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Started 1 yr 8 mo ago
Took 46 min on reynolds

Build #61 (Jan 26, 2022, 11:58:37 PM)

  1. added annotation (details)
  2. intermediate commit in case of ACDL power down. sandbox still should not compile yet (details)
  3. refactored 3D box hex grid to allow for arbitrary list of node coordinates (details)
  4. added DOF count checks in box hex grid (details)
  5. added CG field instantiation for IBL3 Qauxv field (details)
  6. minor annotation (details)
  7. refactoring to show intention more clearly (details)
  8. minor cleanup (details)
  9. minor addition of annotation (details)
  10. added 3D entropy variables for Euler/NS (details)
  11. flipped output_stream flag to true (thought this was down with last commit, but not) (details)
  12. unit tests for Robin_sansLG BCs for 3D NS (details)
  13. cleaned up and fixed sandbox case on FP for S-shaped duct (details)
  14. commented out hacks (details)
  15. Starting to implement BCDataFields by copying over stuff (details)
  16. added and experimented with BCDataFieldManager class.  Ready to further extend this for BCDataField implementation. (details)
  17. minor commenting (details)
  18. minor refactoring before adding BC data field stuff (details)
  19. Initial prototype of introducing BC data fields into algebraic equation set and instantiations of IntegrandBoundaryTraces (details)
  20. trying to equip IntegrandBoundaryTrace with BCDataField: succeed in contructor but failed due to preset Integrand type defi in IntegrateBoundaryTrace_Dispatch.dispatch() turning off all the hacks, which will be removed in the future (details)
  21. some tidying up (details)
  22. hide away to-be-removed stuff/hacks (details)
  23. Refactored 3D full potential stuff, particularly adding wall transpiration BC.  Start to pave ways for including BC data field in BC class (details)
  24. Tried wall transpiration in S-duct FP case (details)
  25. append BC data field to 3D FP wall transpiration BC (details)
  26. renaming variables for clarity (details)
  27. Enabled using BC data field by passing it to the BC class.  Tested on full potential 3D case.  Removed previous attempt of trying to let integrand class to own BC data field (details)
  28. removed code from a previous attempt to implement BC data field (details)
  29. refactored BC data evaluation call from element (details)
  30. Started working on Auxv projection equation for IBL+FP coupling: finished the qauxv component in the projection integrand (details)
  31. minor refactoring to reduce unnecessary memory allocation (details)
  32. modulize velocity calculation in 3D FP solver (details)
  33. removed const reference for interior trace groups member data and made it a copy; (details)
  34. added option to return success flag if max number of iterations are reached without converging; (details)
  35. added interface for derivedSurfaceQuantity with parameter (details)
  36. typo fixes (details)
  37. Added new 4-variable Qauxv formulation and associated Field instantiations (details)
  38. Initial work on Auxv equation with 3D FP solver: compiles now but needs to be completed (details)
  39. Some cleanup on Auxv equation (with 3D FP) residual (details)
  40. some more cleanup before completing Auxv equation jacobian (details)
  41. Auxv equation now works for a trivial test case.  Now need to work out volume-surface grid connectivity (details)
  42. minor cleanup (details)
  43. minor refactoring/annotation (details)
  44. Initial work on contructing surface mesh corresponding to a boundary group of volume mesh (BoxHex). TBD: Needs nontrivial testing and interior trace groups (details)
  45. Added nontrivial test for Auxv projection from FP solution (details)
  46. minor typo fix in comments (details)
  47. Added interior trace elements to the boundary surface mesh of BoxHex.  Tried/verfified solving IBL3 on this surface mesh in the flat plate laminar BL case (details)
  48. minor cleanup (details)
  49. minor cleanup/refactoring (details)
  50. Removed execute permission for a .cpp file (details)
  51. typo fixes in Pointwise tcl script (details)
  52. Minor edits (details)
  53. Add ProjectToQauxi equation class for coupling FP+IBL3 (details)
  54. Rename VectorFunction3D to ArrayFunction based on new naming convention (details)
