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release_gnu11,reynolds (Nov 18, 2022, 4:19:40 AM)

  1. Implemented mitLG symmetry wall BC for four-equation IBL3 (details)
  2. allowed for some tolerance in finding boundary trace elements (details)
  3. Reparametrized flat plate grid's S-duct geometry (details)
  4. added z margin in BL sampling so that points are in the computational domain even for coarse grids.  Make flat plate grid spacing uniform in x on the plate (details)
  5. changed default to more BL sampling stations (details)
  6. Make screen output more concise for BL sampling (details)
  7. Added  local basis vector e1 and e2 for IBL3 mitLG BC (details)
  8. minor refactoring of screen printout (details)
  9. Turned on gradient calculation for mitLG BC for IBL3/manifold (details)
  10. changed half expanding nozzle to sin shape (without kink) (details)
  11. minor cleanup (details)
  12. renamed IBL3D slip-wall BC type (details)
  13. Some more renaming of slip wall BC mitLG for IBL3 (details)
  14. Make 3-eq IBL3 variable data a templated class (details)
  15. More refactoring due to VarDataIBL3D being templated now. Also minor cleanup (details)
  16. Added slip-wall mitState BC for 3-eq IBL3D.  Refactored PDEIBL for 3-eq formulation to keep up with 4-eq formulation (details)
  17. Added instantiations for 3-eq IBL3 (details)
  18. Add mitLG slip-wall BC for 3-eq IBL3D (details)
  19. Added KE equation normalized by qe^2 for 3-eqn IBL3D (details)
  20. minor refactoring of a sandbox case (details)
  21. Refactored 3-eq IBL to use J & E as momentum and kinetic energy fluxes instead of P & K (details)
  22. Added a sandbox case of 3-eq IBL3 in duct (details)
  23. minor cleanup (details)
  24. added explicit instantiation (details)
  25. Added an elbow-shaped hex box grid (details)
  26. Added macro to switch kinetic energy flux definition (K vs E) in 3-eqn IBL3D (details)
  27. minor cleanup of a sandbox case (details)
  28. Added macro to switch momentum flux definition (P vs J) in 3-eqn IBL3D (details)
  29. fix a recently introduced bug in source term when using P momentum flux in 3-eqn IBL3 (details)
  30. cleanup of 3-eqn IBL3 BC (details)
  31. Enabled constant wall transpiration in linearized incompressible potential (LIP) BC (details)
  32. Refactored a sandbox case: uncoupled 3-eqn IBL3 with prescribed qe (details)
  33. Turned on PTC for a sandbox case (details)
  34. Examined 3-eqn IBL3 (Nishida closure) characteristics without source terms (details)
  35. Sandbox case refactoring: LIP in/out flow BC, solution & quadrature order.  BC 3-eqn IBL3 cleanup and addition of mitLG Dirichlet BC (details)
  36. Cleanup of IBL3 BC (details)
  37. Refactored closure models: 2D closures are now uniquely contained in a single file, avoiding copy-pasting code in multiple spots (details)
  38. fixed lingering typos (details)
  39. Refactoring to keep up with 3-eqn IBL3 PDE's gas model change (details)
  40. Changed default 3-eqn IBL3 closure to Nishida.  Updated pyrite files for associated 2D stagnation flow case (details)
  41. Had to turn on dummy turb 3-eqn IBL3 closure due to lami-turb blending (details)
  42. Updated 3-eqn IBL3 BC vector to include Falkner-Skan inflow mitLG (details)
  43. Minor refactoring of sandbox cases (details)
  44. minor refactoring of sandbox cases (details)
  45. Add screen printout for numerical flux type and separated macro toggles for turning on/off amp and lag equations in 3-eqn IBL3 PDE (details)
  46. minor refactoring of sandbox case (details)
  47. fix warning on style (details)
  48. Refactored 3-eqn IBL3D to allow for runtime options for Lax-Friedrichs flux variants: based on qe or qn (details)
  49. Changed 3-eqn IBL3 slip-wall BC to adaptively switch between no-crossflow and BCNone depending interior characteristic direction (details)
  50. mucked with a sandbox case for uncoupled 3-eqn IBL3 (details)
  51. minor cleanup while playing with 3-eqn IBL3D on the duct case (details)
  52. typo fix. the issue didn't cause any trouble though (details)
  53. Added a sandbox case of 3-eqn IBL3 for duct ring BL. Also cleaned up other similar cases (details)
  54. fixed a harmless typo (details)
  55. Added some runtime checks for 3D manifold related trace normal and surface basis vectors (details)
  56. mucked with mitLG slip-sidewall BC for 4-eqn IBL3 --> decided not to use for now (details)
  57. Refactored assertions for e0_X in 3D manifold cell integrand specialized for IBL3 (details)
  58. mucked with 3-eqn IBL3 on duct ring case with corner fairing (details)
  59. Separated IBL3D BC stuff for 3-eqn and 4-eqn (details)
  60. Typo fix in 3-eqn IBL3 PDE's source (not used).  Cleanup & renaming.  Refactored 4-eqn IBL3 slipwall BC to be adaptive based crossflow characteristics (details)
  61. Refactored 4-eqn IBL3 PDE to keep up-to-date with 3-eqn formulation (details)
  62. cleaned up 4-eqn IBL3 BC vectors (details)
  63. Refactored NS Sduct case to sample at grid nodes so that sidewall points can be covered (details)
  64. More refactoring to sample BL at grid vertex stations (details)
  65. refactored 4-eqn IBL3 S-duct sandbox case to keep up with 3-eqn IBL3 (details)
  66. refactored 3-eq IBL3 case to compare with DBL3 on wing-body setup (details)
