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#321 (Dec 3, 2023, 6:43:08 PM)

  1. fix bug in the pattern counter when executing PATBREAK — jfdannen / detail
  2. make UDP/UDFs thread-safe.  THIS REQUIRED A CHANGE IN ALL UDP/UDFs.  See OpenCSM/src/ for information — jfdannen / detail
  3. fixed bug when using a UDP/UDF that returns a value and finite difference sensitivities are being computed; fix compiler warning associated with _viz attribute; clean up memory at end of ocsmAdjoint — jfdannen / detail
  4. added _grd, _trn, and _ori attributes to change initial settings for Faces and Edges; fix RALLOC so that it can be thread-safe — jfdannen / detail
  5. update udp.def in udpTire folder — jfdannen / detail
  6. update to account for UDP/UDF changes — jfdannen / detail

#320 (Nov 26, 2023, 6:43:07 PM)

  1. add Node tolerance checks when reporting tolerance associated with a Body; adding _viz=off Attribute to a Face, Edge, or Node makes them initially not displayed in serveESP (although they can be toggled via the GUI); fix valgrind error associated with not initializing the output Body to EG_mapBody — jfdannen / detail
  2. remove BWB.vsp3 test case since bug in OpenVSP sometimes causes OpenVSP to fail — jfdannen / detail

#319 (Nov 23, 2023, 10:07:22 AM)

  1. remove verification data for 7.3.1 and 7.4.1 — jfdannen / detail
  2. change verification data for testAdjoint4 and testAdjoint5 to account for inconsistencies in number of spurious Nodes and Edges — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix bug that did not restore the stack properly when a command returned multiple Bodys; fix bug that did not clear display when plotter exits; make MessageWindow light green to alert user that they need to exit an overlay; allow TIM to reload (if state is TIM_READY); do not print warning that message is not broadcast because wv was not started (which can happen due to timing in multiple threads); add areaRule* test cases and python script — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix bug in filename compression — jfdannen / detail
  5. Update python version in setup scripts — galbramc / detail
  6. Add abaqus to PATH — galbramc / detail

#318 (Nov 19, 2023, 6:43:08 PM)

  1. temporarily disable filename compression — jfdannen / detail
  2. add grpName=. optional argument to DUMP command for .obj files; fix implicit string defaults in ocsmMakeBrch — jfdannen / detail
  3. add ability to put attrName/attrValue on control surfaces in udc/flapz; prototype WaveFront .obj file writer; fix sensitivity bug that returns zeros when UDPs are used and -loadEgads was enabled; add quad output in .obj file writer — jfdannen / detail
  4. add LRED, LGREEN, and LBLUE to list of possible colors; multi-thread ocsmAdjoint; add testAdjoint4 and testAdjoint5 test cases; dynamically allocate arrays in testOcsmAdjoint; print Edge lengths in ocsmPrintBrep; change signature of ocsmAdjoint to not automatically compute full Jacobian; do not run testOcsmAdjoint if -loadEgads is enabled; fix sensitivities bug if there is a UDP/UDF and the -loadEgads flag is set; remove /../ patterns from .udc filenames; fix bug in capsMode that did not allow .csm files to have .udc files in subdirectories — jfdannen / detail
  5. Update PreBuilt README and setup scripts — galbramc / detail
  6. Add contextCopy to pyEGADS and jlEGADS — galbramc / detail
  7. Remove incorrect 'wrong OR' check for EG_quadTess — galbramc / detail
  8. Another Python address suppression — galbramc / detail
  9. Upgrade to Python 3.11.6 — galbramc / detail

#317 (Nov 12, 2023, 6:43:11 PM)

  1. Write Name attribute to iges files — galbramc / detail
  2. Add contextCopy to def file — haimes / detail
  3. Add tessellation support in EG_contextCopy — haimes / detail
  4. Add EG_contextCopy — haimes / detail

#316 (Nov 5, 2023, 6:43:11 PM)

  1. Fix stanalizer — galbramc / detail
  2. Fix FACE/LOOP for EG_imprintBody — galbramc / detail
  3. Allow EG_imprintBody to accept FACE/LOOP pairs — galbramc / detail
  4. Add more debug info in splitBody — haimes / detail

#315 (Nov 1, 2023, 8:59:05 PM)

  1. Do not SameParamter shell — galbramc / detail

#314 (Oct 29, 2023, 6:43:10 PM)

