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Took 10 hr on reynolds

Build release_gnu9,reynolds (May 18, 2023, 10:25:11 PM)

  1. minor refactoring of a sandbox case (details)
  2. Added updated VMSDBR2 projection. Default is off. To turn on define USE_FULLSPACE_PRJECTION_METHOD_2 at the top of your sandbox case. (details)
  3. added fieldweighted implementation for Robin_sansLG and velocity output (details)
  4. Refactored 3-eq IBL to use J & E as momentum and kinetic energy fluxes instead of P & K (details)
  5. sansBOOM PDE, BC, Output implementation for DGBR2 with advection and diffusion terms (details)
  6. Adding two generalized cases to the sandbox to deal with gaps in avro use and SA RANS for adiabatic and isothermal flows. Will be good to keep these consistent with future homotopy and RANS changes (details)
  7. Removing flatplate xfld mesh option (details)
  8. removing xfield definition in supersonic case too (details)
  9. Added a sandbox case of 3-eq IBL3 in duct (details)
  10. Fixed some missing instantiations needed for sansBOOM (details)
  11. A couple more instantiations added... this time because the intel compiler was complaining (though the other compilers were fine... ARGH) (details)
  12. Adjusting slightly tolerance on unit tests (details)
  13. Updates to BDF time marching to allow ramping of integration order to provide the needed order-dependent past data (details)
  14. minor cleanup (details)
  15. further merge conflicts (details)
  16. mat-mul instantiations needed for sansBOOM (details)
  17. added explicit instantiation (details)
  18. Added an elbow-shaped hex box grid (details)
  19. Modified line search test and removed residual dat file (details)
  20. Cleanup BCmitAVsensor (details)
  21. Forgot new files (details)
  22. Added macro to switch kinetic energy flux definition (K vs E) in 3-eqn IBL3D (details)
  23. minor cleanup of a sandbox case (details)
  24. Added macro to switch momentum flux definition (P vs J) in 3-eqn IBL3D (details)
  25. Allow Homotopy to use pre-defined BCVectors (details)
  26. fix a recently introduced bug in source term when using P momentum flux in 3-eqn IBL3 (details)
  27. Make AVSensor_Source_VMSD_SPD consistent between 2D and 3D (details)
  28. Fix compile errors (details)
  29. vera fix (details)
  30. Fix test for parallel (details)
  31. Cleanup file dump (details)
  32. started adding Robin_mitState boundary condition (details)
  33. cleanup of 3-eqn IBL3 BC (details)
  34. Enabled constant wall transpiration in linearized incompressible potential (LIP) BC (details)
  35. Use Metric to compute HField_DG instead of size/perimiter (details)
  36. Refactored a sandbox case: uncoupled 3-eqn IBL3 with prescribed qe (details)
  37. Add ResidualNorm_InvJac_DOF_Weighted to VMSDBR2 (details)
  38. Revert last change (details)
  39. Fix compile error, and more verbose assertion (details)
  40. Update unit tests (details)
  41. Another unit test update (details)
  42. Turned on PTC for a sandbox case (details)
  43. Add ImpliedMetric for Line 2D element. (details)
  44. Fix unit test (details)
  45. Use SANS_CHECK_CLOSE (details)
  46. Examined 3-eqn IBL3 (Nishida closure) characteristics without source terms (details)
  47. Remove Burgers PDE (details)
  48. Sandbox case refactoring: LIP in/out flow BC, solution & quadrature order.  BC 3-eqn IBL3 cleanup and addition of mitLG Dirichlet BC (details)
  49. Cleanup of IBL3 BC (details)
  50. SUPG/GLS/VMS tau code clean-up; added unit tests for P2 and P3 (details)
  51. Refactored closure models: 2D closures are now uniquely contained in a single file, avoiding copy-pasting code in multiple spots (details)
  52. fixed lingering typos (details)
  53. Refactoring to keep up with 3-eqn IBL3 PDE's gas model change (details)
  54. Changed default 3-eqn IBL3 closure to Nishida.  Updated pyrite files for associated 2D stagnation flow case (details)
  55. Had to turn on dummy turb 3-eqn IBL3 closure due to lami-turb blending (details)
  56. Updated 3-eqn IBL3 BC vector to include Falkner-Skan inflow mitLG (details)
  57. Minor refactoring of sandbox cases (details)
  58. removed previous changes (details)
  59. Add dict function to DictKeyPair (details)
  60. Added Axisymmetric DBL scalar function in 2D with unit tests (details)
  61. Added vera exclusion for ScalarFunction2D (details)
  62. Updates to sansBOOM including improved IC implementation including ability to read nearfield from a file and also more unit tests (details)
  63. Compressible mechanical power calculation (details)
  64. Missing a newline at end of ICsansBOOM.cpp.  Fixed. (details)
  65. Added Axisymmetric flux functions + unit tests (details)
  66. Missing a return statement (details)
  67. Found sign error in upwind flux in sansBOOM. (details)
  68. Fix compile error and warnings from new clang on macOS (details)
  69. Relax tolerance (details)
  70. Another warning fix (details)
  71. A few more warning fixes (details)
  72. More warning fixes for new clang (details)
  73. One more warning fix (details)
  74. Remove boost libary from external and add it to gitignore (details)
  75. More cleanup (details)
  76. Updates to BDF time marching to allow ramping of integration order to provide the needed order-dependent past data (details)
  77. modified ODE definition for high-Re version of SA for incompressible RANS (details)
  78. Mechanical power correction (details)
  79. minor refactoring of sandbox cases (details)
  80. Add screen printout for numerical flux type and separated macro toggles for turning on/off amp and lag equations in 3-eqn IBL3 PDE (details)
  81. added Dirichlet mitState and began process of adding WallFunction (details)
  82. minor refactoring of sandbox case (details)
  83. fix warning on style (details)
  84. Another mechanical power correction (details)
