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Build #122 (Oct 6, 2022, 6:19:54 AM)

  1. Added system tests for solver interfaces (details)
  2. Fixed errors (details)
  3. Fixed errors (should've been in last commit) (details)
  4. Fixed link errors (details)
  5. Reverted CMakeLists changes (details)
  6. Upgrade to latest refine (details)
  7. Fix compile error (details)
  8. One more refine fix (details)
  9. vera fix (details)
  10. Update CMake for ParMETIS/METIS on github. Updated to newer Find Python3. (details)
  11. Don't write restart.meshb from refine (details)
  12. Remove restart.meshb from refine (details)
  13. Rework metis/parmetis build again (details)
  14. Don't build extern libs in parallel (details)
  15. Fix intel warning (details)
  16. Update GKlib build and suitesparse check (details)
  17. Forgot a file (details)
  18. Another parmetis build fix (details)
  19. Update cmake summary file (details)
  20. Finally maybe (details)
  21. Print absolute and relative PETSc tolerance (details)
  22. Add fPIC when building GKlib (details)
  23. More cmake fixes (details)
  24. Remove message (details)
  25. Maybe finally got it right... (details)
  26. Slightly prettier formatting for PETSc history (details)
  27. Add metis to refine libraries (details)
  28. Added adjoint DBL to scalar function (details)
  29. Fixed unit test tolerance issue (details)
  30. Lowered DBL unit test tolerance (details)
  31. Changed BOOST_CHECK to SANS_CHECK (details)
  32. Added to DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)
  33. Add fourier modes for asymmetric rotor body forces (details)
  34. Forgot a file (details)
  35. Update test (details)
  36. Fixes for Ubuntu 22.04. Compiler flags for IntelLLVM and relaxed tolerances. (details)
  37. Fix permissions (details)
  38. Intel and gnu12 fixes (details)
  39. Add missing instantiations (details)
  40. More link error fixes (details)
  41. One more missing instantiation (details)
  42. Relax tolerance for intel (details)
  43. Put calculateStroudQuadrature in SANS namespace (details)

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