  55. Add initial framework for Auxi equation for FP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  56. Minor cleanup (details)
  57. add anonymous namespace for safety (details)
  58. Included all the necessary fields int Auxi equation for FP-IBL3 (details)
  59. Renamed integrand for projection to Qauxi (details)
  60. add const qualifier just to be extra cautious (details)
  61. Initial working prototype of projection to Qauxi without the div.(M) term (details)
  62. Distinguish volume and manifold quadrature order configurations (details)
  63. Rename integrand class for clarity (details)
  64. Add initial API of manifold integrands for Auxi equation (details)
  65. add more details to integrand of manifold boundary trace for FP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  66. rename files/classes for clarity (details)
  67. add missing include (details)
  68. [intermediate progress] compiling prototype of manifold boundary trace integrals in auxi equation for FP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  69. minor edit (details)
  70. Removed unnecessary destructor (details)
  71. typo fix (details)
  72. Access cell group via global indexing instead of local (details)
  73. Initial working prototype of new Field for Qauxi for FP-IBL3 so that DOFs can be viewed as volume boundary trace and area cell at the same time (details)
  74. Type-related bugfix in FP PDE (details)
  75. cleaned up unused method (details)
  76. Updated VMSDBR2 statically condensed Jacobian calculating to accept multiple RHS to condense using a single Jacobian calculation. Updated linear solvers for globally constrained systems to use this new functionality. Added unit tests to test that results from multiple-RHS code matches applying the single-RHS code to each RHS individually. This update will only affect globally constrained systems (using VMSDBR2). (details)
  77. Hard coded manifold/surface quad grid that matches z-min boundary group of a box hex grid (details)
  78. Added comments to BC data field implementation (details)
  79. Minor typo fix (details)
  80. Refactored DOF indexing contruction to ensure consistency between volumeb boundary trace field and area cell field (details)
  81. Rename variable for clarity.  Add exception to guard against misuse of BC data in full potential wall transpiration BC (details)
  82. Start a new case of FP-IBL3 coupling by copying from existing FP-only case. (details)
  83. Fixed clang warnings. Fixed abstract class error due to not implementing static condensation update to MKL. Have added a developer exception so the execution path exists, but extension still not implemented for MKL. (details)
  84. Refactored AES Project to Qauxi for flat plate 3D panel so that it's ready to be generalized for 3D FP coupling as well (details)
  85. Removed a deprecated header file (details)
  86. Add partial specialization to support block 4x4 FP+IBL3 coupling (details)
  87. Fixed missing BC parameter checks (details)
  88. Fixed long line formatting (details)
  89. Fixed more intel warnings. Added unit tests for the multi-RHS logic for UMFPack and MKL. The MKL test ensures that a developer excpetion occurs, since the logic for MKL has not been implemented. Moved the sum-constrained algebraic equation set in to its own file (like the Advection and Heat equation sets). (details)
  90. minor cleanup (details)
  91. Add static data member to identify the size of jacobian (i.e. number of equations and variables) (details)
  92. Add unit test for block 4x4 system of FP-IBL3 coupling. Still a working progress, but test compiles and runs (details)
  93. Fixed more intel warnings. Added unit tests for the multi-RHS logic for FMGRES. The FGMRES test ensures that a developer excpetion occurs, since the logic for MKL has not been implemented. (details)
  94. Completed Auxi equation for FP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  95. Fix a bug in block 3x3 and 4x4 system of equations: MatrixSize().  It has been identified because perviously block (2,1) is decoupled/zero for previous test cases (details)
  96. Refactor jacobian ping test screen output for clarity (details)
  97. Refactor JacobianParam to allow for multiple parameters of different dimension, e.g. for Auxi equation of FP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  98. Pass block 4x4 block algebraic equation set unit test without coupling for FP and Auxv equations (details)
