian and residual unit tests passing (details)
  739. Fixed typo (details)
  740. jenkins punched me in the face *again*. (details)
  741. MDG solve works.. needs debugging (details)
  742. grumble (details)
  743. VOLUME_WEIGHTED crept through on those last commits. It shouldn't have and this fixes that (details)
  744. why oh why did i not save the fixes last time (details)
  745. preprocessor sandbox troubles. (details)
  746. dumb preprocessor stuff fix. (details)
  747. bad include habits fixed. (details)
  748. MDG solves! optimal rates! (details)
  749. warning fix. (details)
  750. moved some includes into the cpps (details)
  751. removed PrimalNeighbors and added in Vertex (details)
  752. Created Vertex Local grid. Have the four cpp, but only Area is actually declared, others would have link errors. Also a super basic unsplit test (details)
  753. getting closer to everything compiling (details)
  754. moved jacobian calculations into output integrands for Galerkin. bunch of stuff still not working (details)
  755. getting closer to passing unit tests.. (details)
  756. unit tests updated (details)
  757. unit test/compile fixes (details)
  758. indentation warning (details)
  759. last final last warning bother. (details)
  760. tidying solve3d_CG_AD_ST_toy (details)
  761. Added vertexMode to Local patch, and edgeMap constructor to LocalBase (details)
  762. removed the vertex local specialist patch. It might eventually be faster, but the development time would be much much slower (details)
  763. MDG jacobianfunctional in place, solves are compiling (details)
  764. 3D+T pde stuff should be good to go. (details)
  765. made the central vertex always dof 0. Also added flag for whether patch comes from splitting an edge attached to the vertex (details)
  766. MDG compiles fine but doesn't stabilize in advective limit. Hmm... (details)
  767. forgot to include a PrimalNeighbors rename (details)
  768. MDG working well again.. we have to figure out the Nitsche BCs (details)
  769. Some of the updates from hypersonic before merging (details)
  770. change cb back to 2 to pass Jenkins (details)
  771. 2D error order compiling (details)
  772. add function hooks to 3DST (details)
  773. added function hooks for 1d, 2d spacetime (details)
  774. fieldweighted cell integrand for MDG (details)
  775. Fix some issues that came up during debug build (details)
  776. added fieldweighted for MDG trace integrand (details)
  777. More clang analyzer warning fixes. (details)
  778. more needed function hooks (details)
  779. change to isothermal wall BCs, push to hypersonic (details)
  780. ughhhhhh more ndconvert troubles (details)
  781. add isothermal to RANs BCs (details)
  782. working towards the nodal model. Moving to laptop (details)
  783. working towards local indicator (details)
  784. added the Simplex meta class (details)
  785. moving to lab box (details)
  786. removed unused typedef (details)
  787. Nightly fixes (details)
  788. fixed mdg unit tests (details)
  789. Propogating changed from develop (details)
  790. Nightly fixes (details)
  791. reordered MDG jac, added error estimate cell (details)
  792. merge conflict (details)
  793. RANS cases working pretty well, pushing to hypersonic (details)
  794. mdg error estimates in place (details)
  795. took out adjointState functions (mostly) (details)
  796. completed sourceJacobianHACK change. MDG adjoints not quite working... (details)
  797. Think I've got all the updates from hypersonic (details)
  798. 4d cg fields starting up... (details)
  799. error estimate unit test passing, but sandbox case is off... (details)
  800. mdg error estimates working! (details)
  801. typo (details)
  802. cleanup (details)
  803. moved into the SANS namespace (details)
  804. removed Topology template, used Simplex<TopoDim> instead (details)
  805. fixed hack interface (details)
  806. added sub-cell step matrix accessor with 1D and 2D unit tests (details)
  807. added unit testing for 3D RANS fncs, other cleanup (details)
  808. forgot a file (details)
  809. sandbox edits (details)
  810. complaining about includes? (details)
  811. unused variables.. push to tucano for memcheck (details)
  812. unit test name change (details)
  813. missing definition (details)
  814. trying to fix segfault (details)
  815. fixed the warning, but there's a segfault somewhere in edgelocal3d... (details)
  816. wow that was really dumb but took 4 hours to find (details)
  817. putting Nitsche into stabilization object.. stil lin process (details)
  818. premerge (details)
  819. most things compiling... (details)
  820. added affine invariant implied metric calculation (details)
