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EGADS 1971 OpenCSM 2428
EGADS 1971 OpenCSM 2427
EGADS 1969 OpenCSM 2425
EGADS 1969 OpenCSM 2423
EGADS 1969 OpenCSM 2422
EGADS 1969 OpenCSM 2418
EGADS 1968 OpenCSM 2418
EGADS 1968 OpenCSM 2416
EGADS 1965 OpenCSM 2413
EGADS 1962 OpenCSM 2413


#768 (Dec 9, 2023, 12:17:09 AM)

  1. fix the code that finds the (non-manifold) Edge velocities generated by a Boolean operation on SheetBodys as well as SolidBodys; update ESP to account for new arguments to DUMP command; fix bug in copying UDP/UDF data that was identified by memcheck; fix bug with optional last argument to DUMP; fix bug associated with copying bodyList in ocsmCopy; print triangle and quadrilateral count when writing .obj file — jfdannen / detail

#767 (Dec 4, 2023, 11:21:08 PM)

  1. fix bug in the pattern counter when executing PATBREAK — jfdannen / detail
  2. make UDP/UDFs thread-safe.  THIS REQUIRED A CHANGE IN ALL UDP/UDFs.  See OpenCSM/src/ for information — jfdannen / detail
  3. update udp.def in udpTire folder — jfdannen / detail
  4. update to account for UDP/UDF changes — jfdannen / detail

#766 (Nov 29, 2023, 11:21:07 PM)

  1. fixed bug when using a UDP/UDF that returns a value and finite difference sensitivities are being computed; fix compiler warning associated with _viz attribute; clean up memory at end of ocsmAdjoint — jfdannen / detail
  2. added _grd, _trn, and _ori attributes to change initial settings for Faces and Edges; fix RALLOC so that it can be thread-safe — jfdannen / detail

#765 (Nov 27, 2023, 11:21:10 PM)

  1. add Node tolerance checks when reporting tolerance associated with a Body; adding _viz=off Attribute to a Face, Edge, or Node makes them initially not displayed in serveESP (although they can be toggled via the GUI); fix valgrind error associated with not initializing the output Body to EG_mapBody — jfdannen / detail

#764 (Nov 24, 2023, 11:21:11 PM)

  1. remove BWB.vsp3 test case since bug in OpenVSP sometimes causes OpenVSP to fail — jfdannen / detail
  2. remove verification data for 7.3.1 and 7.4.1 — jfdannen / detail
  3. change verification data for testAdjoint4 and testAdjoint5 to account for inconsistencies in number of spurious Nodes and Edges — jfdannen / detail
  4. fix bug that did not restore the stack properly when a command returned multiple Bodys; fix bug that did not clear display when plotter exits; make MessageWindow light green to alert user that they need to exit an overlay; allow TIM to reload (if state is TIM_READY); do not print warning that message is not broadcast because wv was not started (which can happen due to timing in multiple threads); add areaRule* test cases and python script — jfdannen / detail

#763 (Nov 22, 2023, 11:21:08 PM)

  1. Update python version in setup scripts — galbramc / detail

#762 (Nov 20, 2023, 11:21:10 PM)

  1. fix bug in filename compression — jfdannen / detail
  2. temporarily disable filename compression — jfdannen / detail
  3. Add abaqus to PATH — galbramc / detail

#761 (Nov 18, 2023, 1:15:46 PM)

  1. add grpName=. optional argument to DUMP command for .obj files; fix implicit string defaults in ocsmMakeBrch — jfdannen / detail
  2. add ability to put attrName/attrValue on control surfaces in udc/flapz; prototype WaveFront .obj file writer; fix sensitivity bug that returns zeros when UDPs are used and -loadEgads was enabled; add quad output in .obj file writer — jfdannen / detail
  3. add LRED, LGREEN, and LBLUE to list of possible colors; multi-thread ocsmAdjoint; add testAdjoint4 and testAdjoint5 test cases; dynamically allocate arrays in testOcsmAdjoint; print Edge lengths in ocsmPrintBrep; change signature of ocsmAdjoint to not automatically compute full Jacobian; do not run testOcsmAdjoint if -loadEgads is enabled; fix sensitivities bug if there is a UDP/UDF and the -loadEgads flag is set; remove /../ patterns from .udc filenames; fix bug in capsMode that did not allow .csm files to have .udc files in subdirectories — jfdannen / detail
  4. Update PreBuilt README and setup scripts — galbramc / detail
  5. Add contextCopy to pyEGADS and jlEGADS — galbramc / detail
  6. Remove incorrect 'wrong OR' check for EG_quadTess — galbramc / detail
  7. Another Python address suppression — galbramc / detail
  8. Upgrade to Python 3.11.6 — galbramc / detail

#757 (Nov 10, 2023, 11:21:11 PM)

  1. Write Name attribute to iges files — galbramc / detail
  2. Add contextCopy to def file — haimes / detail
  3. Add tessellation support in EG_contextCopy — haimes / detail

#756 (Nov 8, 2023, 11:21:08 PM)

  1. Add EG_contextCopy — haimes / detail