  99. add const qualifiers (details)
  100. Add annotation to AES_Auxi (details)
  101. Remove redundant class template arguments (details)
  102. Remove AGLS. Add blockage and viscous terms to RotorSource. (details)
  103. Missed a file (details)
  104. Refator AES_auxv mass matrix jacobian computation for clarity and simplicity (details)
  105. BC fixes (details)
  106. Fix include (details)
  107. More boundary condition cleanup (details)
  108. Relax tolerance (details)
  109. Warning fix (details)
  110. Auxi parameter jacobian is now compiling. (details)
  111. Rename class and file (details)
  112. Added functionality to project from a DG to a CG field defined on the same x-field. (details)
  113. Remove infinite x-dervative for thickenss. Fix warnings. (details)
  114. DG ot CG prjection now uses explicit instantiation. (details)
  115. Simplify jacobian calculation of Auxi equation as it's simply mass matrix for Galerkin projection (details)
  116. Add a specialized IntegrateCellGroups method for reuse in FP-IBL3 coupling implementation (details)
  117. More strict templates for AV. Add strongFluxViscous to AV. (details)
  118. modified (solution error)^2 to use dot product; now allows general ArrayQ<T> solution (details)
  119. Warning fixes (details)
  120. Fix for older cmake versions (details)
  121. Replace max with smoothRamp_tanh2 for artificial viscosity (details)
  122. Some more tests (details)
  123. Fix smoothRamp_tanh2. Fix ThicknessNACA6 to use fabs instead of abs. (details)
  124. Suppress compiler warning (details)
  125. Fix warning and relax tolerance (details)
  126. Enable viscous body forces for Euler (details)
  127. Completed Auxv_Qinv jacobian (details)
  128. Added a test to check that bubble modes were not present in VMSD after static condenstaion for a partial Newton step. (details)
  129. Vera exclusion needed for new unit test (L006). (details)
  130. Added parallel test for homotopy, found bug in parallel, fixed bug in parallel. (details)
  131. Discrete blockage gradient (details)
  132. Forgot a file (details)
  133. Added an example homotopy adapt in 3D with RANS, and some missing function calls. (details)
  134. Vera fix (details)
  135. Fix compile error (details)
  136. Added HiFW Joukowski case using homotopy (still WIP). Updates to artificial viscosity interface to resolve some template mis-matches during Joukowski case set up. (details)
  137. Add annotations (details)
  138. Another compile fix (details)
  139. Another compile fix (details)
  140. Fixed error in PETSc Dicts. (details)
  141. Relax tolerance. Add PETScInit. Suppress warning. (details)
  142. More warning fixes (details)
  143. PDERANS3D fixes (details)
  144. Fixes for AVSensor_Source_VMSD_SPD (details)
  145. Fix ping test (details)
  146. Change git update alias (details)
  147. Fix sensitvity calculation (details)
  148. Don't require name for camber free parameters (details)
  149. Implement BCNone for VMSD BR2. I hope nobody has been using it... (details)
  150. Completed d(FP)/d(Qauxi) coupling jacobian for FP-IBL (details)
  151. Forgot to commit unit test on d(FP)/d(Qauxi) jacobian (details)
  152. Removed redundant files for discarded Auxi and Auxv equation implementation (details)
  153. Removed more discarded implementation for Auxi (in FP-IBL3) (details)
  154. Add linear algebra instantiations for FP-IBL3 (details)
  155. Refactoring to keep up with JacobianParam's updated template arguments (details)
  156. Fixed formatting (details)
  157. Minor refactoring (details)
  158. Add unit test for box grid and its derived boundary manifold grid (details)
  159. Minor cleanup (details)
  160. Add more unit test (details)
  161. Add unit test for FieldVolume_DG_BoundaryTrace_matchAreaCell (details)
  162. Bug fix: previously, allocated memory for dynamic matrix but didn't initialize to zero (details)
  163. Completed 4x4 block system jacobian ping test for FP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  164. Added Tt output for Rotor (details)
  165. added instantiations for Newton solution of FP-IBL3 equations (details)
  166. Solved first FP-IBL3 case with Newton solver (details)
  167. added instantiations for MKL and PETSc for FP-IBL3 (details)