  821. nitsche parameter change complete.. things seem to compile ok (details)
  822. member variables out of order (details)
  823. Added unit tests for gravity term in PDETwoPhase2D + some cleanup (details)
  824. tweaks to get MDG working for systems (details)
  825. fixed checks for parallel (details)
  826. whoops switched back (details)
  827. hopefully more correct for parallel? (details)
  828. Nightly fixes (details)
  829. Another nightly fix (details)
  830. More nightly fixes (details)
  831. Another nightly fix (details)
  832. big refactor of the edge solve. Removed the cell group business, and now builds nodal models from the data of the edge solves. No testing quite yet, but it compiles! (details)
  833. on the way to 4d-ification of CG... (details)
  834. Hopefully last warning fix (details)
  835. more of the same... (details)
  836. minor edits that shouldn't affect anything (details)
  837. Merge conflict resolution and formatting issues (details)
  838. added a cell->node map to the nodalview. Also fixed a bug with edge local not correctly identifying that a node can be common to both vertices without sharing a cell with the edge. Basically a real niche case (details)
  839. added hashing function for GroupElemIndex. Uses boost::hash. Can now use unordered_set and unordered_map on GroupElemIndex. Should be faster in those cases where we don't need orderedness, only unique (details)
  840. tiny tweaks. uses linspace (details)
  841. tweaks to the affInv implied metric option. Also forgot to add the #if for reference step calc (details)
  842. added some commented code for inspecting eigenvalues for a 2x2 system. Useful for debugging (details)
  843. MDG with discontinuous efld.. does better! (details)
  844. working towards error estimate from fine scale (details)
  845. minor change to AGLS (details)
  846. missed a function update (details)
  847. push to hypersonic (details)
  848. push to hypersonic (details)
  849. few changes to MDG output (details)
  850. mdg rans sandbox compiling (details)
  851. extra args for output (details)
  852. print resid bug fix (details)
  853. MDG qp should initialize to zero (details)
  854. Commented out some stuff (with developer exceptions), will have to go back to that code (details)
  855. Updated tolerances (details)
  856. Removed unused variables (details)
  857. add nitsche to mdg traces (details)
  858. towards p= 1+ 3D+T AD... (details)
  859. update mdg solutiondata constructor (details)
  860. experimenting w upwind bcs (details)
  861. compiling (details)
  862. moving to hypersonic (details)
  863. Formatting fixes (details)
  864. experimenting with distance fcn gradients again (details)
  865. fixing some bugs and moving to hypersonic (details)
  866. another flag to turn off the metric dumping (details)
  867. More vera warnings (details)
  868. separated Nitsche order and stabilization order (details)
  869. Fixed unit test bug (details)
  870. changed FrobNormSq formula for MatrixSymS to exploit the symmetry (details)
  871. added an inner product for VectorS. Can also handle a range of weighted inner products, with MatrixS, MatrixSymS and a diagonal (details)
  872. added some instantiations, also started using the InnerProduct function directly (details)
  873. dgbr2 joukowski w solver interfaces (details)
  874. added some 3D+T CG stuff ... work in progress... added 1D+T AD for learning syntax, added a lot of comments. (details)
  875. changed to 1 pt quadrature implied metric calculation. (details)
  876. added mean, min, max quality calculator and output in the NLOPT output (details)
  877. linked the use of the modified model to the use of the SANS optimizer. No longer compile time flag (details)
  878. removed VOLUME_WEIGHTED and added FULL_NODAL. This compile time flag needs to be set to run in the nodal view of the world. Long term this will be the way to go, but it only works in serial presently, so leaving it disabled by default (details)
  879. forgot to fix the mpi bit (details)
  880. apparently boost::mpi needs its own special minimum and maximum functions... (details)
  881. shortened the file by removing unneeded commenting and dead space (details)
  882. missing 4d instantiation and an attempt at removing the compiler error. At least I compiled gnu5 and couldn't recreate it... (details)
  883. maybe this works? (details)
  884. forgot that we can't actually dump 4d grids... (details)
  885. changed the exception to a warning (details)
  886. forgot to rename them edge tests (details)
  887. sigh (details)
  888. manually return group and elem to make intel happy. Also reduced the number of shuffles to 3 in the implied test (details)
