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Started 3 yr 2 mo ago
Took 13 hr on reynolds

#267 (Oct 3, 2020, 9:17:42 AM)

  1. First pass at structuring TCNE pde, a little messy (details)
  2. TCNE stuff (details)
  3. relocate QauxvInterpret forward declaration in prep for 3D stuff (details)
  4. Added basic stuff for 3D IBL (details)
  5. Minor cleanup (details)
  6. Initial pass on PDEIBL3D (details)
  7. Filled in 3D IBL closure with fully 3D components set to zero (details)
  8. Added BCNone for IBL3D (details)
  9. added a working version of sandbox case for IBL3D (details)
  10. Added a sheet grid of triangles in 3D for IBL3D (details)
  11. Added instantiation (details)
  12. Intermediate commit (details)
  13. Working on integrands for first 3D IBL case (details)
  14. More fixes to integrand classes for IBL3D (details)
  15. Fixed instantiations for IBL3D (details)
  16. Add explicit instantiations and fix typos in closure class (details)
  17. Initial version of local Cartesian basis construction for 3D IBL (details)
  18. Minor cleanup (details)
  19. Fix constuction of q1 and q2 vectors in case of stagnation flows (details)
  20. Add velocity gradient calculation in cell integrand of 3D IBL (details)
  21. Refactor and add a 2D stagnation flow test case (details)
  22. Add a 3D quad grid (details)
  23. Update cmake list for unit grid test (details)
  24. Fix typo in 3D quad sheet grid (details)
  25. fix bug in qauxv gradient calculation in 3D IBL cell integrand (details)
  26. Fix the scale and dimension of dissipation integral in 3D integral (details)
  27. fix a typo in thickness identity (details)
  28. Add more options to 3D IBL stagnation flow case, including quad grid, solution initialization, (details)
  29. one more bug fix in cell integrand for 3D IBL (details)
  30. Bugfix in calculation of trace unit normal vector for area cells in 3D (details)
  31. Add Nishida's crossflow closure.  Add pyrite check of stagnation flow case for 3D IBL.  Minor addition for debugging in PDEIBL3D (details)
  32. fix dependents of refactoring of GetSolnDofCell_IBL (details)
  33. Add a 3D flat plate source panel method but haven't tested yet (details)
  34. intermediate commit: minor clenaup and add guards. (details)
  35. intermediate commit: working on 3D coupled IBL for torpedo cass (details)
  36. add 3x3 equation system (details)
  37. typo fix. add partial instantiations for system 3x3 vector and matrix types (details)
  38. add linesearch data type for 3x3 equation system (details)
  39. add missing include (details)
  40. intermediate commit: fix many compiling errors in the way of running torpedo case for IBL3D. switching computer to continue the work... (details)
  41. refactor projection to Qauxi (details)
  42. add interior trace integrand for projection onto Qauxi (details)
  43. minor fix (details)
  44. add instantiations for IBL3D torpedo case (details)
  45. add instantiations for coupled IBL3D (details)
  46. remove unnecessary assert (details)
  47. fix for coupled IBL case to compile and run (details)
  48. fix uninitialized dummy DOFs (details)
  49. fix setDOFFrom in Qauxv 3D (missing q_y previously) (details)
  50. Coupled 3D IBL case converged on some simple variants of the torpedo case: linear and mildly nonlinear radial velocity distribution with attached laminar BLs (details)
  51. Tried triangle grid as well: fine on radially linear velocity distribution but couldn't converge on a more nonlinear case (details)
  52. cleaned up unused stuff (details)
  53. refactor SetIBLoutputCellGroup to accommodate both 3D and 2D IBL (details)
  54. remove outdated include (details)
  55. more refactoring of SetIBLoutputCellGroup for 3D IBL.  working progress.  switching computer (details)
  56. intermediate commit. switching computer. (details)
  57. enable tecplot output for 3D IBL (details)
  58. added PyDict options for Verbose and writeMarketMatrix for UMFPACK (details)
  59. add full-state BC for IBL3D with corresponding boundary trace integrand.  verified on an uncoupled Blasius case (details)
  60. add a coupled IBL3D Blasius case (details)
  61. implement PTC for coupled IBL 3x3 system (details)
  62. add commented-out stuff for turning off laminar amplification and lag equations in IBL3D (details)
  63. fix typo in commented-out stuff (details)
  64. enable rotated mesh for IBL3D torpedo case (details)
  65. set up a torpedo with grid aligned with xy axes.  turned off laminar amplification and lag equations [need to be brought back after testing purely laminar BLs] (details)