  168. added implementation for PETSc for FP-IBL3 (details)
  169. modularized S-shaped duct grid points generation (details)
  170. debugging (for sporadically slow FP residual/jacobian) and refactoring FP-IBL3 test case (details)
  171. mod: VectorFunction -> ArrayFunction (details)
  172. inviscid Joukowski with interface to Pointwise (details)
  173. Added more profiling info for debugging FP-IBL3 (details)
  174. added verbose printout for debugging (details)
  175. fixed formatting errors (details)
  176. Fix Tt rotor output (details)
  177. fixed lines that were too long (details)
  178. fixed promote_Surreal bug (only showed up for USE_GRID_LAPLACIAN) (details)
  179. Vector -> Array fix to be consistent with new Array*Function nomenclature (details)
  180. added Array2Function2D class (2-component, each an analytic function) with unit test; (details)
  181. added PyDict options for xz and yz angle offsets for 3D corner singularity (details)
  182. Fixes for running Joukowski with avro and refine (details)
  183. Fixes for triangle (details)
  184. Fix for triangle with holes (details)
  185. some cleanup on full potential PDE (details)
  186. refactored and added to residualDecreaseStatus(.) (details)
  187. fixed over-array-bound access (details)
  188. switched assertions from runtime to compile time (details)
  189. refactored FP-IBL3 S-duct test case (details)
  190. forgot to commit this... refactored linear solution checker (details)
  191. removed redundant partial specialization in AES_PTC (details)
  192. annotated PTC implementation of paramfld_ and paramfldpast_ (details)
  193. beautified Newton iteration printout (details)
  194. refactored an MatrixS constructor (details)
  195. added comments (details)
  196. enabled PTC for FP-IBL3 4x4 coupling (details)
  197. fixed FP and IBL side wall BC (details)
  198. refactored std::vector access to use bound checking (details)
  199. added comments on how/why CFL changes in PTC iterations (details)
  200. refactored PTC printout & dump (details)
  201. minor tweak to test case (details)
  202. Refactored S-duct box grid (details)
  203. Cleaned up 3D FP BC (details)
  204. some cleanup (details)
  205. added commented out code for timing (details)
  206. fixed warnings (details)
  207. added sanity check.  some cleanup (details)
  208. changed IBL3 surface normal orientation convention to be compatible with FP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  209. Refactored projection onto Qauxv to be only in-surface velocity components in FP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  210. added assertion to guard against misuse (details)
  211. Consolidated auxi equation implementation for 3D full potential and panel (details)
  212. minor cleanup (details)
  213. Merged ProjectToQauxi3D implementation for panel and FP coupling with IBL3 (details)
  214. more cleanup on include (details)
  215. Cleaned up and merged interior trace integrand for IBL3 and Auxi.  Renamed files (details)
  216. added missing include that was accidentally removed (details)
  217. cleaned up include related to 2D/3D manifold cell integrands (details)
  218. more cleanup of include (details)
  219. Cleaned up panel+IBL3 case (details)
  220. added option in IBL3 to choose how nrm_surf orientation relates to e1 and e2 (details)
  221. minor test case cleanup/tweaks (details)
  222. turned off (1) LF flux, (2) mass correction to flux and (3) amp+lag equations for IBL3 (details)
  223. fixed style (details)
  224. refactored param tuple type for better consistency between indexing, ParamTuple and FieldTuple (details)
  225. renamed parameter field type (details)
  226. refactored parameter type for IBL3 (details)
  227. refactored JacobianParam class since the previous implementation is quite limiting (details)
  228. updated JacobianParam usage in test cases following its refactoring (details)
  229. more cleanup on JacobianParam usage (details)
  230. updated use cases involving Auxi equation in panel+IBL3. deleted sandbox cases that are not worth maintaining (details)
  231. updated use cases of new PDEIBL3FourEqn API (details)
  232. fixed full potential unit tests (details)
  233. fixed a bug/typo: flipped divM and divM_rhoe flux calculation for Auxi. Fortunately, the effect on current test cases is minimal since they are incompressible flows (details)
