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Build #116 (Jul 27, 2021, 5:06:02 AM)

  1. Enabled move construction and assignment. (details)
  2. Added ability to output a temporary field containing the fully reconstructed p' adjoint (details)
  3. Added some more move constructors. (details)
  4. It's not a pointer you idiot. (details)
  5. fix to test file to actually call the write method (details)
  6. Enabled move construction and assignment. (details)
  7. Added some more move constructors. (details)
  8. Added ability to output a temporary field containing the fully reconstructed p' adjoint (details)
  9. Fixed missing method for dumping the perturbation field. In the process added many additional move constructors/assignments. Also added an implicit conversion for ElementPair, allowing it to be inserted directly into map/unordered map/set etc. A bunch of small house cleaning tasks too. Deleted explicit constructors that could just be default. (details)
  10. accidentally deleted default constructor (details)
  12. UniqueTrace a mutable struct. Immutability doesn't buy anything, and just prevents compiler optimization. Additionally, deleted a large number of unneeded constructors, as the compiler provided versions are better and safer. If you write no code, you can write no bugs! See CPP guidelines rule of zero (details)
  13. adding back the default constructor, something funky happens with default initializer. Also change MatrixS to use stdarray, and then to have the 5 constructors as defaults. (details)
  14. tweaks (details)
  15. Add a stack parameter to CamberBlade (details)
  16. Add option to constrain Mach number with BodyForces (details)
  17. Fixes for specifying NormalMach as BodyForce constraint (details)
  18. Rework Pprop output functional for BodyForces. Fix assertions for SAQCR. (details)
  19. Unit test fixes (details)
  20. Relax tolerance (details)
  21. Fix bug in AFLR interface (details)
  22. Relaxed basis function tolerances for intel (details)
  23. Relax DG tolerances for intel (details)
  24. Lots of warning fixes (details)
  25. Tolerance fixes for intel compiler (details)
  26. More warning fixes (details)
  27. More warning fixes. Move adjoint MPI sync. (details)
  28. Fix compile error (details)
  29. Missed a warning (details)
  30. Another warning fix (details)
  31. More warning fixes (details)
  32. Relax timeout (details)
  33. Nightly fixes. Make TRIANGLE optional. (details)
  34. cppcheck fixes (details)
  35. Upgrade to ESP 1.19 (minimium required). Lots of cppcheck fixes. (details)
  36. Warning fixes for CAPS (details)
  37. Fixes to make triangle optional (details)
  38. Dissable a test for now (details)
  39. Missed a TRIANGLE suppression (details)
  40. Relax test time (details)
  41. One more use of TRIANGLE (details)
  42. Relax one more test timing (details)
  43. Update BoostBuild (details)
  44. Add polynomial velocity profiles to Coles (details)
  45. Some Coles profile fixes (details)
  46. Refactor Rotor constraint (details)
  47. Fixes for Rotor outputs (details)
  48. Forgot a file (details)
  49. Fix compile error (details)
  50. Missed an output option (details)
  51. More rotor output fixes (details)
  52. Fix warning (details)
  53. Allow no constraints during optimization (details)
  54. Add back regular solve during body force optimization (details)
  55. Relax timing (details)
  56. Fix body force optimization for RANS (details)
  57. More verbose error message (details)
  58. One more body force optimization fix (details)
  59. Update sansLIPAIM for ESP 1.19 (details)
  60. Fix Rotort_GlobalConstraint convergence check (details)
  61. Fix data transfer (details)
  62. Add missing Python GIL protections (details)
  63. Some nightly fixes. Better specification for building boost. (details)
  64. Add Coloes polynomial pressure profile (details)
  65. Add RANS Coles pressure profile. Relax test tolerances. Other small fixes. (details)
  66. Remove upper bound check on Coles pressure polynomial (details)
  67. Add ProfileDebug_eta_max (details)
  68. Another tweak to Coles pressure profile (details)
  69. Add polynomial pressure profile to back pressure BC (details)
  70. Fix required delta for static back pressure (details)
  71. VMSD-BR2 was using the wrong quadrature rule to calculate the non-zero pattern. Jacobian has been updated so that it should use correct (1 point) quadrature for non-zero pattern (details)
  72. Added logic to JacobianCell_VMSD_BR2 so that the static condensation matrices are not used for the non-zero patter calculation. Under-integration resulted in these matrices being singular. (details)

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