  66. minor change to test case (details)
  67. minor refactoring on Blasius inflow BC params (details)
  68. rename test cases (details)
  69. speed up panel-related jacobian calculation using cached influence matrix in place of surrealized qauxifld (details)
  70. add jacobian timing for refactoring purpose (details)
  71. add similar (to DBL3) Falkner-Skan inflow bc for IBL3D with non-constant inflow state. set up a tornado case with rotated xy grid to compare with DBL3 (details)
  72. minor refactoring of test cases (details)
  73. remove trivial zero z velocity component to speed up panel method (details)
  74. minor refactoring (details)
  75. typo fix (details)
  76. precompute inviscid velocity for panel, which resulted in O(10) speedup in related residual calculation. fix DOF indexing in residual/jacobian precomputation (details)
  77. define macro to comment off some lines for timing/refactoring (details)
  78. minor comments (details)
  79. add ping test for coupled IBL in 3x3 block system (details)
  80. attempt to mirror tets in XField3D_Box_Tet_X1_WakeCut (details)
  81. reverted to original prism-split coding; remainder of code is hard-coded for the (details)
  82. fix typo in Cf2 closure, although it didn't change the torpedo case results much (details)
  83. Fix dot for VectorBlock (details)
  84. added PyDict control of wake & Kutta Nitsche parameters (details)
  85. Added test of sourceCoarse and sourceFine for RANSSA with artificial viscosity. (details)
  86. Added missing sourceCoarse and sourceFine functions from pressure gradient sensor and added unit test (details)
  87. added PyDict solve check option to UMFPACK; currently commented out actual check (details)
  88. Fixes for checking the UMFPACK solve (details)
  89. Missed adding PDEEulermitAVDiffusion2D.h to the commit. This file has specialized versions of sourceCoarse and sourceFine for a param that is a H-tensor and distance function. (details)
  90. add a wall term to dissipation relation of Nishida's closure, although it didn't affect things much (details)
  91. add a test case of fx67-k-170 airfoil (details)
  92. minor edit to output filenames at convergence failures (details)
  93. resolve merge conflict (details)
  94. changed default flux of IBL to LF flux (details)
  95. add a test case for drag polar (details)
  96. ran drag polar cases (details)
  97. refactored reference speed in transition model (details)
  98. typo fix (details)
  99. rename working directory (details)
  100. refator characteristic speed for PTC (details)
  101. refator characteristic speed for PTC (details)
  102. Add unit tests demonstrating that the step matrix calculation is stable to scaling (details)
  103. update pyrite files (details)
  104. refactor 3D IBL closure API to allow for alternative closure models (details)
  105. save 3D closure relations in a separate header (details)
  106. add neural net closure for 3D IBL (details)
  107. run drag polar on finer grids (details)
  108. switch to run on acdl desktop (details)
  109. fix memory leak warning caused by accessing index -1 (details)
  110. minor update (details)
  111. mucking with PETSc for IBL3 (details)
  112. instantiate MKL_PARDISO solver for matrix block 3x3 (details)
  113. tried MKL_PARDISO solver for IBL3 (details)
  114. Adding test that Explicitly calculating the step from the metric directly is not unstable. Cases in 2D and 3D, showing stability to an AR of 2^10 in 3D, and 2^64 in 2D. (details)
  115. minor typo fix (details)
  116. fix formatting (details)
  117. add mitLG BC for IBL3 (details)
  118. minor refactoring (details)
  119. switch to the same input parameters as DBL3 (details)
  120. add LF flux to IBL3 (details)
  121. Changes to ErrorModel to allow for the new exact nodal metric calculation (details)
  122. Changes to ErrorModel to allow for the new exact nodal metric calculation (details)
  123. pre merge add.... wth? (details)
  124. add Dirichlet mitLG inflow BC to a Blasius flow test case (details)
  125. Jenkins fix (details)
  126. reverting to the develop branch of ErrorModel (details)
  127. fixes to case (details)
  128. fixes to case (details)
  129. intermediate commit: added 4-equation neural net closure model.  working on 4-equation IBL3D pde class (details)
  130. remove extraneous tamplate keyword (details)
  131. Various changes for arthur: Commented the adjoint_wo_p things from SolverInterface_VMSD_BR2, reducing the memory reqs. Made the Deltawing adapts more uniform and fit with the plan. Added the Solve case for the VMSD delta wing. (details)