  67. added mitLG full-state inflow BC for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  68. Added an uncoupled 4-eq IBL3 flat plate BL sandbox case with manufactured qe.  Minor edits to 3-eq IBL3 BC/PDE (details)
  69. Changed default slip-sidewall BC back to zero-crossflow (from the previous adaptive formulation).  Compared 3-eq and 4-eq IBL3 on a case with crossover cp distribution (details)
  70. minor tweaking to sandbox cases (details)
  71. Removed redundant parameter in mitLG BC class (details)
  72. torpedo case cleanup (details)
  73. tweaked quadrature order for auxi and auxv equations in torpedo case. minor cleanup (details)
  74. bugfix in G variable initialization in torpedo case (details)
  75. separated PDE instantiation cpp files for 3-eqn and 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  76. make lag equation G=0 when turned off (details)
  77. minor cleanup of sandbox case (details)
  78. added a crude restart capability for torpedo case by saving/reading DOF file (details)
  79. Added sphere/doublet option for flat plate panel method.  Refactored torpedo/sphere case I/O so that saved floating point numbers don't go below limit (s.t. they cannot be represented when read in and would cause errors). Other minor refactoring (details)
  80. ran 3D IBL3 free transition case with sphere/doublet (details)
  81. minor tweak to 4-eqn IBL3 pde. Only keep ntcrit growth source term for now. (details)
  82. minor tweak to torpedo sandbox case (details)
  83. Added an macro option to turn of amplification equation for 4-eq IBL3 (i.e. nt = 0) (details)
  84. refactored torpedo case restart capability (details)
  85. added crude restart capability for S-duct case for IBL3 (copied from torpedo). minor cleanup (details)
  86. relaxed floating-point comparison tolerance a little bit (details)
  87. refactoring duct ring sandbox case for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  88. minor cleanup (details)
  89. added comments to the duct ring grid (details)
  90. Added a constant full state inflow BC for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  91. added printout for examing duct ring surface grid (details)
  92. mucking with turbulent S-duct flow case (details)
  93. Make duct and duct ring cases the same for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  94. tweaked IBL3 output (details)
  95. added safety check in Qauxv 3D projection (details)
  96. minor cleanup (details)
  97. fixed a bug in 4-eqn IBL3 upwinding (i.e. R trace normal vector y-component).  Used L value by mistake and problematic only when nrmL != nrmR, e.g. in corner. (details)
  98. added commented-out print statements for debugging (details)
  99. changed default dissipation relation correction to 1 (details)
  100. changed default 3D qauxi project to use no upwinding (details)
  101. examined effect of discontinuous velocity field for 4-eqn IBL3 (details)
  102. refactored calculation of profile basis {q1,q2,nrm_bl} to allow for different formulations (details)
  103. mucked with different BL profile normal vector definition in sandbox case (details)
  104. Refactored 3D sheet quad grid for IBL3. (simplified grid contruction using XFieldLagrange. allowing for more general curved manifold grid) (details)
  105. replaced a few least-used IBL3 output (details)
  106. added an option for arc fairing for duct hex grid (details)
  107. generalize fairing from arc of circle to ellipse (details)
  108. added corner fairing option to S-duct hex grid (details)
  109. Set no fairing for duct wall surface grid (details)
  110. tried a case of uncoupled IBL on arc surface (details)
  111. fixed outdated stuff due to updates of Axisymmetric API and Field directory reorg (details)
  112. fixed too-narrow assertion. updated use of interior trace group indexing (details)
  113. file IO updates in test case (details)
  114. Played with a case with step/sigmoid function of inlet BC to show qe-based alpha is not too dissipative (details)
  115. played with 2D IBL cases to compare heuristic and corrected LF fluxes in PhD thesis (details)
  116. Add legacy VTK and Exodus metric files (details)
  117. VTK fixes (details)
  118. Fixed Body Force solver sensitvity (details)
  119. Warning fixes (details)
  120. fixed vera errors: long line (details)
  121. fixed vera errors: long line (details)
  122. updated include paths (details)
  123. updated include paths (details)
  124. removed outdated sandbox case (details)
  125. updated usage of 3D quad sheet grid's interior trace group count (details)
  126. updated pyrite files. relaxed pyrite tolerance. fixed IO file/path names (details)
  127. turned off file output (details)
  128. relaxed tolerance for intel (details)
  129. relaxed tolerance again for intel (details)
  130. Remove depricated sprintf (details)
  131. Add cirumfirential body force (details)
  132. Use system valgrind (details)
  133. Fix warning (details)
  134. Derivative calculation fixes for asymmetric body forces (details)
  135. Suppress sanitizer odr violations. Add the ability for ugrid reader to (details)
  136. CMake file fix (details)
  137. Forgot to update files. Some cppcheck fixes. (details)
  138. Update 2D SA_R to latest deffinition on TMR (details)
  139. Fix abs with fabs (details)

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