  889. changed the tolerances a little, should now be able to do more shuffles (details)
  890. changed the initial condition for the optimization to Log Euclidean. Had a case where affine invariant failed the non-linear solve, so lets just skip that (details)
  891. Increasing coverage (details)
  892. only doing 1 shuffle in 3D because the bloody coverage takes too long (details)
  893. I swear... (details)
  894. using the max in the implied calculation. The optimization is so much easier/faster (details)
  895. added a 3d corner singularity and also made the 3D L2 adapt flag based (details)
  896. tweaks to try speed this damn thing up and get it through jenkins (details)
  897. correct beta val (details)
  898. added more iterations to the AffInv calc, and use the FrobNorm from DLA (details)
  899. save the last mesh, explicitly 2D folder, and Affine Invariant metric calculation (details)
  900. added the objective of maximizing average quality, this is also not a good one, but unsure what to do... (details)
  901. changed the range for the loops, so that the lower dof counts can be run serial (details)
  902. More coverage (details)
  903. Nightly fixes (details)
  904. changed AffInv to throw exception and revert to Log Euclidean. Also raised the tolerance slightly, as the tolerance is done the norm. Thus sqrt(eps) = 1e-8, so setting tol to 1e-7 (details)
  905. fixed betas. reset dump Metric to every iteration. changed 3D to dump the final qfld with the same filename (details)
  906. use the max det met (details)
  907. Cleaned up well models, modified fixed outflow rate well to use a distributed source term, added a new output function for computing bottom-hole pressure of fixed rate wells (details)
  908. temp patch for 4D grid io (details)
  909. switch to sine^4 exact solution for solve4d cases. (details)
  910. added outerproduct for VectorS (details)
  911. Hopefully faster 3D eigen solves (details)
  912. Forgot unit tests (details)
  913. Added an enum class for adding quality to the implied metric objective, can do maximize or minimize inverse. Also InverseLengthTensor for calculating the metric. Also fixed up the AffineInvariant calculation to use the correct Gradient descent algorithm from Pennec, thus it actually works now. (details)
  914. tweaks for cases (details)
  915. much reduced the tolerance for the affine invariant calculation. The non-linear optimization is really not that bad, and it is the most theoretically justifiable metric, so we should use it (details)
  916. some typo fixes, some documentary additions, some work on 4d CG field structures. CG not working yet for 4D w/ order > 1. needs some DEVEL EXCEPTIONS before push. (details)
  917. hypersonic changes (details)
  918. Added the correct output functional for computing the bottom-hole pressure of a fixed-rate well (details)
  919. a forgotten rename (details)
  920. Fix for new 3D eigen value calculation (details)
  921. Relaxed a tolerance (details)
  922. debugging hell. (details)
  923. Fix intel leak. Better logic checking for refine. (details)
  924. merge con (details)
  925. moving to hype (details)
  926. Updates to track CAD parameters with avro (details)
  927. some comments. Also changed the affine invariant calculation to count the number of unconverged solves, record the maximum norm and also increased the tolerance (details)
  928. moving branch (details)
  929. stylish stylish jenkins (details)
  930. Some fixes for avro. Show implied metric cost. (details)
  931. changed the advection direction for the Triple BL. Was displaying low-rank structure (>p+1 convergence), suspect because of fluke with rotational symmetry (details)
  932. actually using mpi properly hopefully. Also fixed the test for the affine invariant calc (details)
  933. make the print to screen scientific so it's actually informative (details)
  934. figured out xfield trace coordinates arent matching their element compadres. added unit tests, still not passing though. (details)
  935. Fixes for avro with full potential (details)
  936. Fix typo and warning (details)
  937. its an unsigned int not a Real you fool (details)
  938. Fixes for CAD parameters with avro in parallel (details)
  939. Fixed TraceToCellRefCoord_Pentatope. (details)
  940. 4d xfield trace coordinate ordering bug fixed and re-tested. back to working on cg construction. probably some nefarious stuff in 4d-land that needs to be exceptioned out, but currently only im in that region. (details)
  941. warning fix (details)
  942. remove debugging ifdef switch. (details)
  943. Updated Wake+avro tests with curvature (details)
  944. Missed file dump (details)