  132. added soruce terms for the lateral curvature equation of IBL3 (details)
  133. removed re-definition (details)
  134. refactored and added PDE and BC for four-equation 3D IBL class.  added a starting point for torpedo case (details)
  135. separated classes of 3D IBL and IBLFourEqn (details)
  136. generalized templates in IBL3-related integrands (details)
  137. added instantiations for four-equation 3D IBL (details)
  138. fixed instantiation typo (details)
  139. turned on verbose linesearch printout (details)
  140. added a visous-only Blasius case for 4-equation 3D IBL.  added a missing include (details)
  141. refactored reference coordinate gradient for speedup.  add/edit comments for clarity (details)
  142. typo fix: gradqe*E_qesq.  minor edits (details)
  143. turned off printout in unit testing (details)
  144. cosmetic changes (details)
  145. refactored neural net closure models: H22, Hd1, Hc2 (details)
  146. added output for four-equation 3D IBL (details)
  147. unit tests and associated modifications (details)
  148. fixed auxi equation (wall transpiration): previous mass flux missed crossflow component (details)
  149. previous fix to wall transpiration (auxi equation) didn't fix.  it is now fixed.  added unit test (details)
  150. minor tweak (details)
  151. minor cleanup (details)
  152. add velocity gradient output to IBL (details)
  153. add instantiation (details)
  154. added IBL3 closure relations in the form of analytic formulae (details)
  155. tested something with git (still learning this thing) (details)
  156. salt deposit #1 (updated files I accidentally erased...) (details)
  157. refactored neural net closure implementation (details)
  158. recoded jacobianMasterState method, still need to test it (details)
  159. added a set of IBL3 closure models based on analytic formulae (details)
  160. restored four-equation neural net closure to its original working state (details)
  161. switch to using 4-equation IBL3 closure based on analytic formulae.  results are similar or slightly better than neural net closure (details)
  162. fixed a typo (which fortunately wasn't used yet).  added exception throws (details)
  163. fixed include filename (details)
  164. removed redundant exceptions (details)
  165. Q1DConservative for TCNE is functionally completed (only needs aesthetic changes at this point) (details)
  166. refactored four-eqn IBL3 curve-fit closure (details)
  167. conformed to vera check: should not use "using namespace" in header files (details)
  168. fixed unit tests for after API refactoring (details)
  169. fixed unit tests for the  previous API refactoring (details)
  170. fixed ping tests: finite difference step size (details)
  171. added ping test for four-eqn IBL3 (details)
  172. added Blasius flow test case for four-eqn IBL3D. some cleanup (details)
  173. added include (details)
  174. added includes (details)
  175. checked four-eqn IBL3D on Blasius case and stagnation radial flow (details)
  176. added a stagnation flow toy case.  mucked with IBL3 for torpedo case (details)
  177. fixed toy case to keep up with API refactoring (details)
  178. added missing include related to MPI (details)
  179. suppresed file dump in system test (details)
  180. added assertions (details)
  181. add some derivates to the IBL3 output (details)
  182. relaxed pyrite tolerance (details)
  183. relaxed pyrite tolerance for intel compiler.  speed up ping test to avoid time-out (details)
  184. renamed output (details)
  185. added and refactored IBL3 output (details)
  186. make verbose_ if-tests consistent throughout (details)
  187. fixed screen dump for checkSolve_ when residuals above tolerance (details)
  188. added option to dump solution at each Newton iteration (details)
  189. added pressure gradient for space-time (details)
  190. added instantiations, etc, needed for log(p) variables with look-up porosity/permeability tables (details)
  191. added grid-Laplacian artificial viscosity for pressure; currently hard-coded diffusion coefficient (details)
  192. trying to fix gnu9 compiler warning (details)
  193. added "#include <utilities>" for std::move; added unit test for VectorBlock_3 (details)
  194. fixed vera line-length squawk (details)
  195. fixed vera line-length squawk (details)
  196. fixed vera line-length squawk (details)
  197. add a new curve fit model based on low-dissipative DBL3 data (details)
  198. allow for uncoupled/viscou-only IBL3 solution by tweaking the panel method (details)
