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#245 (Jul 13, 2019, 1:52:09 AM)

  1. new lagrange basis functions coming together, shouldnt pass jenkins yet. (details)
  2. Important Comment (details)
  3. fixed the dang lagrange basis functions. and also tested them. (details)
  4. touches. (details)
  5. better tests (details)
  6. documentation update (details)
  7. added matlab script. (details)
  8. seeking cg issue, not for upload (details)
  9. upgraded tests somewhat confident p= 2, p= 3 CG fields should work. not sure why nanning. (details)
  10. l2 working ad not... (details)
  11. added projection test. (details)
  12. sprinkling holy water on hugh's comment vandalism. (details)
  13. documentation fix (details)
  14. ad4d working, cg fields 4d working up to p=3, new tests. (details)
  15. jenkins fixes (details)
  16. flip switches for commit. (details)
  17. Refactoring of LocalPatch. Next we need to remove the others. (details)
  18. Fixed compile error (details)
  19. refactoring edge local. no parallel tests yet, but serial seems to be the same (details)
  20. Warning fix (details)
  21. forgot to turn DG back to non-edge mode (details)
  22. ElementDual is no more. Moving towards LocalPatch only (details)
  23. elementxfieldspacetime fix. stabilized seems to be working. needs unit tests still. (details)
  24. jenkins fix. (details)
  25. unstab/gls fix (details)
  26. Added unsplit LocalPatch constructor and universal LocalGlobal consistency check (details)
  27. Don't check interior trace local global equivalence (details)
  28. Added LocalGlobal equiv check to all LocalPatch tests. Added USE_MPI_XTERM cmake option. (details)
  29. Add some Line tests for LocalPatch (details)
  30. jEnKiNSSSS (details)
  31. working on parallelizing edge (details)
  32. and FINALLY, edge models and patches have a serial parallel equivalency test that passes! (details)
  33. parenthesis misplacement (details)
  34. Nodal Mode only supports LocalPatch now. Also added getEField() method to MDG (details)
  35. left full nodal mode on... (details)
  36. it was actually a struct (details)
  37. made the nodal switch a run time one so that at least jenkins has to compile the nodal bits, even if they're not tested much yet (details)
  38. removing ElementDual amongst other things (details)
  39. apparently needed to include array.hpp from boost? (details)
  40. added boost version dependent serialization for array (details)
  41. edges always use global node numbering. Fixed bug with sub-cell index and reversed edges (details)
  42. serialization is in the MPI folder correctly (details)
  43. Various LocalPatch fixes (details)
  44. fixes to update local2globalBoundaryMap issues (details)
  45. removed constructEdgeMap() (details)
  46. forgot to actually send the serialization (details)
  47. f2d localpatch DG test move, refactor in progress. (details)
  48. converted the 1D edge tests to LocalPatch (details)
  49. the 2D local patch test now works for LocalPatch. Also minor typos in the other two tests (details)
  50. split out test function into separate testing header. Also include blocker for make_unique.h (details)
  51. bloody typo (details)
  52. misnamed (details)
  53. 3D edge local split and test. (details)
  54. a 4D test. It can't actually call yet as Cory has left some developer exceptions in place, but this should work in the future (details)
  55. tidy up (details)
  56. a bunch of non-passing tests. Also testing the exception throwing from the edge local constructor (details)
  57. assertion tests working (details)
  58. More local patch updates (details)
  59. refactor, debugging field2d_local_split_DG (details)
  60. broke the checkLocalField test function out of the grid checker. Can now pass a local and a global field and check the transfer for all elements within. Doesn't check interior traces yet. (details)
  61. asserted can only use the test with XField_LocalPatch (details)
  62. Added 2D Edge Split LocalPatch tests (details)
  63. Move more XFeid2D local edge tests (details)
  64. Created XField3D_LocalPatch and removed old tests (details)
  65. Remove overloded nDOF and DOF functions in XField_LocalPatch (details)
  66. Alow high-order hierarchical meshes with LocalPatch (details)
  67. added a test to compare the serial edge model construction between the old 'at node' technique and the new parallel friendly 'edge map' version. Seems to have been done correctly, so unsure what is causing the bug now... (details)
  68. Updated 2D XField Element Dual LocalPatch tests (details)
  69. work in progress. working tool functions, working on unit tests. (details)
  70. renamed field_localpatch_edge_cg_btest.h to ..._toolkit.h (details)
  71. More XField LocalPatch unit test conversions (details)
  72. name fix (details)
  73. name fix pt. ii (details)
  74. Parallelized some LocalPatch tests (details)
  75. Checking that the error1_list and step_matrix_list match the old serial implementation. Still passing. wth (details)
  76. asserted assumption of error0>=0 and adding exception catch tests (details)
  77. the new synthesize_edge works in serial! Using a pifld(), a pointer to the indicator field instead of to the estimate field (details)
  78. And with those bug fixes, we now have parallel edge solves (details)
  79. Fix so local boundary patches are always consistent with hashing (details)
  80. forgot to change NField to Field. Also a grid for the ErrorModel test (details)
  81. forgot to turn off FULL_NODAL. Also removed the local function call that will be eroneous in guture (details)
  82. forgot another NField() (details)
  83. Merge from hcarson/develop (details)
  84. field2d_localpatch_dg_btest done. (details)
  85. pull fix (details)
  86. Merge conflicts (details)
  87. xfield2d_localpatch_btest done, working, added. (details)
  88. traceorientation signed sealed delivered also tested. (details)
  89. Set unit normal sign for 1D XField_Lagrange. Rename a bunch of LocalPatch tests. (details)
  90. Updated LocalPatch Element DG tests (details)
  91. ??? (details)
  92. Lots of Local updates (details)
  93. removed solution transfer from xfield test. (details)
  94. xfield4d_localpatch_element_dg_btest started up. (details)
  95. almost there... (details)
  96. added 24ptope to xfield4d_localpatch_element_dg_btest. (details)
  97. refactored XField4D_library to actually say it's a 6 pentatope case (details)
  98. Lots of Local updates (details)
  99. Remove the local patch #if switch (details)
  100. Removed moew XField_Local (details)
  101. Relaxed some tolerances (details)
  102. added 6ptope test (details)
  103. unit suite naming fix (details)
  104. Removed the last use of old XField local (details)
  105. Depricated old local XFields (details)

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