  1. add showsize option in udpNuScale; fix bug in udfOffset for Bodys with degenerate Edges; in udfEditAttr, allow attrValue to be a star in HAS statement, independent of whether the value is a string or a number — jfdannen / detail

#313 (Oct 22, 2023, 6:43:09 PM)

  1. remove OPAM1_fillet test case (because FILLET works differently  on various platforms) — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix undefined variable warning — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix sanitize error in velocityOfEdge — jfdannen / detail
  4. update method for assigning _edgeIDs associated with degenerate Edges; slight improvement in tessellation sensitivities for some cases — jfdannen / detail
  5. update to use EG_mapBody2 to make sure Edges are mapped properly during sensitivity calculations; update sensitivities (again) to improve Edges generated by boolean operations; update selected sensitivity verification data — jfdannen / detail
  6. Fix stanalizer warning — galbramc / detail
  7. Properly map Degenerate Edges in mapBody2 — galbramc / detail
  8. Skip degenerate Edges in mapBody2 — galbramc / detail

#312 (Oct 15, 2023, 6:43:09 PM)

  1. remove FILLETs from OPAM1.csm; add OPAM1_fillet test case; fix typo in computation of analytic sensitivities for a CONE; fix tessellation sensitivities when Node motion is perpendicular to end of Edge; add designZ* test cases; update all verification data associated with data/basic/design* to account for the new (better) sensitivities — jfdannen / detail
  2. add missing data/vsp3 verification data for 7.6.0 — jfdannen / detail
  3. clean up some debug printing during sensitivity calculations — jfdannen / detail
  4. ensure _faceID and _edgeID sequence numbers are consistent when computing finite difference sensitivities; allow CSYSTEM name to be an expression; fix bug that did not apply csystems to SELECT BODY command; add csystem7* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  5. Undo looking for verfication data — galbramc / detail
  6. Warn about missing verification files — galbramc / detail
  7. Yet one more python suppression — galbramc / detail

#311 (Oct 8, 2023, 6:43:09 PM)

  1. modify OPAM1.udc to pass Jenkins tests — jfdannen / detail
  2. add to demonstrate a pyscript that can be run either from python prompt or from serveESP — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix sanitize-address error in udpWaffle when progress=1 — jfdannen / detail
  4. Fix lint — galbramc / detail
  5. Fix EG_mapBody infinite loop — galbramc / detail
  6. Update egads.def with EG_mapBody2 — galbramc / detail
  7. Fix incorrect mapBody tests — galbramc / detail
  8. Fix compile error related to M_PI — galbramc / detail
  9. Fix EG_mapBody when topology is identical but geometry differs. Add EG_mapBody2 as replacement for EG_mapBody that also works on FaceBodys. — galbramc / detail
  10. Add additional Node check in EG_localToGlobal — galbramc / detail
  11. Add backup M_PI when not available for Surreal — galbramc / detail
  12. Another python valgrind suppression — galbramc / detail

#310 (Oct 1, 2023, 6:43:11 PM)

  1. modify ocsmGetUV so that inverse evalaution starts at closest tessellation point if npnt is negative; fix memory leak associated with testAdjoint*; fix bug that allowed _hist and __trace__ to contain duplicate entries, which sometimes resulted in an infinite loop; add uCRM test case to data/gallery; fix bug that made had _edgeID point to scribing Face instead of its _faceID during a scribing operation; Edges from a sketch should have _edgeID that identifies the Body and Edge number; fix scribeWing test case; fix _edgeID for Edges that result from SUBTRACTing a SolidBody or planar SheetBody from a SheetBody. BEWARE: backward incompatability for some _edgeID; add edgeIDtest* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  2. Fix memory leak when error occurs while reading units from STEP/IGES — galbramc / detail

#309 (Sep 24, 2023, 6:43:11 PM)

  1. add testAdjoint1 test case — jfdannen / detail
  2. make udpWaffle clean up temporary variables if an error occurs while processing a file; add fitCurve8 test case; return error from vspSetup if .vsp3 file does not exist; add pylon/pod to vsp3/OPAM1* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  3. Upgrade to SU2 8.0.0 — galbramc / detail

#308 (Sep 20, 2023, 12:35:35 PM)