  199. fixed VectorBlock_3 unit test; made ::m() and ::n() static, so 2, 3, and 4 are all consistent (details)
  200. forgot to save changes in the last commit... (details)
  201. relaxed Jenkins timeout threshold for some large ping tests (details)
  202. minor tweak (details)
  203. speed up ping test by turning off some redundant sub-block checks (details)
  204. fix cppcheck error (details)
  205. speed up ping test by turning off tests on some sub-blocks of the jacobian (details)
  206. added directory creation for output files (details)
  207. Don't use python2 with jenkins (details)
  208. removed old version of adjoint-compatible potential solver for Hershey wing (details)
  209. temporarily disabled tests involving artificial viscosity fluxes if USE_PRESSURE_AV defined (details)
  210. make VectorBlock test-suite names unique (so make unit_build works) (details)
  211. added unit tests for circulation integrations (details)
  212. added circulation integrations for lift & roll as functional outputs (details)
  213. Add Q3 and Q4 elements to Gmsh IO (details)
  214. clean-up of circulation-base functional code/test; added drag but #ifdef'ed out, as it's not complete (details)
  215. intermediate commit: working on hooking up PETSc for block algebraic equation system (details)
  216. Fix finding macOS Accelerate BLAS (details)
  217. cppcheck fixes for nightly (details)
  218. moving back to develop (details)
  219. add empty definition to fix undefined reference in weekly test (details)
  220. add empty definition to fix undefined reference in weekly test (details)
  221. add empty definition to fix undefined reference in weekly test (details)
  222. vera fix (details)
  223. added a new set of closure relations based on low-dissipation DBL3 data (details)
  224. updated RthCf1 correlation coefficient (details)
  225. fixed call to undefined function (details)
  226. removing unneeded test (details)
  227. minor updates to TCNE stuff (getting back into it) (details)
  228. added mitLG BC for four equation IBL3D (details)
  229. fixing unused var (details)
  230. Update for latest version of refine (details)
  231. missing space (details)
  232. Added to DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)
  233. End of week dump. (details)
  234. added pressure jump into source for AV sensor in two-phase porous media (details)
  235. minor changes to SPE10 test case: added #ifdef's for log(pn), table lookup; changed (details)
  236. added #define label for pressure jump in AV sensor source; updated unit test (details)
  237. added new closure option (but commented off for now). updated system test case for four-eqn IBL3D on stagnation flow BL (details)
  238. zero guard for smoothabs0 (details)
  239. updated unit tests to incorporate pressure jumps in sensor source for two-phase AV (details)
  240. Use 2 MPI processors on macOS with Jenkins. Make TetGen optional again. (details)
  241. Fix for finding boost (details)
  242. Some chemsitry model unit tests - need before source term testing. (details)
  243. Fix for 2 MPI procs on macOS (details)
  244. Various CMake fixes (details)
  245. Fix BuildBoost (details)
  246. vibrational relaxation time unit tests (details)
  247. LIP solver can consume CAPS mesh (details)
  248. Update minimum ESP version to 1.18 (details)
  249. Relax EGADS version requirement (details)
  250. Fix link error (details)
  251. Missed a file (details)
  252. More link error fixes (details)
  253. More link fixes (details)
  254. Exlicit Exception instantiations. Bias for Python 3 with CMake (details)
  255. added continuousGlobalMap() for block 2x2 AES (details)
  256. PETSc now works for coupled IBL3 block AES 3x3 (details)
  257. minor refactoring (details)
  258. cleaned up and merged sandbox cases (details)
  259. use reference velocity scale consistently (details)
  260. turned on quasi-2D closure relations for 3-eq 3D IBL (details)
  261. Missed one instantiation. More optional TetGen fixes (details)
  262. Various small fixes (details)
  263. added exceptions for petsc MPI implementations for block AES 3x3 (details)
  264. turned off 3D IBL transition and lag equations for system test (for now) (details)
  265. turned off some TBD MPI stuff in petsc block AES 3x3 to avoid compiling errors (details)
  266. fixed unused variable warnings (details)
  267. fix compiling error in sandbox case (details)
  268. Added quasi-2D turbulent closure to four-eqn IBL3 formulation (details)
  269. fixed deprecated macro (details)
