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release_intel19,reynolds (Nov 16, 2019, 1:52:07 AM)

  1. Updates to DGBR2 RANS Joukowski (details)
  2. mod to wbwt solve (details)
  3. mods to toy (details)
  4. longer time scale (details)
  5. mods (details)
  6. change filenames (details)
  7. unit test (details)
  8. Delta wing updates (details)
  9. sandbox tweak (details)
  10. change loops (details)
  11. tweaks (details)
  12. mod flat plate (details)
  13. changed nThread back to 2 (details)
  14. a little bit faster (details)
  15. should be a little faster? (details)
  16. adding u' on boundaries, new SIP parameter (details)
  17. weakening nitsche parameter (details)
  18. minor changes (details)
  19. put some estuff back (details)
  20. commit sandbox case (details)
  21. couple more tweaks (details)
  22. updating linear VMSD (details)
  23. adding vmsd0 sandbox (details)
  24. playing with adjoint SIP order (details)
  25. trying to get vmsd0 up (details)
  26. BR2 is not working yet (details)
  27. vmsd w BR2 is working.. primal and adjoint look ok? error estimates questionable (details)
  28. fixed unintializd data (details)
  29. error estimates working! (details)
  30. stuff is working.. pushing to hypersonic (details)
  31. pushing to laptopt (details)
  32. add sandbox case (details)
  33. putting pseudotime on q' field (details)
  34. hacks to do PTC on q' field (details)
  35. should be working? (details)
  36. updates to use pseudotime on q' field (details)
  37. vmsdbr2 RANS solve (details)
  38. check nonlinear residuals separately (details)
  39. fixed vera (details)
  40. boundary lifting operators working... but why is it so slow? (details)
  41. speedups for VMSD (details)
  42. adding pseudotime function hooks to VMSD0 (details)
  43. oh shoot VMSD0 is working? (details)
  44. whoops need some stuff back (details)
  45. reverting a bunch of things, bug fix for the ptc (details)
  46. no idea why this works.. must be something to do with eta? (details)
  47. q' is on the boundaries and that seems to work better. slow though! (details)
  48. playing with eta (details)
  49. found nasty bug (details)
  50. VMSDflatplate (details)
  51. parallel bug (details)
  52. RANS test cases (details)
  53. joukowski cases (details)
  54. darmo wants more alfa (details)
  55. ok last tweak (details)
  56. hemisphere cylinder... lets see how this goes (details)
  57. commented out developer exception for reflectBC (details)
  58. tuning down stabilization to reasonable levels (details)
  59. ok i think things are working... (details)
  60. edits to epic script (details)
  61. sandbox tweaks (details)
  62. pushing to hypersonic again.. some bug fixes for teh non-br2 (details)
  63. different way to use memory? (details)
  64. hemisphere cylinder fixed grid test case (details)
  65. vmsd hemisphere-cylinder (details)
  66. tweaks to hemispherecylinder case (details)
  67. revert pseudotime not to use qpfld (for memory savings) (details)
  68. added extra dual consistency term to boundary (details)
  69. finished up extra BC term (details)
  70. tweak pseudotime to pass integrand into VMSD Jacobian (saves memory) (details)
  71. whoops forgot one (details)
  72. hemisphere cylinder is working! (details)
  73. modifications to hemisphere-cylinder (details)
  74. playing w gmres (details)
  75. tweaks to sandbox (details)
  76. added restart to 3d hemishpere cylinder (details)
  77. ojeda adapts (details)
  78. dg adapt ojeda change projector (details)
  79. dg hemisphere-cylinder (details)
  80. corner flat plate adapts (details)
  81. run mods for flat plate (details)
  82. forgot cmakelist (details)
  83. switch flat plate side (details)
  84. hypersonic sandbox (details)
  85. add corner flat plates (details)
  86. fixes to work with hugh's push, also a little fixup for pseudotime (details)
  87. get rid of unneeded jacobians (details)
  88. most things compile..? (details)
  89. maybe this will get through Jenkins??? (details)
  90. vera bracket thing (details)
  91. change btest name (details)
  92. another btest name change (details)
  93. using new boundary lifting field to save memory (details)
  94. forgot some files (details)
  95. fixed up unit tests? (details)
  96. Fixes for FieldLift_DG_BoundaryTrace (details)
  97. propagating to 3D (details)
  98. added fieldlocal for lifted boundarytrace (details)
  99. Fix for FieldLiftBoundary_Local (details)
  100. seems like things are working? (details)
  101. tweak for volumes (details)
  102. found uninitialized data? (details)
  103. last btest? (details)
  104. add new stabilized Galerkin HC solve (details)
  105. added dofweighted norm to stabilized galerkin (details)
  106. i think thats it for the unit tests? (details)
  107. supg ojeda (details)
  108. turn off file dump (details)
  109. updating non-static condensed versions of VMSD (details)
  110. forgot a file (details)
  111. Minimum 4x4 mesh for ErrorEstimateOrder_2D_CG_Nodal_Triangle_AD_btest (details)
  112. Fix uninitialized test data (details)
  113. Added a Field/Basis equivelncy test for VMDBR2 (details)
  114. GLS should be a bit faster (details)
  115. some tweaks to gls (details)
  116. tweaks to the sandbox case too (details)
  117. Nightly fixes (details)
  118. added velocity squared output (details)
  119. forgot curly brace (details)
  120. ok now it should be right (details)
  121. ojeda bump update to V2 output (details)
  122. missed a /rho (details)
  123. Remove EPIC projection for Q1 geometry (details)
  124. Added LGMRES PETSc option (details)
  125. Logic fix for EPIC when using Q1 grids (details)
  126. one bug found? (details)
  127. fixed bubble mode issue for boundary outputs.. turned off LO contribution to boundary error for now. still stuff to figure out (details)
  128. don't project adjoint (details)
  129. added missing LO volume term in boundary error estimates (details)
  130. updates to solverinterface to subtract off p LO (details)
  131. get rid of whitespace (details)
  132. fixing up unit test (details)
  133. Fix for nightly (details)
  134. Added a more unit tests. Still a bug in the linearization (details)
  135. Another attempt at nightly fix (details)
  136. found bug in uncondensed Jacobian (details)
  137. Cleaned up some unnecessary includes (details)
  138. change btest name (details)
  139. add static condense equivalency unit test (details)
  140. got rid of unused typedefs (details)
  141. fixed uninitialized data (details)
  142. Solution transfer error check (details)

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