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Started 1 yr 6 mo ago
Took 15 min on reynolds

Build #67 (Apr 4, 2022, 9:01:47 AM)

  1. Another mechanical power correction (details)
  2. Remove Sensor template from AVSensor_Source3D_PressureGrad (details)
  3. Fix compile error (details)
  4. Return delta's for both LE and TE edges for BodyForces (details)
  5. Add Deviation Angle Square output function for Body Forces (details)
  6. Missing include (details)
  7. More compile fixes (details)
  8. Fix compile warnings (details)
  9. Revert MechanicalPower calculation. Fix InteriorTrace partitioning for JacobianFunctionalInteriorTrace. Fixes for body force optimization. (details)
  10. Use consistent limited gradients in PrimitiveSurrogate_btest (details)
  11. Fix warnings (details)
  12. Verbose output for computing BodyForce gradients (details)
  13. Compile fix for using grid laplacian (details)
  14. Fix PETSc/TAO deprecation warnings (details)
  15. Update to supersonic test case (details)
  16. Working supersonic case for develop (details)
  17. Try again to see if tests time out (details)

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