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Build #65 (Mar 24, 2022, 3:37:02 PM)

  1. Implementing N wave problem for Burgers using Advection Diffusion (details)
  2. Removed one variable. (details)
  3. Added Darmofal changes to Nwave code. (details)
  4. More changes (details)
  5. Changed OutputNDConvert to match Dave's (details)
  6. Added mitStateSpaceTime BC for 1D Advection Diffusion (details)
  7. More changes to get Nwave boom propagation working (details)
  8. Redid unit test for nwave (details)
  9. just renaming (details)
  10. add derivative calculation for IBL3 laminar eigen-analysis (details)
  11. More cppcheck fixes (details)
  12. More body force output functionals (details)
  13. switched to constant density gas model for IBL (details)
  14. Remove lienar VMSD and perturbed functions (details)
  15. Relax tolerance (details)
  16. added sansBOOM PDE directories; added standard atmosphere (details)
  17. Remove _NL VMSD suffix (details)
  18. Relax timing (details)
  19. fixed vera squawk (details)
  20. refactoring to to keep up with the constant-density gas model in IBL3 (details)
  21. Enable output functionals on BodyForce LE/TE surfaces (details)
  22. Fix body force relative output functionals (details)
  23. Relax tolerance (details)
  24. Realxer tolerance (details)
  25. more refactoring to to keep up with the constant-density gas model in IBL3 (details)
  26. Turbulence model constructor and unit test formatting changes. Functional SA-Catris models and framework for SA-LRe and SA-R models as well. (details)
  27. minor compile error/warning fix (details)
  28. Pulling in updates for the asymptotically consistent error estimate in VMSD. PDEs have gained an additional typedef, the type of the consistent part of the PDE. This is just the PDEs type for almost all PDEs. New PDE types have been added for using the asymptotic consistency correction for Euler/NS/RANSSA with sensor based artificial diffusion (the originals have been retained for the time being). Updates to the problem interface and the error estimation classes for VMSDBR2 have also been made. Using the asymptotically consistent correction requires some additional data, but the interface for problems not needing that functionality are unchanged. (details)
  29. updated pyrite files (details)
  30. Cleaned up AVSensor_Source2D.h a little bit to remove some unused code. (details)
  31. Missed vera warning (details)
  32. Forgot to turn off verbose and file output (details)
  33. Missed another vera warning (details)
  34. relaxed tolerance (details)
  35. Fix so 2D avro works for wirebody (details)
  36. Added a N-S case of laminar BL (details)
  37. Fixed the remaining clang and gnu11 compiler warnings. (details)
  38. cleaned up NS laminar BL sandbox case (details)
  39. Separated findElement() function into a dedicated file (details)
  40. Refactored findTraceElement to use simple bounding box check without resorting to the kd-tree hammer...  Added unit test (details)
  41. Refactor Homotopy so it can be used with any PDE (details)
  42. Fix warnings (details)
  43. Expose Viscous body force coefficients as user inputs (details)
  44. Nightly fixes (details)
  45. Added BL profile extraction capability to a NS sandbox case (details)
  46. Refactored 3D Tet flat plate grid.  Added mutable access to AES in solver interface (but only able to use it by commenting out exception).  More refactoring to NS laminar BL sandbox case (details)
  47. minor cleanup of sandbox case (details)
  48. fixed warnings: size_t vs int (details)
  49. turned off projection between different grids when doing solution sequencing because it does not work due to (probably) a bug... (details)
  50. Fix mistake in body force (details)
  51. Change some QCR variable types in PDERANS and other formatting changes for successful make check. Updated PDERANS and b_test to be consistent with current changes on develop (details)
  52. fixed warnings: size_t vs int (details)
  53. bug fix in user input (details)
  54. fixed style. minor tweak in PETSc setup in a test case (details)
  55. Refactored grid and test case for NS LamiBL (details)
  56. Changes to diffusionViscous and diffusionViscousGradient unit tests to check Catris variations. Still working on the formatting but will push this version for now (details)
  57. Pushing again with vera changes. Something seems to be up with my vera check (details)
  58. Another vera message I did not see before sending (details)
  59. Relaxed convergence tolerance in a test case (details)
  60. Further formatting changes to PDERANS and another vera error I missed initially (details)
  61. Further formatting changes fixing most of the alignment issues and getting rid of the -= (details)
  62. Refactored BL sampling function in NS LamiBL test case (details)
  63. Add ddelta dump for RotorSource (details)
  64. Fix warning (details)
  65. Working Changes: Finalized AD Burgers test case for boom propagation (details)
  66. Small cleanup (details)
  67. Remove output_grm (details)
  68. Wording changes to SATurbModel and shortening of nonc variables (details)
  69. Fixed long line.  Separated functions into a cpp file (details)
  70. Fixed compile and linker errors in findTraceElement(...) (details)
  71. Added support for S-shaped duct geomerty in flat plate grid in 3D (details)
