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  1. fix bug in ocsmPrintEgo when called on BSPLINE Curve or Surface; require positive scale factors in udfNuscale when applied to a SolidBody; add initial version of timPlotter and test cases; change GetToken in tim.c so that tokens can have unlimited length (detail)
    by jfdannen
  2. fix errors that occur because Py_Finalize cannot be used more than once (because of a numpy bug); fix bug that did not show Cvals for -caps runs in serveESP and Brchs when running without -caps (detail)
    by jfdannen
  3. update Caps Value handling in ESP (detail)
    by jfdannen
  4. do not show Branches in serveESP when in -caps mode; allow serveESP to change .csm file when in -caps mode; fix OpenCSM.c to remove stanalizer error (detail)
    by jfdannen
  5. for a UDP/UDF, only use finite differences if one of its arguements is ATTRREAL and has non-zero dots (detail)
    by jfdannen
  6. add test case (detail)
    by jfdannen
  7. modify timPython to get around numPy problems associated with Py_Finalize; modify tim interface to allow a tim to perform cleanup at the end of serveESP (detail)
    by jfdannen
  8. fix tessellation sensitivity bug associated with SheetBodys that are INTERSECTed with a SolidBody; add designP5* test cases; fix Node sensitivity for two parallel Edges; move timViewer from Makefile to serveESP.make; add tufts for Nodes when displaying tessellation sesnitivities in serveESP; ensure that tessellation sensitivities on the boundaries of Face and ends of Edges agree with Edge and Node sensitivities; update .tsen files (detail)
    by jfdannen
  9. remove serveESP from Makefile and NMakefile; create serveESP.make and serveESP.mak (detail)
    by jfdannen
  10. in RESTORE is now a wildcard, meaning that Bodys in all storages that match name are put onto the stack; initial integration of CAPS into serveESP (detail)
    by jfdannen
  11. Effective Topology: fix memory problem with interior Edge (in Loop twice) (detail)
    by haimes
  12. Remove Degenerate EEdges once Faces are merged in an EFace (detail)
    by haimes
  13. Documentation updates (detail)
    by haimes
  14. Only consider Python 3.8 or newer in makeEnv/winEnv (detail)
    by galbramc
  15. Some config updates (detail)
    by haimes
  16. Export Body CSystems that ar free-standing (aLen = 9) (detail)
    by haimes
  17. Update egads_dot.h. Explicit makefile in scan-build/scan-view. (detail)
    by galbramc
  18. change startup messages in wvServer from stderr to stdout (detail)
    by jfdannen
  19. Add missing DEGENERATE Edge check to EG_exportModel (detail)
    by galbramc
  20. Upgrade to PointwiseV18.5R1 on macOS (detail)
    by galbramc
  21. Another python suppression (detail)
    by galbramc
  22. Don't build CAPS for OpenCSM with lint (detail)
    by galbramc
  23. Upgrade to Pointwise V18.5R1 on reynolds. Compile serveESP for stanalizer (detail)
    by galbramc
  24. Build serveESP (detail)
    by galbramc

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