  270. First set of updates from cleaning up develop branch. Contains code and tests related to adding a spatially varying a-field (i.e. from previous adapt soln) in Homotopy (details)
  271. Removed sourceCoarse and sourceFine in lieu of sourceTraceJump (details)
  272. Move Surreal into SANS namespace (details)
  273. Forgot a file (details)
  274. Missed MPI SurrealS (details)
  275. Add missing include (details)
  276. Remove SurrealS(Real,Real) constructor (details)
  277. More fixes for modified Surreal (details)
  278. Fix warnings (details)
  279. Setup to run VMSDBR2 on fixed Joukowski meshes (details)
  280. Fix uninitialized variable warnings (details)
  281. Fix vera warning (details)
  282. src/LinearAlgebra/ (details)
  283. First pass at prototyping a globally constrained algebraic equation set (details)
  284. Updates to globally constrained equations to include condensation of matrix in PETSc (details)
  285. Updates for first round of parallelizing the homotopy (details)
  286. Parallel homotopy appears to be working (details)
  287. EGADS interface refactoring. Added meanline blade. (details)
  288. Fixes for EGTess (details)
  289. More fixes to the EGADS cleanup (details)
  290. More EGADS fixes (details)
  291. Fix compile error (details)
  292. Fix warning (details)
  293. Fix more warnings (details)
  294. A few tweeks on the homotopy and 3D set up (details)
  295. Updated interface for globally constrained equations so the jacobian for the pde and the constraints are in seperate functions (details)
  296. The small problem for static condensation is calculated on one processor then broadcast, that way there are on finite precision inconsistencies (details)
  297. Added template parameter to determine if (PETSc) should do a shur complement from block 2x2. Note, if we're not using PETSc, then the block matrix is solved as is. This is because the shur complement is only a work around for parallel communication issues. (details)
  298. ... because if you hard code tecplot for 4 levels of grid refinement on output you get a 300Gb tecplot file in 3D ... (details)
  299. Refactor CubicCamber. Add Normal vector field. (details)
  300. Forgot files (details)
  301. Add missing includes (details)
  302. Number of global constraints is now a runtime option. The global coupling uses a CRS matrix structure, as opposed to MatrixD, since the CRS structure is already there. (details)
  303. Fixed bug with small system decomposition. The matrix was incorrectly sized for runtime constraints (details)
  304. Fix field normal vector check for parallel (details)
  305. Resolved issues that came up due to merging (details)
  306. First pass at prototyping a globally constrained algebraic equation set (details)
  307. Updates to globally constrained equations to include condensation of matrix in PETSc (details)
  308. Updates for first round of parallelizing the homotopy (details)
  309. Parallel homotopy appears to be working (details)
  310. A few tweeks on the homotopy and 3D set up (details)
  311. Updated interface for globally constrained equations so the jacobian for the pde and the constraints are in seperate functions (details)
  312. The small problem for static condensation is calculated on one processor then broadcast, that way there are on finite precision inconsistencies (details)
  313. Added template parameter to determine if (PETSc) should do a shur complement from block 2x2. Note, if we're not using PETSc, then the block matrix is solved as is. This is because the shur complement is only a work around for parallel communication issues. (details)
  314. ... because if you hard code tecplot for 4 levels of grid refinement on output you get a 300Gb tecplot file in 3D ... (details)
  315. Number of global constraints is now a runtime option. The global coupling uses a CRS matrix structure, as opposed to MatrixD, since the CRS structure is already there. (details)
  316. Fixed bug with small system decomposition. The matrix was incorrectly sized for runtime constraints (details)
  317. Clean up after merging from develop (details)
  318. More merging issues (details)
  319. Added RotorSource for Euler equations (details)
  320. Various small fixes (details)
  321. Fix compile error (details)
  322. A few more fixes (details)
  323. Fix unit test error (details)
  324. Bulk of unit tests done. (details)
  325. Update refine libraries (details)
  326. src/ (details)
  327. Missing unit tests and ability to daisy chain globally constrained algebraic equation sets (details)
  328. Missed an update for the serial version of PETSc (details)
  329. Further speed improvements (details)