  234. fixed IBL unit tests (details)
  235. minor cleanup of 3D IBL PDE and associated block jacobian ping test (details)
  236. Removed the dedicated (yet redundant) boundary trace integrand for 3D auxi; instead, use 3D manifold BCNone integrand.  Renamed 2D/3D BCNone integrands to reflect its general purpose, not limited to IBL PDE (details)
  237. refactored/fixed Surreal type definitions to use proper/general size variable (details)
  238. accidentally forgot these pieces two commits earlier, when updating auxi BCNone integrand (details)
  239. fixed some compile errors for auxi equation and boundary integrand (details)
  240. minor integrand cleanup (details)
  241. refactored auxi equation's cell integrand to be PhysDim-agnostic, in prep for generalization of auxi aes class (details)
  242. Renamed auxi aes class to be not 3D specific, in prep for generalization (details)
  243. Refactored BCNone integrand for Galerkin manifold to be agnostic of PhysDim (details)
  244. fixed/refactored a few Galerkin_manifold boundary integands to be agnostic of PhysDim (details)
  245. Use isotropic implied metric for IsotropicOpt MOESS (details)
  246. refactored Galerkin_manifold interior trace integrands to be agnostic of PhysDim (details)
  247. removed daisy chain in JacobianParam since it could be handled by the primary algebraic equation class's jacobianParam(...) (details)
  248. removed 3D-specific assertion (details)
  249. refactored usage of jacobianParam(...) to account for any daisy chain in the primary algebraic equation set (details)
  250. Refactored daisy-chain/linked list implementation of algebraic equation sets, including auxi equation and proper chained calls to jacobianParam() (details)
  251. removed redundant daisy-chained calls to setSolutionField() and fillSystemVector() in algebraic equation sets.  Clarified the intended use case of daisy-chained equation set (details)
  252. Refactored 2D auxi PDE class to prepare panel-IBL2 to use the PhysDim-agnostic auxi equation implementation.  Removed redundant auxi equation set and integrand classes that used to be specialized for Panel2D (details)
  253. Removed 3D-specific assertion in auxi cell integrand. Fixed IBL2 captured transition system test case (details)
  254. Cleaned up auxi equation implementation to remove redundant dummy members in FunctionEval class.  Renamed some files & classes (details)
  255. cannot assign a regular/raw pointer to std::shared_ptr (details)
  256. Cleaned up 2D auxv equation implementation for XfoilPanel+IBL to remove redundant dummy members in FunctionEval class.  Renamed some files & classes (details)
  257. cannot assign regular/raw pointer to std::shared_ptr (details)
  258. Cleaned up 3D auxv equation implementation for flat plate panel+IBL3 to remove redundant dummy members in FunctionEval class (details)
  259. minor refactoring of XfoilPanel field discretization order checks/assertions (details)
  260. refactoring (similar to previous ones) to have PDEIBL2D define its parameter field tuple types (details)
  261. typo fix (details)
  262. only prints in verbose mode (details)
  263. fixed system/CodeConsistency tests for IBL (details)
  264. cleanup and fixes to keep IBL-related implementation up to date (details)
  265. more cleanup on DG/HDG discretization unit tests, mostly related to IBL (details)
  266. cleanup & fixes to panel-IBL3 3x3 block discretization unit tests to keep up to date with IBL-related implementation (details)
  267. removed redundant include (details)
  268. fixed miscellaneous XfoilPanel+IBL2 aes unit tests to stay up to date with latest IBL implementation (details)
  269. cleaned up & fixed sandbox cases for XfoilPanel+IBL2D single run and drag polar for airfoil (details)
  270. miscellanenous fixes of compile error and formatting style (details)
  271. removed uses of gradqn and q in Neumann and Dirichlet BCs respectively for potential flow (details)
  272. fixed some compile errors and formatting style (details)
  273. updated pyrite check files for IBLFourEqn3D to use LF flux without mass correction (details)
  274. fixed miscellaneous unit tests related to coupled IBL (details)
  275. fixed FP-IBL3 jacobian ping test (details)
  276. fixed a few compile errors and warnings related to a few sandbox test cases not up-to-date with latest FullPotential PDE/BC implementation (details)