  85. Refactored 3-eqn IBL3D to allow for runtime options for Lax-Friedrichs flux variants: based on qe or qn (details)
  86. Remove Sensor template from AVSensor_Source3D_PressureGrad (details)
  87. Changed 3-eqn IBL3 slip-wall BC to adaptively switch between no-crossflow and BCNone depending interior characteristic direction (details)
  88. mucked with a sandbox case for uncoupled 3-eqn IBL3 (details)
  89. minor cleanup while playing with 3-eqn IBL3D on the duct case (details)
  90. moved typedef HType to eliminate un-used typedef warning when USE_GRID_LAPLACIAN turned on (details)
  91. Fix compile error (details)
  92. Return delta's for both LE and TE edges for BodyForces (details)
  93. typo fix. the issue didn't cause any trouble though (details)
  94. Added a sandbox case of 3-eqn IBL3 for duct ring BL. Also cleaned up other similar cases (details)
  95. fixed a harmless typo (details)
  96. Added some runtime checks for 3D manifold related trace normal and surface basis vectors (details)
  97. Add Deviation Angle Square output function for Body Forces (details)
  98. Missing include (details)
  99. More compile fixes (details)
  100. Fix compile warnings (details)
  101. mucked with mitLG slip-sidewall BC for 4-eqn IBL3 --> decided not to use for now (details)
  102. Revert MechanicalPower calculation. Fix InteriorTrace partitioning for JacobianFunctionalInteriorTrace. Fixes for body force optimization. (details)
  103. Use consistent limited gradients in PrimitiveSurrogate_btest (details)
  104. Fix warnings (details)
  105. Verbose output for computing BodyForce gradients (details)
  106. added mitState version of wall function boundary condition (details)
  107. Refactored assertions for e0_X in 3D manifold cell integrand specialized for IBL3 (details)
  108. mucked with 3-eqn IBL3 on duct ring case with corner fairing (details)
  109. Compile fix for using grid laplacian (details)
  110. Fix PETSc/TAO deprecation warnings (details)
  111. Separated IBL3D BC stuff for 3-eqn and 4-eqn (details)
  112. Update to supersonic test case (details)
  113. Working supersonic case for develop (details)
  114. Try again to see if tests time out (details)
  115. Typo fix in 3-eqn IBL3 PDE's source (not used).  Cleanup & renaming.  Refactored 4-eqn IBL3 slipwall BC to be adaptive based crossflow characteristics (details)
  116. Add CompressiblePower calculation (details)
  117. Refactored 4-eqn IBL3 PDE to keep up-to-date with 3-eqn formulation (details)
  118. cleaned up 4-eqn IBL3 BC vectors (details)
  119. Additional unit tests for new sensor with RANS. Found and fixed a few bugs in PDERANSSA2D and PDEEuler3D. Cleaned up solver interface for VMSD-BR2 somewhat. More unit tests and tidy up to come. (details)
  120. Refactored NS Sduct case to sample at grid nodes so that sidewall points can be covered (details)
  121. Add another quadratic viscous term to Body Force model (details)
  122. Updated surface flux writer for tecplot (VMSDBR2 specific). Added developer exceptions in to the Euler with artificial diffusion space-time calls since they're not unit tested. (details)
  123. More refactoring to sample BL at grid vertex stations (details)
  124. Add 8th order term to Body Forces (details)
  125. Added the ability to specify is artificial diffusion should be applied to SA equation at run time. More unit tests. Caught a few more bugs. (details)
  126. More BodyForce output functionals (details)
  127. Add vera exclusions (details)
  128. Warning fixes (details)
  129. Properly ignore ._ files in CMake (details)
  130. Missing override keyword in SolverInterface_VMSD_BR2. ErrorOrder_2D_VMSDBR2_Triangle_AD_btest runs in serial (communicator is split and each rank runs independently). (details)
  131. One more warning fix (details)
  132. Warning shows up in GNU 8 (details)
  133. Fix warning (details)
  134. Relax tolerances for intel (details)
  135. needsSolutionGradient set to true for EntropyPower functional (details)
  136. Add Entropy to rotor output (details)
  137. Updated tolerance for intel in AVSensor_Source3D_Euler_btest (details)
  138. Fix EntropyPt calculation. Remove old Euler3D source test. (details)
  139. added gradients for standard atmosphere (details)
  140. added isothermal atmosphere model (details)
  141. added speed of sound to atmospheric models (details)
  142. Relax tolerances for intel (details)
  143. More relaxed intel tolerances (details)
  144. One more method for VMSD data transfer (details)
  145. Stabilized output for PV functional (details)
  146. First draft of Axisymmetric DBL problem, vera not working, may require multiple commits to get through jenkins (details)
  147. Fixed scope issues (details)
  148. Removed untested upwind option from isothermal walls in PDENavierStokes2D. It did not seem to be being used by any sandbox case or test. (details)
  149. fixed vera errors (details)
  150. Actually remove the code related to the upwind flag. (details)
  151. added output axisymmetric unit tests (details)
  152. Changed unit test tolerance (details)
  153. refactored 4-eqn IBL3 S-duct sandbox case to keep up with 3-eqn IBL3 (details)
  154. Generalized axisym DBL for any z0 z1 (details)
  155. fixed vera errors (details)
  156. Add asymmetric term for rotor source (details)
  157. Fix compile errors (details)
  158. Fix bug in last commit (details)
  159. added constant eddy viscosity WM boundary condition and unit tests (details)
  160. Cleanup sourcePositivity (details)
  161. Work around more floating point issues (details)
  162. More precision cleanup for AV source (details)
  163. Fogot a file (details)
  164. Allow setting critical surrogate values in 3D (details)
  165. Fix compile error (details)
  166. refactored 3-eq IBL3 case to compare with DBL3 on wing-body setup (details)
  167. Compiler error and warning fixes (details)