  330. Fix VMSDBR2 adjoint bug. Update refine build. (details)
  331. Some fixes for the Rotor source (details)
  332. Trying DG Normal vector field (details)
  333. Correction to Rotor source (details)
  334. One more fix to Rotor source (details)
  335. One more fix (details)
  336. updated file names (details)
  337. updated file names (round 2) (details)
  338. Fixed warnings and other minor things (details)
  339. 150 char line error fix (details)
  340. used brackets for matrix call, fixed now (details)
  341. Some cleanup of PETSc Shur solve (details)
  342. Fixes for MKL with Block 2x2 (details)
  343. Bug fixes for homotopy and some 3D bugs (details)
  344. Fixed a few bug (undefined param and timeout) (details)
  345. fixed stack-buffer-overflow error in temperature data structures (details)
  346. Missing instantiations, BC that only existed for local testing purposes removed. (details)
  347. fixed read access error from electron indexing bug (details)
  348. fixed compiler warnings (details)
  349. dropped tol to 1e-11 from 1e-12, removed extra {} that may have been causing an issue (details)
  350. renamed test suite (explicitly added TCNE to name) - was causing conflict error (details)
  351. SANS_Nightly fix, efma line compiler warning deleted (details)
  352. updated reverse reaction rate temperature calculations (details)
  353. Add trace quadrature checking to isValidCell_VMSD. (details)
  354. Refactored global constraintes (details)
  355. Forgot files (details)
  356. Compile fixes (details)
  357. Fix unit test (details)
  358. Added a new ParamFieldBuilder specialization for (log-permeability, porosity, gen-H) param fields. Added a unit test. (details)
  359. added pde/IncompressibleNS (details)
  360. added 1D incompressible NS for fully developed channel flow with sansLG Robin BCs (details)
  361. added 2nd weighting parameter to weightBC; 1st parameter is for Dirichlet / adjoint state, (details)
  362. added 2nd weighting parameter to weightBC; missed one file (details)
  363. added Robin_sansLG BC catagory (details)
  364. IO file check flag -> true (details)
  365. 1D incompressible NS solver for fully developed channel flow (details)
  366. bug fixes (details)
  367. Major refactor of the two-phase PDE classes to support a (log-permeability, porosity) param-field. The artificial viscosity classes use a (log-permeability, porosity, log-H) param-field. (details)
  368. Updated ErrorEstimate_DGBR2 instantiations (details)
  369. Updated tests. All unit and system tests compile now. (details)
  370. added test for -Identity() initializer (details)
  371. Fix so -DLA::Identity() works properly (details)
  372. added BCs for 1D RANS-SA for channel flow (details)
  373. unit tests for 1D RANS-SA for channel flow (details)
  374. unit tests: missed one (details)
  375. unit test output pattern test files (details)
  376. 1D RANS-SA test case for fully developed channel flow -- preliminary (details)
  377. updated test case (details)
  378. More refactoring to get sandbox cases to compile. (details)
  379. Fixed a unit test. (details)
  380. Missed a sandbox case. (details)
  381. Reverting include path for boost output_test_stream (details)
  382. made algebraic eqn-set files more consistent between Galerkin and Galerkin_Stabilized (details)
  383. instantiated VectorS<2> output (details)
  384. Updated discretizations and PDE interfaces to use both paramL and paramR when evaluating fluxAdvectiveUpwind or fluxAdvectiveUpwindSpaceTime. This is important for the two-phase flow PDE, where the temporal flux depends on the porosity param-field value (which can be heterogeneous). (details)
  385. Update 2D ugrid reader for UNFORATTED (.r8.ugrid) files. (details)
  386. Fix warning (details)
  387. Fix warning (details)
  388. added Robin BC dot product tests; currently commented out, since they fail to compile (details)
  389. added Tensor-Vector dot-products: e.g. dot( VectorX, TensorMatrixQ ) (details)
  390. clean up: MatrixS<D,D,MatrixQ> -> TensorMatrixQ (details)
  391. needed additional #include's (details)
  392. added ND ctor for BCs: BC( PDE, BCArgs ) (details)
  393. added dist parameters to certain functions; added jacobianMasterState; code clean-up (details)
  394. added skin friction / drag output for 1D incompressible NS channel flow (details)
  395. added #if's to try different combinations of '(gradphi . K . nHat) betaBC^t rsdBC'; (details)
  396. Updated FV-TPFA discretization to work for heterogeneous properties + some cleanup. (details)
