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EGADS 1351 OpenCSM 1841
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  1. allow RULE to work for two WireBodys with coincident endpoints; add bentDisk* and shrinkwrap* test cases; fix bug in COMBINE that restricted input SheetBodys to only have one Face each; fix bug associated with EVALUATE EDGERNG and EVALUATE FACERNG; new capability: in SUBTRACT, if Body2 is a NodeBody, split Edges in Body1 at Body2; fix bug that used an undefined variable when returning from an include-type UDC; update the fitter in Slugs (detail)
    by jfdannen
  2. Add Surreal EG_approximate_dot (detail)
    by galbramc
  3. Allow the tool to be any topology in generalBoolean (detail)
    by haimes
  4. Move the new Face tessellation phase to be done first (detail)
    by haimes
  5. Add early Face Tess phase to deal with folded surfaces w/ coarse parameters; fix ONENODE error when splitting Edges (detail)
    by haimes
  6. Update UVmap source (detail)
    by haimes

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