  168. Make outer diffusion positvity source consisent with inner (details)
  169. added mitLG full-state inflow BC for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  170. Warning and tolernace fixes (details)
  171. Fix compile error (details)
  172. Cleanup 2D PressureGrad sensor (details)
  173. Relax tolerance (details)
  174. Change BDF routine to allow the order to ramp up when there is not enough past data and change the affected unit, system, and sandbox tests. (details)
  175. Missed one (details)
  176. Missed one more (details)
  177. Added an uncoupled 4-eq IBL3 flat plate BL sandbox case with manufactured qe.  Minor edits to 3-eq IBL3 BC/PDE (details)
  178. fixed typos (details)
  179. Relax tolerance (details)
  180. merge conflicts (details)
  181. Consistent 3D positvity source with Ben's thesis (details)
  182. Changed default slip-sidewall BC back to zero-crossflow (from the previous adaptive formulation).  Compared 3-eq and 4-eq IBL3 on a case with crossover cp distribution (details)
  183. minor tweaking to sandbox cases (details)
  184. Removed redundant parameter in mitLG BC class (details)
  185. torpedo case cleanup (details)
  186. tweaked quadrature order for auxi and auxv equations in torpedo case. minor cleanup (details)
  187. bugfix in G variable initialization in torpedo case (details)
  188. separated PDE instantiation cpp files for 3-eqn and 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  189. make lag equation G=0 when turned off (details)
  190. Add asymmetric sensitvities for body forces. Some more cleanup of shock capturing. (details)
  191. Make PDEmitAVDiffusionOuter2D.h consistent (details)
  192. Fix warning and typo (details)
  193. minor cleanup of sandbox case (details)
  194. added a crude restart capability for torpedo case by saving/reading DOF file (details)
  195. Added sphere/doublet option for flat plate panel method.  Refactored torpedo/sphere case I/O so that saved floating point numbers don't go below limit (s.t. they cannot be represented when read in and would cause errors). Other minor refactoring (details)
  196. Relax tolerance and fix warning (details)
  197. One more tolerance relaxation (details)
  198. incorporated Axes into integrand classes primarily via PDE::Axes (details)
  199. ran 3D IBL3 free transition case with sphere/doublet (details)
  200. minor tweak to 4-eqn IBL3 pde. Only keep ntcrit growth source term for now. (details)
  201. minor tweak to torpedo sandbox case (details)
  202. Add parameters to rotate body force normal field (details)
  203. Forgot instantiation (details)
  204. Added an macro option to turn of amplification equation for 4-eq IBL3 (i.e. nt = 0) (details)
  205. refactored torpedo case restart capability (details)
  206. added crude restart capability for S-duct case for IBL3 (copied from torpedo). minor cleanup (details)
  207. relaxed floating-point comparison tolerance a little bit (details)
  208. Make lifting operator calculation lazy to prevent computing lifting operators in isValidState. Homotopy fix for negative lambda. Charachteristic SupersonicOutflow in 2D. Dirichlet NoSlip BC for Sensor PDE. Some cleanup of MatrixS_Diag. (details)
  209. refactoring duct ring sandbox case for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  210. minor cleanup (details)
  211. Fix test for last commit (details)
  212. Fix for lazy lifting operator calculations (details)
  213. added comments to the duct ring grid (details)
  214. Added a constant full state inflow BC for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  215. added printout for examing duct ring surface grid (details)
  216. mucking with turbulent S-duct flow case (details)
  217. Make duct and duct ring cases the same for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  218. tweaked IBL3 output (details)
  219. added safety check in Qauxv 3D projection (details)
  220. minor cleanup (details)
  221. fixed a bug in 4-eqn IBL3 upwinding (i.e. R trace normal vector y-component).  Used L value by mistake and problematic only when nrmL != nrmR, e.g. in corner. (details)
  222. added commented-out print statements for debugging (details)
  223. changed default dissipation relation correction to 1 (details)
  224. changed default 3D qauxi project to use no upwinding (details)
  225. examined effect of discontinuous velocity field for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  226. refactored calculation of profile basis {q1,q2,nrm_bl} to allow for different formulations (details)
  227. standard atmo: moved non-templated functions to *.cpp file (details)
  228. stupid tabs!! (details)
  229. namespace needed in cpp file (details)
  230. Fix for turning off USE_CORRECTION_TERM (details)
  231. mucked with different BL profile normal vector definition in sandbox case (details)
  232. removed DeveloperException check for hessians of density-temperature primitive vars (details)
  233. Refactored 3D sheet quad grid for IBL3. (simplified grid contruction using XFieldLagrange. allowing for more general curved manifold grid) (details)
  234. Another correction to turning off USE_CORRECTION_TERM (details)
  235. Relax tolerance (details)
  236. attempt at constant eddy viscosity WM (details)
  237. started adding in new WM (details)
  238. Only compute lifting operatos if setSolutionField is called. Needed for proper error estimates. (details)
  239. ray path for single layer; tested for both isothermal and linear temperature layers (details)
  240. More intel tolerance relaxing (details)
  241. Remove DeveloperException check (details)
  242. Use implied metric in cost calculation for isotropic optimization (details)
  243. new adaptation script for Pointwise; also hard-coded viscous layers parameters (details)
  244. replaced a few least-used IBL3 output (details)
  245. Relaxier tolerance (details)
  246. some machines need cmath; not mine (details)