  397. Added missing includes (details)
  398. removed dot-products supporting (K . nHat) operator in Robin_sansLG BCs, and reverted (details)
  399. added IncompressibleNSLib to unit test builders (details)
  400. latest sandbox tests for 1D fully developed channel flow (details)
  401. Updated global contraints. Solve rotor speed at specified power. (details)
  402. Compile fixes (details)
  403. Add missing files (details)
  404. added optional parameter to output_gnuplot for number of points per element (default remains 11) (details)
  405. code cleanup for 1D NS/RANS (details)
  406. solution function for 1D RANS: analytic law-of-the-wall for SA (details)
  407. missed a pattern file (details)
  408. missed a unit test file (details)
  409. updated 1D RANS fully developed channel flow case to (a) work, (b) output useful data, (details)
  410. Fix all output functionals to properly work in parallel (details)
  411. name change for test suite to avoid link conflict for 'make unit' (details)
  412. Fix compile error (details)
  413. Compile fix (details)
  414. Missing include (details)
  415. More missing includes (details)
  416. More missing includes (details)
  417. reverted to depricated include directory for <boost/test/unit_test.hpp> (details)
  418. More missing include fixes (details)
  419. Upgrade to AFLR 10.8.7 (details)
  420. Update AFLR libraries (details)
  421. src/ (details)
  422. Updated BC::isValidState interface so mitState BCs can check if the boundary state generated is also valid (details)
  423. Removed file that didn't work out and shouldn't have been commited (details)
  424. Fix AFLR library order (details)
  425. Formatting fixes (details)
  426. Missing instantiation and arguments flipped causing a unit test to fail (details)
  427. Fixes for AFLR4 and EGADS updates (details)
  428. Fix for wake sheets (details)
  429. Various small fixes (details)
  430. Allow specified interior traces (details)
  431. Compile fixes. Allow UnionJack to work in parallel (details)
  432. Fix compile error (details)
  433. removed 1D incompressible NS channel flow test case -- won't compile due to double (details)
  434. Fixes for parallel specified interior traces. Added ParkMMS and EntropyProduction output. (details)
  435. Forgot files (details)
  436. Fixes for parallel interior traces (details)
  437. Fix uninitialized data (details)
  438. Fix intel warning (details)
  439. Added new SPE10 cases for time-marching FV and DGBR2+AV. (details)
  440. Fix parallel DG DOF indexing for multiple cell groups (details)
  441. fixes for jenkins squawks (details)
  442. Fix EG zombies (details)
  443. missing #include <vector> (details)
  444. fixed warning for un-used typedef (details)
  445. added isValidState with (x,time,nx,q) params for Dirichlet (details)
  446. Hardening ReadSolution_PX to throw uniformly across MPI if rank 0 fails to load the file. Can now use try catch around restart blocks! (details)
  447. fixed uninitialized variables in test (details)
  448. removed redundant instantiation (details)
  449. removed unneeded print statements and a typo (details)
  450. Nightly fixes (details)
  451. Various small fixes (details)
  452. Fix to erroneous logic (details)
  453. Make safe_at work for any container type, and reduce code duplication (details)
  454. Nightly fixes (details)
  455. More nightly fixes (details)
  456. fixed nightly warning on unused variable (details)
  457. Relax execution time (details)
  458. Changed isValid to check: qbar + qp at cell quads, and qbar, qbar + qpL and qbar + qpR for interior traces. These are the only values used in flux evaluation (details)
  459. Fix accross spelling. Fix AFLR3 to distribute in parallel. Update interior trace parallel construction. (details)
  460. Reduce maximum grid size for PDESourceOnly_Projection_btest (details)
  461. Add latest PETSc version (details)
  462. Nightly fix (details)
  463. Various CMake fixes (details)
  464. Fix for building Tetgen (details)
  465. Don't ues intel compiler to compile TetGen (details)
  466. Nightly fix (details)
  467. Relax tolerance for nightly test (details)
  468. Update refine, TetGen, and AFLR. Added ParameterDictList for a list of dictionaries. Rename MeanlineBlade to CamberBlade. (details)
  469. Correct AFLR version (details)
  470. Forgot tetgen patch (details)
  471. Various fixes (details)
  472. Fix library order (details)
  473. Relax ping tolerance (details)
  474. Comment out file dump (details)
  475. Nightly fixes (details)

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