  945. still tryna pass jenkins. added avro switching. (details)
  946. add interfacest to Phil's localpatch to work with Hugh's (details)
  947. ffs ifdef SANS_AVRO again (details)
  948. forgot to only report unconverged if actually unconverged (details)
  949. fixed tracetocellrefcoord bug side-effects. everything truly broken should have developer exceptions too now. (details)
  950. fixed bug in volume output functional (details)
  951. setting the values of beta to those espoused in the proof paper (details)
  952. Changed the AD cases to use similar command line interface to the L2 cases. Changed the advection directions to not be aligned with diag. Changed the peclet numbers to be 25 for all cases (unitary advection magnitude), should give reasonable order convergence without wild dof counts. Also changed the exact output calculations to be symbolic, so we can change the advection and diffusion values without having to recalculate (details)
  953. added x vs h and x vs AR dumping for the BL case. Doesn't really seem to show very much though, I think Masa was being cheeky (details)
  954. making use DG element counts, should be quicker (details)
  955. FULL_NODAL ON (details)
  956. Unified and cleaned up output functionals for 2D two-phase. Added unit tests for BHP calculations. (details)
  957. Changed implied optimization from -Q to 1-Q. Fixes so full potential works with adaptation. (details)
  958. Maybe fixed nightly warning (details)
  959. Fixed build error (details)
  960. Fixed warning (details)
  961. nightly fix (details)
  962. One more (details)
  963. A few more compile fixes (details)
  964. vera fix 2.0 (details)
  965. VERA FFS A SEMICOLON?! (details)
  966. cleaning up some CG (details)
  967. Put CostModel integration order back (details)
  968. in the middle of getting CG w lifting operators (details)
  969. forgot a file (details)
  970. found the bug! (details)
  971. CG w BR2 adapts up and running (details)
  972. missing something... (details)
  973. mod error order tests (details)
  974. Added elementEdges function to get runtime edge maps (details)
  975. Updates for new avro file layout (details)
  976. deleting a defunct test (details)
  977. deleting two defunct tests (details)
  978. Fix for clang (details)
  979. added edge split grids, uses a recursion for the time being. This can probably be avoided ultimately (details)
  980. Added virtual function identifier isEdgeMode() and switched the logic for checking to that. Clearing the path to using Phil patch for edge solves (details)
  981. Fixes for g++-9 (details)
  982. Removed the avro instance (details)
  983. Added an edge local constructor to LocalPatch. Tested a little bit. It works, and also, it appears to basically prove there was a bug in EdgeLocal (details)
  984. Fix weekly clang compile error (details)
  985. Fixed weekly memory leaks (details)
  986. moving back towards MDG stuffs (details)
  987. forgot a file (details)
  988. copyright vera error (details)
  989. got rid of whitespace (details)
  990. making things consistent for Nitsche, MDG (details)
  991. got rid of avro include (details)
  992. missed a update on nitsche (details)
  993. fixedu nit test (details)
  994. update error order test (details)
  995. Added to DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)
  996. relax tol for intel (details)
  997. made LocalPatch work with the Edge patch. Also set the defaults for Corner Singularity to the ones used by Masa (details)
  998. tweaks and bits (details)
  999. vera fix (details)
  1000. more vera fixes.. (details)
  1001. avro interface fixes.. (details)
  1002. curly braces... (details)
  1003. curly braces again... (details)
  1004. whitespace + tab (details)
  1005. more vera fixes................. (details)
  1006. ckf vera fixes (details)
  1007. merge of ckf test (details)
  1008. whether dummy or input mesh, result is the same (details)
  1009. updated tolerances for unit tests (details)
  1010. explicit constructor for nightly (details)
  1011. More zombies for Edge local solves (details)
  1012. Updated valgrind version (details)
  1013. Fixed array out of bound (details)
  1014. refine did nothing! (details)
  1015. pre merge (details)
  1016. jenkins fixes (details)
  1017. forgot a change (details)
  1018. stupid parenthesis (details)
  1019. changes to test localpatch for edge (details)
  1020. removing some more erroneous testing (details)
  1021. removing even more erroneous testing (details)
  1022. unused variables (details)
  1023. Fixes for tracking parameter space with EGTessModel (details)
  1024. Dissable one avro wake test (details)

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