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Build #112 (May 26, 2021, 4:20:19 AM)

  1. adding curvilinear transformation functionality (details)
  2. missed some files (details)
  3. added transformation function to ghost boundaries (details)
  4. added test case (details)
  5. cleaned up test case (details)
  6. fixed quad order bug and added assert that all quad orders are the same (details)
  7. fixed quadrature bug elsewhere and fixed warnings (details)
  8. added curvilinear transformation and unit tests (details)
  9. added missing includes (for std::shared_ptr) (details)
  10. added another missing include for std::shared_ptr (details)
  11. hopefully final include for shared_ptr (details)
  12. fixed cmakefiles (details)
  13. made some fixes for failing tests (details)
  14. fixed spacetime exception (details)
  15. quadOrder check shouldn't be done if using TopoD1 (details)
  16. updated unit tests for curvilinear transformation (details)
  17. cleaning up of failing unit tests (mainly changing some (details)
  18. forgot to delete something (details)
  19. removed unnecessary tecplot dumps (details)
  20. another attempt to make jenkins stop complaining, now explicitly (details)
  21. fixed warning (details)
  22. deleted unnecessary stuff and cleaned up some additional warnings (details)
  23. Fix RANS BC with Conservative variables. More RANSBC unit tests. Add smoothmin linearization. First attempt at blade optimization. (details)
  24. Forgot file (details)
  25. Add missing include (details)
  26. Missed a file (details)
  27. Compile error fixes (details)
  28. Missed one (details)
  29. added checkInputs calls when setting up transformation function (details)
  30. fixed memory issue when assigning qfld DOFs (details)
  31. deleted more unnecessary functions (details)
  32. Add EGADS ruled wrapper (details)
  33. Fix NormalField linearization. (details)
  34. Forgot some files (details)
  35. Add vectorization (details)
  36. Fix Surreal changes (details)
  37. bounding box should search along traces when using transformation even (details)
  38. Fix compile error (details)
  39. Fix ruled interface (details)
  40. Fix warning (details)
  41. Use PTC solve before constrained solve with blade optimization (details)
  42. Fix warning (details)
  43. Fix uninitialized data. Dissable normal field sensitivity for now. (details)
  44. Add missing instantiation (details)
  45. Fix BodyForce requiring pProp specified (details)
  46. Restore DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)
  47. lowered tolerance for test (details)
  48. Updated nu-max calculation when USE_GRID_LAPLACIAN is defined. Added a default argument to AVSensor_Source2D_TwoPhase to model a constant source term if needed. (details)
  49. Avoid failed solves when optimizing body force blades (details)
  50. Fix for last commit (details)
  51. Vera fixes (details)
  52. Change objective return on solve failure for BodyForce optimization (details)
  53. Update for CentOS 7 (details)

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