  277. renamed class & files. re-org include.  started a LIP+IBL3 sandbox case by copying over FP-IBL3 (details)
  278. allows FP-IBL3 jacobian ping test to run longer on Jenkins (details)
  279. fixed unit test of auxv aes for 3D full potential (details)
  280. Reverted some changes in the use of LIP BCs.  These changes should NOT have been made (details)
  281. relocated a unit test to IBL folder (details)
  282. passed a few ping tests related to coupled IBL3 (details)
  283. fixed two unit tests troubled by misuse of MPI communicator (details)
  284. refactored some explicit instantiations for better generality and less tedious code (details)
  285. use MatrixS_or_T instead of MatrixS to account for the case of MatrixQ=Real (details)
  286. relaxed time limit for a block jacobian ping test on Jenkins.  trying to fix an undefined reference error by altering the order of loading lib in CMakeLists (details)
  287. rename/reorg files/classes to remove FullPotential 3D specificity from Auxv equation implementation (details)
  288. Relocated Matrix PDE_Qauxi typedef into PDE class in lieu of integrand class (details)
  289. Looks like Jenkins censored the previous commit msg cuz it contains the word 'e-r-r-o-r'. Amend the commit msg now. relaxed time limit for a block jacobian ping test on Jenkins.  trying to fix an undefined reference e-r-r-o-r by altering the order of loading lib in CMakeLists (details)
  290. make a method protected as it is not a necessary API for mitLG BC (details)
  291. Add comments.  Make basis functions class members to reduce re-allocating memory during operator calls (details)
  292. Refactored LIP PDE to prep it to be run with coupled IBL3.  Added Dirichlet_mitLG BC for LIP (details)
  293. relaxed machine precision level tolerance in a unit test for intel compiler to pass (details)
  294. Replaced tedious & repetitive block matrix instantiation statements with macro definitions. Added explicit instantiations for MatrixBlock_4x4 for LIP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  295. Replaced tedious & repetitive block matrix instantiation statements with macro definitions. Added explicit instantiations for MatrixBlock_4x4 for LIP-IBL3 coupling (details)
  296. fixed some lingering merge conflicts (details)
  297. fix no-return warnings in a function with non-void return type (details)
  298. refactored miscellaneous unit tests. added missing explicit instantiation for 4x4 block matrix (details)
  299. added option of Dirichlet_mitLG for LIP test --> result matches LinearScalar_sansLG, so not need bother with mitLG (details)
  300. fix missing return statement issue (details)
  301. minor cleanup (details)
  302. add state validity check assertions for Auxv projection integrand class (details)
  303. refactored LIP BC and PDE to enable coupled LIP-IBL3 test case to run (details)
  304. simply renamed some variables for brevity (details)
  305. speed up LIP-IBL3 run by initializing with Falkner-Skan solution and solving IBL3 in uncoupled mode (details)
  306. make IBL3 LF vs Full upwind flux choice a runtime decision (details)
  307. fix typos that caused compile errors (details)
  308. add unit tests to 4-equation 3D IBL PDE (details)
  309. add explicit instantiation (details)
  310. set minimum IBL output field order to be 1 (details)
  311. add/refactor explicit instantiations (details)
  312. fixed issues with uninitialized data in boundary integand, which became a problem due to recent refactoring to 3D LIP BC (i.e. swtich from assignment to cumulation in data(...)).  Some other fixes to compile warnings (details)
  313. Tried a few more duct geometries for IBL3 (details)
  314. fix for messed up merge conflict (details)
  315. fix typo in comments (details)
  316. fix for messed up merge conflict (details)
  317. added checks on SANS_AVRO and SANS_REFINE (details)
  318. add a manifold (area) grid based on four sides of a box that form a ring (details)
  319. Added to DeveloperEmailAddresses (details)
  320. add to unit tests of BoxBoundaries grid (duct ring) (details)
  321. reverted OutputCell_SolutionErrorSquared to its former functionality (input is Real/VectorS, (details)
  322. sans-Lagrange adiabatic & isothermal no-slip BCs for NS (details)
