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Started 7 hr 31 min ago
Took 54 min on windows10x64

7.6,WIN64.2019,windows10x64 (Dec 8, 2023, 9:56:01 AM)

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  1. fix the code that finds the (non-manifold) Edge velocities generated by a Boolean operation on SheetBodys as well as SolidBodys; update ESP to account for new arguments to DUMP command; fix bug in copying UDP/UDF data that was identified by memcheck; fix bug with optional last argument to DUMP; fix bug associated with copying bodyList in ocsmCopy; print triangle and quadrilateral count when writing .obj file (detail)
    by jfdannen

Started by upstream project ESP_Commit build number 7345
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  • Started by remote host with note: OpenCSM
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  • Reference build: 7.6,WIN64.2019,windows10x64 #7344
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