  72. adding in the first go at untest SA_R and SA_LRe modifications for 2D. Also making sure all pushes are going through before moving on. (details)
  73. fixed file I/O mode (details)
  74. added check for file I/O (details)
  75. Added a sin duct geometry for IBL3 sandbox case (details)
  76. Initial commit of sansBOOM PDE implementation with the advective and viscous terms defined (details)
  77. refactored Flux_mitState BC implementation for IBL3 to use fluxNormal() instead of evaluating it in the integrand class (details)
  78. Minor fixes for artificial viscosity (details)
  79. Turned on mitLG Dirichlet BC for LIP-IBL3 case at inlet.  Fixed buggy isValidState check that checks uninialized boundary state qB (details)
  80. Initial implementation of sansBOOM BCs and Adapt2D_DGBR2_sansBOOM_toy (details)
  81. Forgot to commit a few lines (details)
  82. Some more edits to sansBOOM PDE/BC implementation (details)
  83. Changed default xtr parameter in IBL transition model from max Real (causing floating point overflow error) to 1e5 (details)
  84. Fixed (1) division by zero in cut-cell natural transition and (2) unit test for default xtr value (details)
  85. Still not compiling.  Pushing to allow Marshall to look at N=1 issue (details)
  86. Initializing a variable in jacobianFluxViscous correctly (details)
  87. Allow PDE to use ArrayQ = VectorS<1,T> (details)
  88. Homotopy dict fixes (details)
  89. Final changes to LocalLaxFriedrichs1D flux function and AD Burgers toy (details)
  90. Remove GLPK (details)
  91. Missed one (details)
  92. Pushing current version of sansBOOM to repo (details)
  93. Enable 3D sourcePositivity for NS and RANSSA (details)
  94. Most recent mods to sansBOOM implementation (details)
  95. Removed changes to Lagrange Triangle (details)
  96. Fix compile error (details)
  97. Fixed Robin boundary condition for Euler/NS/RANSSA with sensor equation. Updated unit tests to reflect fix. (details)
  98. Compile fixes (details)
  99. Another compile fix (details)
  100. Corrected Vera errors (details)
  101. More compile fixes (details)
  102. Fix consistency test (details)
  103. Modified Discretization unit tests to be consistent with linesearch (details)
  104. Removed unused variable and changed abs -> fabs (details)
  105. Fix parallel HField calculations. Fix couchmanMatrix for RANS. Cleanup Homotopy. Add the abilty to only get possessed DOF even for Statically Condensed systems. (details)
  106. Fix compile errors (details)
  107. Added updated VMSDBR2 projection. Default is off. To turn on define USE_FULLSPACE_PRJECTION_METHOD_2 at the top of your sandbox case. (details)
  108. sansBOOM PDE, BC, Output implementation for DGBR2 with advection and diffusion terms (details)
  109. Adding two generalized cases to the sandbox to deal with gaps in avro use and SA RANS for adiabatic and isothermal flows. Will be good to keep these consistent with future homotopy and RANS changes (details)
  110. Removing flatplate xfld mesh option (details)
  111. removing xfield definition in supersonic case too (details)
  112. Fixed some missing instantiations needed for sansBOOM (details)
  113. A couple more instantiations added... this time because the intel compiler was complaining (though the other compilers were fine... ARGH) (details)
  114. Adjusting slightly tolerance on unit tests (details)
  115. Updates to BDF time marching to allow ramping of integration order to provide the needed order-dependent past data (details)
  116. Modified line search test and removed residual dat file (details)
  117. Cleanup BCmitAVsensor (details)
  118. Forgot new files (details)
  119. Allow Homotopy to use pre-defined BCVectors (details)
  120. Make AVSensor_Source_VMSD_SPD consistent between 2D and 3D (details)
  121. Fix compile errors (details)
  122. vera fix (details)
  123. Fix test for parallel (details)
  124. Cleanup file dump (details)
  125. Use Metric to compute HField_DG instead of size/perimiter (details)
  126. Add ResidualNorm_InvJac_DOF_Weighted to VMSDBR2 (details)
  127. Revert last change (details)
  128. Fix compile error, and more verbose assertion (details)
  129. Update unit tests (details)
  130. Another unit test update (details)
  131. Add ImpliedMetric for Line 2D element. (details)
  132. Fix unit test (details)
  133. Use SANS_CHECK_CLOSE (details)
  134. Remove Burgers PDE (details)
  135. Add dict function to DictKeyPair (details)
  136. Added Axisymmetric DBL scalar function in 2D with unit tests (details)
  137. Added vera exclusion for ScalarFunction2D (details)
  138. Updates to sansBOOM including improved IC implementation including ability to read nearfield from a file and also more unit tests (details)
  139. Compressible mechanical power calculation (details)
  140. Missing a newline at end of ICsansBOOM.cpp.  Fixed. (details)
  141. Missing a return statement (details)
  142. Found sign error in upwind flux in sansBOOM. (details)
  143. Fix compile error and warnings from new clang on macOS (details)
  144. Relax tolerance (details)
  145. Another warning fix (details)
  146. A few more warning fixes (details)
  147. More warning fixes for new clang (details)
  148. One more warning fix (details)
  149. Remove boost libary from external and add it to gitignore (details)
  150. More cleanup (details)
  151. Mechanical power correction (details)

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