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Build #57 (Jun 1, 2022, 11:14:11 PM)

  1. adding voronoi toy (details / gitlab)
  2. some progress to something that works (details / gitlab)
  3. generates squares around points (details / gitlab)
  4. generates squares around points (details / gitlab)
  5. progress towards colormap, still debugging (details / gitlab)
  6. colormap functional (details / gitlab)
  7. added backup files, probably not functional since I have not yet added the names elsewhere (details / gitlab)
  8. added some c++ side code for nearest neighbors (details / gitlab)
  9. fixed seeds double conversion for nn (details / gitlab)
  10. start at very hardcoded geo shader code (details / gitlab)
  11. intersection calculation but something is off overall (details / gitlab)
  12. some more glsl progress (details / gitlab)
  13. commiting here in case it breaks (details / gitlab)
  14. committing from fresh repository (details / gitlab)
  15. works for one iteration of one seed (details / gitlab)
  16. still a big bug but I also added polygon rendering (details / gitlab)
  17. comitting current status with comments before meeting tomorrow (details / gitlab)
  18. found the bug (details / gitlab)
  19. diagram with hardcoded nn info, working to fix nn info (details / gitlab)
  20. found the bug in passing over the nearest neighbors so now it works if hardcoded on c++ side. also comitting the changes which allow parallel and serial tests to be run for late (details / gitlab)
  21. working test case diagram, nearest neighbors is no longer hardcoded (details / gitlab)
  22. removed a bit of hardcoding (details / gitlab)
  23. 100 points (details / gitlab)
  24. still bug hunting in radius of security theorem (details / gitlab)
  25. radius of security now functional (details / gitlab)
  26. works for up to 100k points, problem with a million (details / gitlab)
  27. works up to 1e5 points, still problem with more than that (details / gitlab)
  28. still debugging (details / gitlab)
  29. pushing to test on philip's computer (details / gitlab)
  30. is this actually working for a million points- seems too good to be true (details / gitlab)
  31. added timing for the GPU (maybe incorrect) and the ability to write results to a file (details / gitlab)
  32. added in nearest neighbors calculation and shading for square diagram (details / gitlab)
  33. code cleanup in geometry shader (details / gitlab)
  34. code cleanup in fragment shader (details / gitlab)
  35. hexagonal distribution mostly working (details / gitlab)
  36. hexagonal mesh number tweaks (details / gitlab)
  37. trying to fix random seed (details / gitlab)
  38. Revertinh accidental commit (details / gitlab)

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