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Build #118 (Sep 18, 2021, 9:12:18 AM)

  1. Fixes for boundary triangle orientation with refine (details)
  2. Split trapped edges with refine. Check for all 0 element in distance function. Other small fixes. (details)
  3. Forgot to update refineParam::checkInputs (details)
  4. Updates to refine interface and print requested complexity with MOESS (details)
  5. Use log_eucliean edge length with refine (details)
  6. Try to fix suitesparse metis dilemma. Add more g++ and clang++ copmiler versions. (details)
  7. gnu 11 fixes (details)
  8. Remove -lc++ from clang flags (details)
  9. Add missing include (details)
  10. Upgrade ccache (details)
  11. Fix SANSparallel MMA optimization (details)
  12. Cleanup for last commit (details)
  13. Update ccache path (details)
  14. Compile fixes for clang-10 (details)
  15. Relax tolerance (details)
  16. More compile fixes (details)
  17. Warning fixes (details)
  18. Lots of compile warnings and other fixes (details)
  19. Use default functions in MatrixSymS. Increase execution times for coverage. Warning fixes. (details)
  20. Fix typo (details)
  21. Relax toleranes. Upgrade to AFLR 10.17.5. (details)
  22. Use appropriate architecture for AFLR (details)
  23. Update AFLR3 and use TRANSP_INT_BL for Body Force boundaries (details)
  24. Fix warnings (details)
  25. Update finding and checking AFLR (details)
  26. Relax execution time (details)
  27. Intel is just different... (details)
  28. Relax more tolerances and fix indentations (details)
  29. More intel relaxation (details)
  30. Use system lcov and relax intel tolerance (details)
  31. Use xHost instead of xhost so ccache works with Intel (details)

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