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Build #110 (Mar 18, 2021, 9:22:18 AM)

  1. making file name conventions consistent: "Galerkin_Stablized" is anything involving (details)
  2. line length squawk (details)
  3. Nightly fixes (details)
  4. fixed some "_Stabilized" typos; removed unused includes from VMSD toys (details)
  5. fixed "_Stabilized" typos (details)
  6. fixed constructor bug for var args; now all ctors are consistent in "BCArgs&&... args" (details)
  7. Fix SANS_Commit script (details)
  8. Fix warning (details)
  9. Correct Brenner AV in 2D and add 3D (details)
  10. Arrary bound fix (details)
  11. Warning fixes and relax nightly tolerance (details)
  12. Don't try to use solutions from diverged linear solver (details)
  13. added second generalized-H tensor that gives M-type grid Laplacian; it is the (details)
  14. added second path that assumes incoming H field is same as original H^2 (computed (details)
  15. added second path that assumes incoming H field is J*J^t (computed (details)
  16. uncommented scaleArtificialViscosity function needed for Homotopy; added unit tests (details)
  17. fixed scalar-h code for 1D; clean-up for 2D/3D (details)
  18. Various small cleanups (details)
  19. Update unit tests (details)
  20. Missed one (details)
  21. Encapsulate regularization constants in one header (details)
  22. style ding (details)
  23. Dump out unconverged restart files (details)
  24. Dump out unconverged restart files (details)
  25. Added lines for extracting final qfld (details)
  26. Add AV to SA equation in 3D (details)
  27. Fix surreal type (details)
  28. Fix surreal type (details)
  29. Update test for previous commit (details)

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