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Started 3 yr 6 mo ago
Took 7 hr 27 min on reynolds

debug_gnu6,reynolds (May 30, 2020, 2:08:52 AM)

  1. instantiation of vectors for 1D Euler (details)
  2. added williams sparse quadrature, and tests, and everything seems to be working! (details)
  3. added some stuff (details)
  4. quadrature update. (details)
  5. 1D+T AD adapt case added. (details)
  6. need to fix boundaryoutput for vmsd case im workin on. (details)
  7. updated quadrature and quad testing and also unit tests. (details)
  8. corrected merge error (details)
  9. jenkins fixes (details)
  10. jenkins fixes (details)
  11. Various small fixes for Windoze (details)
  12. Fix last commit (details)
  13. slight change to quad test, nightly fix. (details)
  14. update, turn off quadrature sandbox for jenkins (details)
  15. update, turn off quadrature sandbox for jenkins 2nd try (details)
  16. Added WriteMesh_ugrid. Add 2D ugrid read/write (details)
  17. Fix compile error (details)
  18. Properly cleanup ugrid testing files (details)
  19. Fix warning (details)
  20. Nightly fixes (details)
  21. Upgrade AFLR version (details)
  22. added 2D moment, pressure drag, and viscous drag outputs (details)
  23. added ability to write qpfld restart file (details)
  24. created Q1 version of multi-element test case (details)
  25. fixes for refine test case (details)
  26. slight change to test case (details)
  27. 2D VMSDBR2 + RANSSA + AV instantiations (details)
  28. missing instantiations and functions for RANSSA + AV (details)
  29. Q1 AV test case (details)
  30. initial mesh characteristics stuff (details)
  31. element counter/finder, for 2D (details)
  32. cleaned up file (details)
  33. Revert "initial mesh characteristics stuff" (details)
  34. added some derived surface quantities (details)
  35. fixed formatting issues (details)
  36. missed some trailing spaces (details)
  37. removed duplicate instantiation (details)
  38. fixed a warning (details)
  39. Nightly fix (details)
  40. Fix to work with Boost 1.73. Replace 'unsinted long' with 'uintptr_t' in triangle (details)
  41. fixed another warning (details)
  42. Fix formatting (details)
  43. Fix linearization bug in VMSDBR2 (details)

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