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Started 1 yr 3 mo ago
Took 33 min on reynolds

Build release_gnu10,reynolds (Jun 1, 2022, 11:14:21 PM)

  1. removed reference (&) for meshing parameter vector (details)
  2. added velocity integral output (details)
  3. template parameter modification for grid-Laplacian and minor edits (details)
  4. negated lapse rates for standard atmosphere -- now definition consistent with official data (details)
  5. make NS solution interpreters more consistent between rho-p and rho-T (details)
  6. added ORNL MMS function (details)
  7. fixed bug in std::vector initialization for standard atmosphere class (details)
  8. 1st pass at exact ray path for sansBOOM (details)
  9. SUPG/GLS/VMS tau code clean-up; added unit tests for P2 and P3 (details)
  10. Added Axisymmetric flux functions + unit tests (details)
  11. modified ODE definition for high-Re version of SA for incompressible RANS (details)
  12. moved typedef HType to eliminate un-used typedef warning when USE_GRID_LAPLACIAN turned on (details)
  13. Add CompressiblePower calculation (details)
  14. Additional unit tests for new sensor with RANS. Found and fixed a few bugs in PDERANSSA2D and PDEEuler3D. Cleaned up solver interface for VMSD-BR2 somewhat. More unit tests and tidy up to come. (details)
  15. Add another quadratic viscous term to Body Force model (details)
  16. Updated surface flux writer for tecplot (VMSDBR2 specific). Added developer exceptions in to the Euler with artificial diffusion space-time calls since they're not unit tested. (details)
  17. Add 8th order term to Body Forces (details)
  18. Added the ability to specify is artificial diffusion should be applied to SA equation at run time. More unit tests. Caught a few more bugs. (details)
  19. More BodyForce output functionals (details)
  20. Add vera exclusions (details)
  21. Warning fixes (details)
  22. Properly ignore ._ files in CMake (details)
  23. Missing override keyword in SolverInterface_VMSD_BR2. ErrorOrder_2D_VMSDBR2_Triangle_AD_btest runs in serial (communicator is split and each rank runs independently). (details)
  24. One more warning fix (details)
  25. Warning shows up in GNU 8 (details)
  26. Fix warning (details)
  27. Relax tolerances for intel (details)
  28. needsSolutionGradient set to true for EntropyPower functional (details)
  29. Add Entropy to rotor output (details)
  30. Updated tolerance for intel in AVSensor_Source3D_Euler_btest (details)
  31. Fix EntropyPt calculation. Remove old Euler3D source test. (details)
  32. added gradients for standard atmosphere (details)
  33. added isothermal atmosphere model (details)
  34. added speed of sound to atmospheric models (details)
  35. Relax tolerances for intel (details)
  36. More relaxed intel tolerances (details)
  37. One more method for VMSD data transfer (details)
  38. Stabilized output for PV functional (details)
  39. First draft of Axisymmetric DBL problem, vera not working, may require multiple commits to get through jenkins (details)
  40. Fixed scope issues (details)
  41. Removed untested upwind option from isothermal walls in PDENavierStokes2D. It did not seem to be being used by any sandbox case or test. (details)
  42. fixed vera errors (details)
  43. Actually remove the code related to the upwind flag. (details)
  44. added output axisymmetric unit tests (details)
  45. Changed unit test tolerance (details)
  46. Generalized axisym DBL for any z0 z1 (details)
  47. fixed vera errors (details)
  48. Add asymmetric term for rotor source (details)
  49. Fix compile errors (details)
  50. Fix bug in last commit (details)
  51. Cleanup sourcePositivity (details)
  52. Work around more floating point issues (details)
  53. More precision cleanup for AV source (details)
  54. Fogot a file (details)
  55. Allow setting critical surrogate values in 3D (details)
  56. Fix compile error (details)
  57. Compiler error and warning fixes (details)
  58. Make outer diffusion positvity source consisent with inner (details)
  59. Warning and tolernace fixes (details)
  60. Fix compile error (details)
  61. Cleanup 2D PressureGrad sensor (details)
  62. Relax tolerance (details)
  63. Missed one (details)
  64. Missed one more (details)
  65. Relax tolerance (details)
  66. Consistent 3D positvity source with Ben's thesis (details)
  67. Add asymmetric sensitvities for body forces. Some more cleanup of shock capturing. (details)
  68. Make PDEmitAVDiffusionOuter2D.h consistent (details)
  69. Fix warning and typo (details)
  70. Relax tolerance and fix warning (details)
  71. One more tolerance relaxation (details)
  72. Add parameters to rotate body force normal field (details)
  73. Forgot instantiation (details)
  74. Make lifting operator calculation lazy to prevent computing lifting operators in isValidState. Homotopy fix for negative lambda. Charachteristic SupersonicOutflow in 2D. Dirichlet NoSlip BC for Sensor PDE. Some cleanup of MatrixS_Diag. (details)
  75. Fix test for last commit (details)
  76. Fix for lazy lifting operator calculations (details)
  77. standard atmo: moved non-templated functions to *.cpp file (details)
  78. stupid tabs!! (details)
  79. namespace needed in cpp file (details)
  80. Fix for turning off USE_CORRECTION_TERM (details)
  81. removed DeveloperException check for hessians of density-temperature primitive vars (details)
  82. Another correction to turning off USE_CORRECTION_TERM (details)
  83. Relax tolerance (details)
  84. Only compute lifting operatos if setSolutionField is called. Needed for proper error estimates. (details)
  85. More intel tolerance relaxing (details)
  86. Remove DeveloperException check (details)
  87. Use implied metric in cost calculation for isotropic optimization (details)
  88. Relaxier tolerance (details)
  89. Another tolerance relaxation (details)
  90. Intel... (details)
  91. Intel... (details)

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