  247. fixed line length issue (details)
  248. Another tolerance relaxation (details)
  249. Intel... (details)
  250. Intel... (details)
  251. added an option for arc fairing for duct hex grid (details)
  252. generalize fairing from arc of circle to ellipse (details)
  253. removed class Cartesian, Cylindrical, Axisymmetric from SANSnumerics.h and all *.h, *.cpp files; (details)
  254. added simplified form of d(y)/d(phi) for ray path (linear temperature layer) (details)
  255. added corner fairing option to S-duct hex grid (details)
  256. added and tested new WM with fm1 functions (details)
  257. added parameters pwFilename and glfFilename to Pointwise PyDict (details)
  258. made inviscid Joukowski case consistent with pwFilename/glfFilename Pointwise PyDict parameters (details)
  259. added pwFilename for Pointwise PyDict parameter (details)
  260. more pwFilename Pointwise param changes for 3D L2 projection (details)
  261. relaxed tolerance on area test for raypath (details)
  262. relaxed tolerance on test for DG-to-CG projection (details)
  263. Updates to RotorSource viscous losses (details)
  264. Update RotorSource viscous formulation. Update build for avro. (details)
  265. Forgot a file (details)
  266. cleaned up new WM (details)
  267. Re-enable BodyForce constrained solver (details)
  268. XField includes for meshing (details)
  269. XField includes for meshing: missed one (details)
  270. XField includes for CAPS user interface (details)
  271. more XField includes (details)
  272. more XField includes (details)
  273. more Field includes (details)
  274. DistanceFunction template arguments for BodyForceSolver (details)
  275. renamed and cleaned up some of the 1D wall-modeling (details)
  276. more XField includes (details)
  277. missing Axes template in AlgebraicEquationSet_Debug for sandbox codes; (details)
  278. Add dumpTecplotBodyForce to BodyForceSolver (details)
  279. separate definitions needed for static const's in structs/classes (there (details)
  280. removed troublesome sandbox cases from no-compile list; now list is back (details)
  281. reconciled undefined references (mostly new libraries due to re-org of Field directory) (details)
  282. Forgot a file and fix a warning (details)
  283. One more warning fix (details)
  284. more reconciling library dependencies; XField includes (details)
  285. reconcile undefined references in sandbox cases (details)
  286. reconciling undefined XField references (details)
  287. added MPI fixture to all Field subdirectory unit tests (details)
  288. WAG (since I can't recreate the problem locally): included XField_impl.h (details)
  289. oops: got to get the correct include directory... (details)
  290. reconcile undefined references (details)
  291. reconcile undefined references (details)
  292. added spaces; just something to make a new commit (details)
  293. Add radial coefficients for body force viscous dissipation (details)
  294. Forgot a file and fix a warning (details)
  295. Forgot more files (details)
  296. Forgot to update a test (details)
  297. Fix body force convergence tolerance specification (details)
  298. Add TtRel output for body forces (details)
  299. Axisymmetric AD capabilities modified and added (details)
  300. Added new axisymmetric output functionals (details)
  301. Dump body force information on interior groups (details)
  302. Fix last commit (details)
  303. Fixed vera error (details)
  304. added specified velocity to adiabatic and isothermal NS BCs; (details)
  305. Fixed vera errors (details)
  306. Tq, Tg parameters for BC normal flux (details)
  307. added quadratureOrder() member function (details)
  308. added UseSchurComplement template parameter for globally constrained systems (details)
  309. add 2nd option for globally constrained AES that uses a direct global solve (details)
  310. compile-time check & dump of types (details)
  311. Add more output functionals for RotorSource (details)
  312. Add vera exclusion (details)
  313. Fixed vera errors (details)
  314. added 2D triangle test for VMSD-BR2 cell integrand and residual, including VectorD<ArrayQ> interfaces (details)
  315. Add PtRot and Kr3 for body forces (details)
  316. Jenkins script fix (details)
  317. Remove all of ntref from RANSSA. Add 3D SA-R term. (details)
  318. Fix compile errors and upgrade NLOPT to 2.7.1 (details)
  319. Another compile fix (details)
  320. More compile fixes (details)
  321. added 2D FieldWeighted integrand/integral tests for VMSD-BR2 (details)
  322. modifications to VMSD-BR2 needed for global constraints (details)
  323. instantiations needed for global constraints without Schur complement solve (i.e. direct solve on flattened matrix) (details)
  324. modifications needed for global constraints with direct solve of flattened global matrix (details)
  325. added matrix write during initialization (details)
  326. compressible lid-driven cavity flow with global mass constraint (stabilized CG and VMSD-BR2) (details)
  327. Add error functions erf and erfc to Surreal (details)
  328. Corrections for intel (details)
  329. Add tolerance for intel error function Surreal tests (details)
  330. added back in a 3-parameter template for FunctionalCell_Galerkin_impl (details)
  331. vera line length squawk (details)
  332. added differential multiplier (r in r*dr*dz for Axisymmetric) to all ElementXFields (details)
  333. incorporated differential weight (r in r*dr*dz for Axisymmetric) to all integrals (details)
  334. Make camberlines constant radius for RotorSource. Other rotor source fixes. (details)
  335. Undo file rename (details)
  336. added unit tests for GalerkinWeightedIntegral & GalerkinWeightedIntegral_New (details)
  337. added differential multiplier to integrations for FP and LIP Kutta condition (even though these are expected to be Cartesian) (details)