  1. remove X57_MAXWELL_CRM_v4.4.1 from svn (too big) — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix valgrind error in timVspSetup.c; initialization update required by change in EG_mapBody; add bentWaffle test case; SELECT * xmin xmax ... finds closest entity if xmin=xmax ... — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix addressing bug in udpWarp; initial implementation of timVspSetup — jfdannen / detail
  4. convert backslashes to forward slashes in filenames in udpVsp3 because anglescipt expects forward slashes — jfdannen / detail
  5. properly rename vsp3 verification test cases — jfdannen / detail
  6. ATTRRECYCLE forces UDPRIM to not be recycled; fix printing of SELECT with attrValu a number; update udpVsp3 to automatically run vsp; add data/vsp3 test cases; add propInteg*a test cases; use _plugsIgnore on Faces that should be ignored during cloud point reclassifications in Plugs; add udpWarp; add ablate0* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  7. modify ocsmPrintBrep to show list Edges as degenerate rather than skipping them; add SPECIAL printCPs command to print the control points associated with all Nurbs in the Body on the top of the stack; add first version of udpVsp3 — jfdannen / detail
  8. Rename ref test to avoid conflicting with NASA refine ref — galbramc / detail
  9. Preserve tessellation attributes in mapTessBody — galbramc / detail
  10. Small fix for IGES Name reads — galbramc / detail
  11. IGES reader now also reads all Name attributes. Fix stanalizer warning. — galbramc / detail
  12. Reduce time extract Name attribute from STEP files. — galbramc / detail
  13. Track STEP/IGES name attributes through all read manipulations — galbramc / detail
  14. Update vsp3 memcheck suppression — galbramc / detail
  15. Add refine executable PATH — galbramc / detail
  16. Suppress vspscript leaks — galbramc / detail
  17. Add data/vsp3/X57_Maxwell_CRM_v4.4.1.csm to csmIgnore for valgrind. — galbramc / detail
  18. Downgrade to OpenVSP 3.34.0 — galbramc / detail
  19. Add vsp3 jenkins files — galbramc / detail
  20. Add VSP3_ROOT for vsp3 testing — galbramc / detail
  21. Add fighter4 as known error on macys — galbramc / detail
  22. Upgrade to AFLR 11.5.9 — galbramc / detail

#301 (Aug 6, 2023, 6:43:08 PM)

  1. first version of udpVspComp — jfdannen / detail

#300 (Jul 30, 2023, 6:43:11 PM)

  1. Lint fix — galbramc / detail
  2. Update to AFLR 11.5.8 — galbramc / detail

#299 (Jul 23, 2023, 6:43:11 PM)

  1. fix bug that did not retain Edge attributes during an ELEVATE operation — jfdannen / detail
  2. Use python or python3 executables in makeEnv — galbramc / detail

#298 (Jul 16, 2023, 6:43:08 PM)

  1. add mincp argument to udpNuscale and convertToBSplines functions; add ablate* test cases, including using Plugs; extend Plugs to be able to use DIMENSIONed DESPMTRs; fix bug in velocityOfEdge for Edges with dots that have changing tranges — jfdannen / detail
  2. Fixes for Edge only tessellations — galbramc / detail
  3. Undo Makefile change — galbramc / detail
  4. One more adjustment to EG_mapBody — galbramc / detail
  5. Update xfoil executables with up to 2048 panels — galbramc / detail

#297 (Jul 9, 2023, 6:43:11 PM)

  1. temporarily remove vspFuse* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  2. analytic sensitivities for sketches; update .gsen and .tsen files; move sketch13* test cases to designY* — jfdannen / detail
  3. start implementing analytic sensitivities for Sketches; add sketch13* test cases — jfdannen / detail
  4. Only delete EG_mapBody mapped upen error if copied — galbramc / detail
  5. Python suppressoin — galbramc / detail

#296 (Jul 2, 2023, 6:43:10 PM)

  1. initial, very early, preliminary version of udpVspFuse and associated test cases — jfdannen / detail
  2. fix error in serveESP.mak in previous commit — jfdannen / detail
  3. fix error in serveESP.mak; fix debug code error for windoze — jfdannen / detail
  4. change the SUBTRACTion of two co-planar SheetBodys such that if the Loop associated with the second Body does not cut a clean hole in the first Body, revert to the (default) scribing behavior for SheetBodys, that is scribe the first Body with the Edges from the second Body;  update the documentation for SUBTRACT; add scribe11* test cases; fix occasional bug associated with analytical sensitivities when DUMPing a .sens file from with .csm script — jfdannen / detail