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Build #117 (Aug 12, 2021, 11:49:23 AM)

  1. Refactor BodyForceSolver (details)
  2. Suppress Boost serialization bug for VectorS<M,SurrealS> (details)
  3. Add missing include (details)
  4. Test syncDOFs_MPI with more complex data types (details)
  5. Add missing ifdef (details)
  6. Put back distance function calculation (details)
  7. Fix BodyForce solver initial condition (details)
  8. Exlicitly use SANS::SurrealS with EGADS. Update NormalField test. (details)
  9. Take away a toy (details)
  10. Intel workaronud... (details)
  11. Test the correct Face (details)
  12. Fix compile error (details)
  13. Warning fixes (details)
  14. Finally found the NormalField bug. (details)
  15. Fix OutGroup specification for BodyForce Solver (details)
  16. Add Optimization option to BodyForce solver. (details)
  17. Forgot to update checkInput function. (details)
  18. Fix use of incorrect dictionary (details)

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