  338. initial creation of 2-D axisymmetric Euler/NS PDE & BC classes; Roe upwinding (details)
  339. bug fix in normal flux for no-slip adiabatic BC with moving wall (energy flux (details)
  340. bug fix in normal flux for 2D no-slip, adiabatic BC with moving walls (energy is (details)
  341. typo fix (details)
  342. XField template modifications required for successful build of Axisymmetric (details)
  343. renamed some boundary conditions (details)
  344. modified calls to XField2D_Box_Triangle_X1 to reflect that it is now templated (with default Axes=Cartesian) (details)
  345. instantiations needed for axisymmetric globally constrained (size 5 systems) (details)
  346. member function additions/changes needed for axisymmetric ND convert (details)
  347. adding some missed logic (details)
  348. Add skin friction output for body forces (details)
  349. added BDF routine modifications that were staged but not included in previous commit (details)
  350. Compile fix (details)
  351. Actual correct wall shear stress calculations. (details)
  352. Forgot a file (details)
  353. fixed a compile warning (details)
  354. vera fix (details)
  355. Warning and unintialized data fixes (details)
  356. Reformatted test cases, fixed hierarchical if statement (details)
  357. Initialize blockage to 1 (details)
  358. all Field classes must be templated with Axes (since they contain and/or (details)
  359. Fix shear stress calculation (details)
  360. more XField* and Field* templating with Axes; trying to compile, link and (details)
  361. Fix blockage initialization (details)
  362. more XField* and Field* templating with Axes; trying to compile, link and (details)
  363. vera squawks (details)
  364. Axes templating for AFLR2 (details)
  365. more Axes related bugs and squawks (details)
  366. more Axes fixes (details)
  367. eliminated unused variables (details)
  368. Set no fairing for duct wall surface grid (details)
  369. tried a case of uncoupled IBL on arc surface (details)
  370. Axes templates for avro (details)
  371. more Axes in avro fixes (details)
  372. avro instantiations require Cartesian parameter (details)
  373. more avro Axes fixes (details)
  374. fixed outdated stuff due to updates of Axisymmetric API and Field directory reorg (details)
  375. fixed too-narrow assertion. updated use of interior trace group indexing (details)
  376. avro Axes fixes (details)
  377. more fixes (details)
  378. 4D avro instantiation (details)
  379. removed some redundant unit test code (was producing a compiler warning) (details)
  380. file IO updates in test case (details)
  381. 2D wall model implementation and testing (details)
  382. Played with a case with step/sigmoid function of inlet BC to show qe-based alpha is not too dissipative (details)
  383. played with 2D IBL cases to compare heuristic and corrected LF fluxes in PhD thesis (details)
  384. Fix redundant pi/180 multiplication for asymmetric rotor source (details)
  385. Add missing pi/180 for asymmertic Rotor Source parameter bounds (details)
  386. Try moving the pi/180 scaling again (details)
  387. Forgot a file (details)
  388. Fixed DOF calculation (details)
  389. Fixed XField error, changed Axisym DBL to run automatically (details)
  390. Fix halving linesearch dumpField (details)
  391. Update unit test (details)
  392. More unit test updates (details)
  393. Don't try to compare tecplot files. (details)
  394. Suppress cmake dev warning (details)
  395. Still need to remove the files (details)
  396. Try and try again (details)
  397. Relax timing (details)
  398. Use min for SA-R for now. (details)
  399. Minor PTC update (details)
  400. added WM joukowski test case (details)
  401. Updates to SA-R (details)
  402. Use smooth math for SA-R (details)
  403. Added p adjoint to DGBR2 interface (details)
  404. Axes templating; defaults to Axes=Cartesian wherever needed (details)
  405. added Axes template to XField2D_Box_Quad_X1; default to Cartesian (details)
  406. Fixed vera error and FINALLY tracked down meshing issue (details)
  407. Fixed vera errors (details)
  408. addes Axes templates; default to Cartesian (details)
  409. modified globally constrained infrastructure to allow for more general constraints (e.g. boundary constraint) (details)
  410. added axisymmetric centerline BC for Euler/NS (details)
  411. added pressure evaluation function to Q-interpreters (details)
  412. added Brenner to axisymmetric; no unit tests yet (details)
  413. output functionals for axisymmetric (details)
  414. source and source Jacobian terms for axisymmetric Euler/NS (details)
  415. code clean up for solid-body rotation solution (details)
  416. changed template parameter from PDE to OutputFunctional to better reflect (details)
  417. temporary fix for setting Axes within NDConvert functions; requires Axisymmetric (details)
  418. attempt at adding boundary-trace pressure constraint (hard part is Lagrange multiplier term) (details)
  419. updated test case to new interface for globally constrained; primary mods are (details)
  420. corrected template parameters and BCBase types in Lagrange multiplier (details)
  421. corrected ND issues and BC mapping issues for Lagrange multiplier term (still doesn't (details)
  422. more mods/corrections for boundary-trace pressure constraint (details)
  423. Fix bounding box check for body force camber surfaces (details)
  424. Even more robust body force camber surface bounding box calculation (details)
  425. added SurrealS operator= option to PyDict (details)
  426. undo previous PyDict changes since python itself cannot support Surreals (details)
  427. Added system tests for solver interfaces (details)
  428. Fixed errors (details)
  429. Fixed errors (should've been in last commit) (details)
  430. More SA-R updates (details)
  431. Fixed link errors (details)
  432. Reverted CMakeLists changes (details)