  323. relaxed tolerance on unit test (details)
  324. modified speedCharacteristic for AD with zero advective flux (details)
  325. refactoring of BoxBoundary grid: group indexing and area_cell to volume_boundary mapping (details)
  326. add a test case of LIP-IBL3 for IBL3 on a duct ring (i.e. 4 side walls of a box) (details)
  327. added sans-Lagrange no-slip BC types to 2D NS (details)
  328. MatrixS_MatMul instantiations needed for sans-Lagrange no-slip BCs for NS (details)
  329. Explicitly only use one OpenMP thread for PETSc with MPI (details)
  330. mat-mul needed for sans-Lagrange no-slip BCs for NS (details)
  331. minor refactoring (details)
  332. added IO files for sans-Lagrange no-slip BCs for NS (details)
  333. playing with laminar and turbulent cases for LIP+IBL3 (details)
  334. minor cleanup (details)
  335. Turned off full jacobian ping test for 3-eq IBL Quad.  Also some minor clean. (details)
  336. Correction to last commit message: should be "Turned ON full test" (details)
  337. changes to HDG FieldWeighted integral for sans-Lagrange no-slip BCs for NS; note (details)
  338. Added deltaRef for body force viscous terms (details)
  339. some cleanup on panel-IBL3 sandbox case (details)
  340. Add missing includes (details)
  341. Forgot a file (details)
  342. Separate constant and quadratic body force viscous terms (details)
  343. fixed compile error and warning (details)
  344. Turned on full jacobian ping test for coupled panel+IBL3 (3-eq) (details)
  345. Turned on more jacobian ping test (details)
  346. Fix link error (details)
  347. Fix Newton iteration separator (details)
  348. Update unit test (details)
  349. refactored panel-IBL3 case running setup (details)
  350. Output IBL results of mass defect flux in lieu of dummy output of qz_X (details)
  351. bug fix: consistent definition of w and b fields in FieldWeighted (details)
  352. Refactored sandbox case setup: panel-IBL3, LIP-IBL3 (details)
  353. Forgot to suppress one output (details)
  354. Return results from Constrained body force solver (details)
  355. fix style (details)
  356. refactor and unit test Auxv equation for 3D flate plate panel (details)
  357. minor cleanup (details)
  358. Refactor Auxv equation of 3D flat plate panel method to allow for CG p1 qauxvfld for better DOF efficiency (details)
  359. Fix bug in deltaRef reduction process (details)
  360. fix warning messages (details)
  361. minor cleanup (details)
  362. bug fix: 3D panel method with triangle panels was computing panel area wrongly by double-multiplying reference area.  Added unit tests for this panel method (details)
  363. fix compile errors caused by typos and lag behind previous  refactoring (details)
  364. fix style for Vera check (details)
  365. minor cleanup of sandbox case (details)
  366. more warning messages (details)
  367. fix warnings: comparing int and size_t in for loop (details)
  368. relaxed tolerance for intel (details)
  369. fix duplicated BOOST test suite names (details)
  370. Allow for no-wall distance functions (details)
  371. Support 3D Q2 meshes with libMeshb (details)
  372. changed full upwind back to using momentum flux correction by default (details)
  373. Fix warning (details)
  374. Use KSPGMRESModifiedGramSchmidtOrthogonalization which is slower but more stable (details)
  375. Format fix (details)
  376. Relax tolerance (details)
  377. fixed undefined symbol/linking errors.  static const member needs to be define in cpp, strictly speaking.  clang compiler was rigorous enough to catch this, although gnu lets it pass... (details)
  378. fixed compile warnings about comparing int and unsigned int (details)
  379. First attempt at extracting Profile Loss for body forces (details)
  380. add unit tests for better coverage (details)
  381. Forgot to update checkInputs (details)
  382. More profile loss fixes (details)
  383. Use Yuankang Chen data fit value for body force delta**2 term (details)
  384. Fixes for profile loss (details)
  385. Cppcheck suppressions and Profile loss computed at constant radius (details)
  386. One more try at profile loss (details)
  387. Start removing perturbed stuff (details)
  388. cppcheck fix and suppression (details)
  389. clang analyzer fixes (details)
  390. Fix cppcheck suppression (details)

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