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Build #109 (Mar 3, 2021, 10:47:56 AM)

  1. 1st pass at VMSD version of SPE10 case; doesn't compile due to parameter conversion issue (details)
  2. Some compile fixes (details)
  3. added scaleFactor to fluxAdvectiveUpwindSpaceTime; added template params for different (details)
  4. make consistent with SolverInterface_DGBR2 (details)
  5. instantiations needed for VMSD space-time of two-phase porous media (details)
  6. instantitations needed for VMSD with AV applied to two-phase porous media (details)
  7. code cleanup; apart from minor checks, should be no change in functionality (details)
  8. modifications to VMSD-BR2 for lifted quantity; all functional changes incorporated (details)
  9. final fixed needed for successful build for VMSD with AV applied to SPE10 case; (details)
  10. added SANS_DEVELOPER_EXCEPTION's to no-opt functions in Dirichlet_sansLG BCs for VMSD-BR2 (details)
  11. added SANS_DEVELOPER_EXCEPTION's to no-opt functions in Dirichlet_mitLG BCs for VMSD-BR2 (details)
  12. added asymptotic version of SA log-law and SA wall function; changed parameters, (details)
  13. added highRe flag to 1D incompressible RANS-SA for high Reynolds number version of equations (details)
  14. added wall function BC for 1D incompressible RANS-SA (details)
  15. solver for 1D incompressible RANS-SA: cases: ZPG or channel flow; models: full vs high-Re with (details)
  16. 1st attempt at full-potential with virtual displaced wake; won't compile (details)
  17. spacing mods; no change to functionality (details)
  18. Fix compile errors. (details)
  19. eliminated commented out code (some of which went over 150 characters) (details)
  20. added PDE functions needed for CG (GLS); most are non-functional and throw developer (details)
  21. added verbose switch to turn on extra output for local solves; hard-coded to false (details)
  22. instantiations needed for CG space-time of two-phase porous media (details)
  23. made ctors more consistent with DG-BR2; needed for CG space-time two-phase (details)
  24. fixed param builder call; code cleanup on BOUNDARY_INTEGRAL #ifdef (details)
  25. minor tweak to verbose output (details)
  26. mpi bug fix for verbose solution/jacobian dumps (details)
  27. added VMSD and unstabilized CG test cases for benign 2D space-time two-phase; (details)
  28. added diagnostics to SANS_ASSERT check (details)
  29. Add rotor source tecplot dump (details)
  30. test fix: added required Dirichlet data for PyDict (details)
  31. added PyDict option for including viscous fluxes in BCNone (default = false, no viscous fluxes); (details)
  32. corrected PDE/BC dump files (details)
  33. Forgot a file (details)
  34. Fix segfault (details)
  35. Fix bug in lean for camber blade (details)
  36. Add quadratic camberline (details)
  37. Upgrade intel compiler (details)
  38. Add some instantiations (details)
  39. Update MKL path for Intel oneAPI (details)
  40. Fixes for sansLIPAIM (details)
  41. fixed line-length squawk (details)
  42. Minor cleanup (details)
  43. Fix instantiations (details)
  44. made PyDict required parameter in ctor; moved discretization/stabilization parameter (details)
  45. made SolutionData* unit tests consistent with ctors (details)
  46. made sandbox codes consistent with changes to SolutionData*: (a) PyDict parameter (details)
  47. removed new unit test (committed too soon) (details)
  48. fixed unused variable squawk (details)
  49. moved stabilization parameter next to PDE consistent with SolutionData* (details)
  50. move stab parameter in SolutionData call (details)
  51. made system tests consistent with SolutionData* (details)
  52. removed duplicate look-up filename definitions (details)
  53. added required PyDict() argument to SolutionData* (details)
  54. removed CG two-phase test case (will bring it back later) (details)

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