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Took 8 hr 38 min on reynolds

debug_gnu6,reynolds (Oct 19, 2019, 1:52:11 AM)

  1. use LocalPatch (details)
  2. checking for nans and filling the interior trace groups (details)
  3. checking for nans and filling the interior trace groups (details)
  4. merge con (details)
  5. accidental mangle (details)
  6. undoing some stupid errors and also setting the PETSc params correctly... (details)
  7. merge con (details)
  8. a fixed DOF DG case (details)
  9. tweaks to start from relatively fine grids (details)
  10. tweak (details)
  11. use a coarse grid as a preconditioned solve (details)
  12. check for nans in the resid norm check (details)
  13. bug fix, make sure that the minimum line search step is still valid (details)
  14. rescale the norm (details)
  15. pre merge (details)
  16. trying to set up some try catch (details)
  17. added a P1 projection fall back if the solve fails. If even that doesn't work, try uniform freestream (details)
  18. added the try catch solve (details)
  19. pre merge (details)
  20. removed the DOF scaling. Just gonna just P1 initial guesses and go from there (details)
  21. the normalization is back on, lowered the tolerance, and made the initial guesses based on P1 always. (details)
  22. the normalization is back on, lowered the tolerance, and made the initial guesses based on P1 always. (details)
  23. scaling the PDE and PDEP residuals separately! (details)
  24. only rank 0 should be printing... (details)
  25. made a new resNorm type with the sqrt dof weighting. Also reconciled the cases for timing data (details)
  26. forgot to go back to 1 thread (details)
  27. ILU8 + use 3 threads for EPIC (details)
  28. ILU8 + use 3 threads for EPIC + 5e-8 nonlinear tol (details)
  29. Also report the memory (details)
  30. forgot to add the option for the local solves (details)
  31. forgot to add the option for the local solves (details)
  32. added printing the Average FrobNormSq to the optimization output (details)
  33. back to blasius (details)
  34. trying a beta = 1.0 run (details)
  35. back to 1.1 (details)
  36. better settings (details)
  37. added vorticity field dumping (details)
  38. dumping elements to the adapthist file, also forgot to clean up that deltawing again (details)
  39. merge con (details)
  40. adding the vorticity dump (details)
  41. back to DGCONV and turning off the step dump (details)
  42. Use a p1 solution transfer if the initial guess in a local solve is non-physical (details)
  43. turn on steve logic (details)
  44. make the P1 local start actually work... Also remove the duplicate of DOFWeighted (details)
  45. actually got the bloody thing working (details)
  46. trailing white space (details)
  47. FieldBundle fix (details)
  48. use the basetype in the constructor for bundles (details)
  49. another fix (details)
  50. bug fix with streamwise vorticity output (details)
  51. dump to the correct iteration (details)
  52. RAE2822 DG case (details)
  53. switch to SANS opt (details)
  54. curved grid implied metric adapter, also NACA0012 case and grids (details)
  55. coarser initial grids, p sequencing for the primal solve, and some adapter tweaks (details)
  56. Fix refine cmake check (details)
  57. Adjoint full potential updates (details)
  58. forcing off (details)
  59. square channel ready for adapts + unif conv. (details)
  60. Relax time for XField3D_Wake_avro_btest (details)
  61. CMake fix (details)
  62. Allow ugrid reader to copy partition (details)
  63. quick open-close for writing to outfiles. (details)
  64. finally actually fixed the thing i wanted to fix. (details)
  65. removed trailing whitespace. i hope you are happy now jenkins. (details)
  66. Added FieldLiftArea_DG_BoundaryTrace for boundary trace lifing operator fields (details)
  67. test mod. (details)
  68. oops forgot the solve case (details)
  69. Updates to use existing derived quantity outputs for CG (details)
  70. Updates to generate data for 16.920 PSet (details)
  71. Updates for VMSD with artificial viscosity (details)
  72. test/unit/IO/pde/ArtificialViscosity/AVSensor_Source2D_Euler_PressureGrad_pattern.txt (details)
  73. Sandbox cases for VMSD with shock capturing (details)
  74. Permissions got mixed up, I think (details)
  75. Unused variables in test cases (details)
  76. Uninitialized data fix (details)
  77. Updated EPIC scripts. Fix possible SANSparallel hang. (details)
  78. Another atempt at updating EPIC scripts (details)
  79. dont dump met (details)
  80. added a data mining script. Use it to scrape from an output file. (details)
  81. added dgbr2 cg test cases for squarechannel (details)
  82. squarechannel dg and cg ready to go. (details)
  83. typo and some bonus features for the L2 project case (details)
  84. making the BL case outputs the same as Masa's (details)
  85. Added an MPI_sleep so processors do not use 100% CPU during system calls (details)
  86. Forgot to add MPILib to globak lib list (details)
  87. Namespace fixes (details)
  88. CMake fixes for MPILib (details)
  89. Fix link errors with MPI_sleep (details)

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