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Build #108 (Feb 11, 2021, 8:51:41 AM)

  1. Removed some commented out lines that weren't necessary. Also correction to Ismail Roe flux, including adding the abosolute-value advective Jacobian. (details)
  2. Swapped entries in param-fields for Euler/NS/RANSSA with artificial diffusion to be consistent with the inheritance stucture (details)
  3. Fix compile warning and formatting errors (details)
  4. Had missed some arguments (details)
  5. Add RANS solve with body forces (details)
  6. Add missing include (details)
  7. Allow multiple wall groups for BodyForce wall distance (details)
  8. Compile error fix (details)
  9. Warning fixes (details)
  10. Enable AFLR BL meshes (details)
  11. Add PETSc numerica factorization time. Fix warning. Fix AFLR test. (details)
  12. Added flag to choose whether to include the sensor equation in the residual calculation and convergence checks (details)
  13. Removed default parameters in PDEmitAVSensor constructors associated with including the sensor equation in the residual calculation (details)
  14. Add Kyle Anderson 'boosting', but dissabled for now (details)

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