  433. Upgrade to latest refine (details)
  434. Fix compile error (details)
  435. One more refine fix (details)
  436. vera fix (details)
  437. Update CMake for ParMETIS/METIS on github. Updated to newer Find Python3. (details)
  438. Don't write restart.meshb from refine (details)
  439. Remove restart.meshb from refine (details)
  440. Rework metis/parmetis build again (details)
  441. Don't build extern libs in parallel (details)
  442. Fix intel warning (details)
  443. Update GKlib build and suitesparse check (details)
  444. Forgot a file (details)
  445. PDERANSSA3D and unit test changes for Catris model implementation from Andrew (details)
  446. changes to PDERANS3D with turbulence model implementation updates (details)
  447. actual commit for PDERANS3D that incorporates all merges (details)
  448. Another parmetis build fix (details)
  449. Update cmake summary file (details)
  450. Finally maybe (details)
  451. vera changes to the PDE and constructor changes to test cases (details)
  452. Print absolute and relative PETSc tolerance (details)
  453. Add fPIC when building GKlib (details)
  454. More cmake fixes (details)
  455. Remove message (details)
  456. Maybe finally got it right... (details)
  457. changed backsolve to not modify RHS (b) (details)
  458. small commit to test jenkins again (details)
  459. Slightly prettier formatting for PETSc history (details)
  460. Add metis to refine libraries (details)
  461. made WM a turbulence model option (instead of adding an input to the (details)
  462. Added adjoint DBL to scalar function (details)
  463. Fixed unit test tolerance issue (details)
  464. Lowered DBL unit test tolerance (details)
  465. Changed BOOST_CHECK to SANS_CHECK (details)
  466. Added to DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)
  467. Axes template for DG interior and boundary traces (details)
  468. Axes template for XField_CellToTrace (details)
  469. Add fourier modes for asymmetric rotor body forces (details)
  470. Forgot a file (details)
  471. Update test (details)
  472. Fixes for Ubuntu 22.04. Compiler flags for IntelLLVM and relaxed tolerances. (details)
  473. Fix permissions (details)
  474. Intel and gnu12 fixes (details)
  475. Add missing instantiations (details)
  476. More link error fixes (details)
  477. One more missing instantiation (details)
  478. Relax tolerance for intel (details)
  479. Put calculateStroudQuadrature in SANS namespace (details)
  480. Refactor non-symmetric body forces (details)
  481. Compile fix (details)
  482. Vera fix (details)
  483. Fix warning and ping test (details)
  484. Adjusting finite difference (details)
  485. Smaller step size (details)
  486. new changes to PDERANS3D to include jacobian fixes (details)
  487. small vera mistake I missed (details)
  488. Upgrade to ESP 1.20 (details)
  489. Fix warning (details)
  490. sansLIPAIM python fixes (details)
  491. Fix geometry construction (details)
  492. More ESP updates (details)
  493. More egads fixes (details)
  494. Add WallSlip BC for 3D RANSSA (details)
  495. Fix last commit (details)
  496. Fix array bounds error (details)
  497. Add PtPolynomials to 3D PtTt BC (details)
  498. Fix compile error (details)
  499. Update input checks for total pressure profile (details)
  500. added tests for remainder of block 2x2 jacobians: d(PDE)/d(qp), d(PDEp)/d(q), d(PDEp)/d(qp) (details)
  501. templated Axes for UnitGrids XField2D_Box_UnionJack_Triangle_X1, XField2D_CubicSourceBump_Xq, (details)
  502. Fix rotor source asymmetric normal vectors (details)
  503. Fix last commit (details)
  504. Add legacy VTK and Exodus metric files (details)
  505. VTK fixes (details)
  506. Fixed Body Force solver sensitvity (details)
  507. Warning fixes (details)
  508. fixed vera errors: long line (details)
  509. fixed vera errors: long line (details)
  510. updated include paths (details)
  511. updated include paths (details)
  512. removed outdated sandbox case (details)
  513. updated usage of 3D quad sheet grid's interior trace group count (details)
  514. updated pyrite files. relaxed pyrite tolerance. fixed IO file/path names (details)
  515. turned off file output (details)
  516. relaxed tolerance for intel (details)
  517. relaxed tolerance again for intel (details)
  518. Remove depricated sprintf (details)
  519. Add cirumfirential body force (details)
  520. Use system valgrind (details)
  521. Fix warning (details)
  522. Derivative calculation fixes for asymmetric body forces (details)
  523. Suppress sanitizer odr violations. Add the ability for ugrid reader to (details)
  524. CMake file fix (details)
  525. Forgot to update files. Some cppcheck fixes. (details)
  526. added wall model for 3D (details)
  527. added missing template arguments (details)
  528. Update 2D SA_R to latest deffinition on TMR (details)
  529. Fix abs with fabs (details)
  530. added a missing const (details)
  531. raised tolerance slightly for test (details)
  532. More robust normal field for rotor source (details)
  533. Update MultiScale for latest refine. Replace vsprintf with vsnprintf. (details)
  534. Update rotor source ping test (details)
  535. Refactor and simplified NormalField to use axial and raidal instead of cartesian coordinates (details)
  536. Minor fixes (details)
  537. Write out unconverged_surf.dat for BodyFroce RANS calculations. (details)
  538. Add manual body force magnitude specification (details)
  539. Change deltaRef to forceMag in normal field dump (details)
  540. Forgot to update some python inputs (details)
  541. DGBR2/DGBR4 low-level modification integrated. (details)
  542. templateized DiscretizationDGBR2 implemented, working on one test case. (details)
  543. test/sandbox cases updated with templateized DGBR (details)
  544. unit test brute force replacement (details)
  545. unit test fixes ; make unit working (details)
  546. initialized variables to zero to fix compiler warnings (details)
  547. Add new asymmetric forces to optimizer. Fix RotorForce tecplot dump. (details)
  548. system test update dgbr2 templatizaiton (details)
  549. fixed weird type mismatch in adapt3d_DGBR2_ranssa_HCH_toy.cpp (details)
  550. think it should pass now. (details)
  551. Try to capture discontinuities for Rotor source teclot output (details)
  552. Fix typo (details)
  553. cleaned up files (details)
  554. added wall function BC for 3D (details)
  555. Blasius + polar coordinate test problems and functions (details)
  556. added instantitations containing Axes template for XField2D_Box_UnionJack_Triangle_X1 (details)
  557. explicitly added Axes to all apply<> and check<> calls; this is needed because (details)
  558. added Axes template parameters (details)
  559. Axisymmetric instantiations (details)
  560. mods needed for extending global constraints to boundary terms and systems (details)
  561. mods to artificial viscosity sensor PDE needed for Axisymmetric (details)
  562. added dump of solution (x from Ax = b) for UMFPACK (details)
  563. modified halving linesearch diagnostics to dump out full solution change (details)
  564. added constant CFL number option to PTC (details)
  565. added function to return vector of base altitudes for all layers in atmosphere (details)
  566. proper spelling for Blohkinzev (previously had the h & k swapped) (details)
  567. turned off some print statements (details)
  568. added Reflect BC; bug fixes and code clean-up (details)
  569. continued development of axisymmetric test cases; addition of Brenner and SBR perturbation PDEs; (details)
  570. code clean-up (details)
  571. added sans-differential integration (e.g. without r for axisymmetric); needed (details)
  572. fixed merge conflicts (details)
  573. fixed vera line length squawks (details)
  574. relaxed tolerances on tests (details)
  575. missed an apply<> template (details)
  576. added a template parameter to AlgebraicEquationSet_GloballyConstrained_PTC (details)
  577. vera squawk (details)
  578. int -> size_t in for loops (details)
  579. removed axisymmetric SBR and TP1 test cases for now (details)
  580. removed unused variable from test (details)
  581. over-wrote a dump pattern file (details)
  582. unused typedef removed (details)
  583. missing dump pattern file (details)
  584. relaxed test tolerance (for intel...) (details)
  585. added jacobianFluxViscous to axisymmetric NS; unit tested (details)
  586. updated augmented interface to use Dirichlet/Neumann form (details)
  587. added option to evaluate Glasby tau without source term contribution (details)
  588. added an explicit Axes typedef to all PDE and Output classes; NDConvert now (details)
  589. axisymmetric NS function diffusionViscousGradient coded and unit tested (details)
  590. added/corrected axisymmetric NS jacobianSource term with unit tests (details)
  591. Addition of updated mathematica testing notebooks for PDERANS2D tests (details)
  592. Add camber surface dump (details)
  593. Suppress Boost new version warnings in CMake (details)
  594. added Axes template to XField1D mesher (details)
  595. Axes fixes and instantiations needed for 1D axisymmetric solve (details)
  596. added linear temperature option of noslip-isothermal BC; added new solution (details)
  597. added solution function for stagnant flow with linear-in-z temperature (and constant pressure); (details)
  598. Add body force normal and pallel forces to deltaRef tecplot dump (details)
  599. Fixed vera errors (details)
  600. Fixed errors, added template argument (details)
  601. fixed templating error (details)
  602. Changed test suite name (details)
  603. Removed unused variable (details)
  604. Update SuiteSparse build. Relax some testing tolerances. (details)
  605. Fixes for exodus file IO (details)
  606. Standardized DBL cases, added unit test for annulus (details)
  607. Use step matrix FrobNorm minimization for implied metric optimization. (details)
  608. updated Tecplot output for VMSDBR2 to be consistent with boundary flux (details)
  609. forgot to include updated cmakelist with previous commit (details)
  610. forgot to actually commit the Tecplot output file (details)
  611. Added axisymmetric DBL (details)
  612. changed variable name to nt to be consistent with rest of code (details)
  613. Add fluent reader to support Pointwise generated meshes for RotorSource (details)
  614. Forgot updated partitioning files (details)
  615. One more missing file (details)
  616. Added to DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)
  617. added gradients for specified velocity for no-slip, isothermal BC (details)
  618. Forgot one more file (details)
  619. Add another file to COTIRE_IGNORE (details)
  620. Fix group numbering on older gcc versions for Fluent reader (details)
  621. added Axes template to meshers, error estimates, local problems, adaptation (details)
  622. 1D and 2D axisymmetric instantiations for meshers, error estimates, local problems, adaptation (details)
  623. added Axes template to CostModel_LogEuclidean; also modified integration (details)
  624. Expose SA Flavours for Rotor Source calculations (details)
  625. missed a couple files with added Axes templates (details)
  626. Removed annulus unit test while fixing bug (details)
  627. Removed unused variables (details)
  628. Loosened tolerance on one test (details)
  629. Galerkin strong-form BC implementation classes renamed to be consistent with file name (details)
  630. Add pressure gradient terms to RotorSource (details)
  631. Relax tolerance (details)
  632. consistent interface in augmented integrand for both Dirichlet and Neumann constraints (details)
  633. added option for SUPG with source term for test-function operator; (details)
  634. added option to add both q-gradient and qp-gradient into lifted gradient; (details)
  635. added code for integration without the differential multiplier (e.g. r in Axisymmetric); (details)
  636. Added to DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)
  637. fixed merge conflicts (details)
  638. vera line-length squawks (details)
  639. added missing Axes in refine and related instantiations (details)
  640. fixed vera squawk (details)
  641. Add RotorSource flow tangency model (details)
  642. Fix for intel compiler (details)
  643. Remove redundtant email (details)
  644. Adjust ping test (details)
  645. Add clVariableType. Fix sourceJacobianAbs for RotorFlowTan. (details)
  646. added compiler warning suppression for Ping_Euler_RotorSource_btest.cpp (details)
  647. added compiler suppression -Wno-maybe-uninitialized to BodyForceSolver_*.cpp (details)
  648. fixed nightly warnings: possibly uninitialized variables (details)
  649. raypath code for multi-layer atmospheres; functions of both z and s (details)
  650. Mathematica file for unit tests of raypath code for standard atmosphere (details)
  651. some compilers need #include <vector> (details)
  652. increased tolerances on raypath tests (details)
  653. Support 2D CG periodic solutions. Add 2D RotorSource calculations. (details)
  654. Fix for 2D CG periodic in parallel (details)
  655. Fix ArcCamber angle definition. Allow both positive and negative angles (details)
  656. Fix FieldLib library order (details)
  657. Allow constrained body force solves in 2D (details)
  658. Fix tankap for 2D. Add rhofn to RotorSource output. Fix link errors. (details)
  659. Fix 2D RotorSource tecplot dump (details)
  660. Put back rotor source tan(kappa) (details)
  661. Fix tecplot dump for 2D body forces to use PASSIVEVARLIST. Get FlowTan body foces working in 2D. (details)
  662. Forgot a file (details)
  663. Correction to asymmetric Pt inflow BC (details)
  664. Fix typo (details)
  665. One more bug fix (details)
  666. Compile fix (details)
  667. Fixed compiler errors (details)
  668. A few jenkins fixes (details)
  669. Warning and link fixes (details)
  670. More link error fixes (details)
  671. Fix includes (details)
  672. Fix some link errors (details)
  673. Not sure what I fixed... (details)
  674. Add placeholder HUMOR meshing interface (details)
  675. Fixes for last commit (details)
  676. More seacas guards (details)
  677. One more seacas protection (details)
  678. Add one seacas dependency (details)
  679. Add unsteady to BodyForces (details)
  680. Add missing updated RK examples. Update history output for unsteady BodyForce (details)
  681. Invert eigen vector scaling for exodus files (details)
  682. Pad zeros in body force file names (details)
  683. Fix compile error (details)
  684. Compile fixes and corrections to Exodus file write (details)
  685. Forgot a file (details)
  686. Fix call to HUMOR (details)
  687. Exodus reader fix (details)
  688. Missed a file (details)
  689. More humor options (details)
  690. Fix typo (details)
  691. Add KarypisLab tar scripts (details)
  692. Update KarypisLab tar scripts (details)
  693. Fix normal mach output for 2D (details)
  694. Runge Kutta updates (details)
  695. Minor fixes (details)
  696. Switch to BDF (details)
  697. Fix missing instantiation (details)
  698. Add omega to constrained solver outputs (details)
  699. Use CFL based time stepping for BDF (details)
  700. Don't return results when constrained solver fails (details)
  701. Fix cylindrical pressure probe output (details)
  702. Fix typo (details)
  703. Add fluent format documentation (details)
  704. Fix pressure probe output one more time (details)
  705. Add pressure output for rotor source (details)
  706. Blend equations for FlowTan (details)
  707. Add more RotorSource 3D dumps. Default double precision for tecplot dumps. (details)
  708. Add dp/deta to delta dump (details)
  709. Fix compile errors (details)
  710. Add cylindrical relative velocity components (details)
  711. Fix line search unit tests (details)
  712. Add tolerane to valid x-range for 2D rotor outputs (details)
  713. Fix vector size for DeltaRef dump (details)
  714. Update tecplot dump for flowTan body force. Allow getting EGADS model from pyton for BodyForces/ (details)
  715. Fix fn dump in deltaRef (details)
  716. Fix compilere warning and guard against divide by zero (details)
  717. Change flowTan model at bounds. Fix deltaRef dump. (details)
  718. Update unit tests (details)
  719. Reverse sign of tan(kappa) for Peters body force term (details)
  720. Dump out delta and kappa in deg for body forces (details)
  721. added missing template (details)
  722. added 2D flatplate test case (includes WM) (details)
  723. Expose fsig in RotorFlowTan python arguments. Add env args to valgrind execution. (details)
  724. Remove Ntheta scaling from FlowTan force (details)
  725. Change scaling on normal force back to 1/r (details)
  726. Fix cmake warning (details)
  727. Add kShock to body force interface and change flowTan viscous model again (details)
  728. Add missing kShock (details)
  729. Change Rotor Rot/Rel outputs to specify rotor and position (details)
  730. Add TECIO support. Fix compiler warnings. Fix projection from Hierachical to Lagrange in 2D. (details)
  731. Fix warning and tecplot file write (details)
  732. Allows solving for Back Pressure with Body Forces. TECIO fixes. (details)
  733. Output solved back pressure for body force constrained solver. Fix compile error. (details)
  734. Add missing instantiation (details)
  735. Fix parallel Metric file write. Don't revert to a lienar mesh if local patch construction fails. (details)
  736. Added WM BC for AV (details)
  737. Added to DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)

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